New Audiobooks for February 2016

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February 2016 New Audiobook Releases


February 2016 New Audiobook releases

February 2106 New Audiobook Releases

We hope all you are doing great! We like to wish you a very Happy Valentine’s day! Full of love, chocolate and great listens!

Here a some of the new and exciting releases schedule for Feb. 2016.

We have highlighted some of our most anticipated, plus some other great releases in the image accordion below.

Morning Star Audiobook

Available on 2/09/16

Available on 2/02/16

Bitter audiobook

Available on 02/23/16

Available on 02/23/16

Series available on 02/09/16

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  1. Finished Tucker last week, Loved it! Excited to read Estep & Kepnes too! Woot!

    • I got Tucker today, it’s my next listen. You making me really excited. I’m really looking forward to Kepnes’ too 🙂

  2. Some great choices here. I’m listening right now to The Forgotten Room by Karen White, Beatriz Williams and Lauren Willig

    • I had to go check for that book, Karen White is well known narrator, and I was wondering if she had a book I didn’t know about, but it turned out to be a different person…The book sounds interesting, I hope you’re enjoying it 🙂

  3. A lot are on my library list: Bitter Bite, Ghost in the Wind, and She Tempts a Duke are my only pre-orders 🙂

    • I’ve been debating about She Tempts the Duke. It’s been a while since a listened to a good HR…And do love them 🙂

  4. Can I just say yes to all of these? It just might be easier! 😛

  5. Look at all those lovely new releases this month! I need to play catch up now so that I can read/listen to the latest ones.

    • It’s never ending Grace!..A good thing for us! Not so much for our wallets 🙂

  6. Finished Bitter Bite and Hidden Bodies. Wish I had gotten the audio in both of them though!

    • OMG! You read Hidden Bodies already!!!! I’m so looking forward to it, and most definitely because of the narrator. He blew, YOU out the park with his interpretation.

      • I’ll be interested in seeing your thoughts on it! I *hope* there is a book 3.

    • YES! How about Hidden Bodies??? Are we ready for some JOE? Haha! Not to mention some Darrow!

  7. I would love to listen to audiobooks sometimes, but I need to find a time when I can read in peace and quiet – English is not my first language 🙂 I wanted to tell you that I love your animations and that teddy bear is sooooooo cute !

    • Thank you! One of the of perks of WordPress is having unlimited choices to pluggins that do cool stuff like that.

      English is my second language too. I hope one day you find an audiobook that makes you find time for it 🙂


  8. Whew there sure are a lot of good looking books releasing this month! He Will be my Ruin sounds very promising! I am still behind on the elemental assassin series, so I have to catch up first before I can read the latest books.

  9. There are some great titles on the horizon. I just got the print copy of He Will Be My Ruin and I have heard great things about it. I need to get after the Red Rising Trilogy. THanks for sharing. Have a wonderful week.

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