One Night More Audiobook by Mandy Baxter (Review)

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Review of: One Night More Audiobook
Mandy Baxter

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On September 18, 2014
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One Night More Audiobook

By: Mandy Baxter

Narrated by: Chris Sorensen

Published by: Audible Studios 09/02/2014

One Night More Audiobook by Mandy Baxter


US Marshals Series # 1

10 hrs and 8 mins

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One Night More Audiobook Sample


My Thoughts

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My fondness for Romantic Suspense continues, this time with the first book on the new series by Mandy Baxter, U.S. Marshals.
I added this to my TBR as soon as I saw some great reviews of the ARC copies, and I was thrilled to find it on audible the day of its original release.

It’s not often that a one night stand encounter can be made into a credible base for a romantic story, but when the author puts all the pieces in the right place it’s destined to work, and indeed it worked with Harper and Galen’s story.

The eagerness to prove herself as a good journalist takes Harper Allen to pursue a story of a controversial politician, their encounter places her in the middle of his murder scene. With the magnitude of the violent death of a U.S. Senator, Harper finds herself not only in the spotlight of this sensational story, but as a solo witness that needs to be placed under the protection of the U.S. Marshals.

By a twist of fate, Harper gets trusted under the protection of U.S. Marshal, Galen Kelly. The same guy that a year earlier had saved her from a disastrous situation, and with whom she spent an unforgettable night of passion, but had vanished without a trace the morning after, without saying a word.

Together they will have to find a way to clear their misunderstanding, find a way to rekindle their romance, as well as find the identity of the criminal or criminals behind the murder that no doubt want to get rid of the only witness of the crime.

If that wasn’t enough, Harper has come under the suspicion of the FBI, so the stakes have double in solving the crime.

I liked the strength of the characters, both very likable. Harper is a determined, strong headed heroine, and her stubbornness made her interactions with Galen very entertaining, and at times humorous.

Agent Galen was quite the hero; honorable, reliable, HOT and a good catch all around.
Their chemistry felt real; I enjoyed their sexy times.

Armed with a clue Harper possesses, we get taken on a ride of passion, love, a bit of suspense and humor, and while we get to dodge some bullets we get a few moments of anticipation.

I found One Night More an enjoyable and entertaining story that despite the plot’s light suspense held my attention. All in all, this is a good start to this new series.

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One Night More Audiobook Narration

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As we know, the narrator can enhance or ruin your book experience, and sometimes they do nothing, like was the case Chris Sorensen with One Night More.

I could tell right away the Chris Sorensen is a seasoned narrator. He didn’t make any newbie mistakes when it came to the reading. He’s reading was well paced – he used distinctive voices, and I was never confused. I can tell he could be very good with any other genre, but, unfortunately, he doesn’t have the romance “gene.”

It’s hard for me to rate it, because there was nothing technically wrong, but I can’t help to think this was a miscast.

I felt his voice wasn’t age appropriate. I found his tone a bit whiny and too old to be sexy. I could never picture a strong and sexy guy by his voice. He would be more fit to narrate a regular suspense book where the U.S. Marshals have big bellies and big mustaches…LOL

In romance, the romance is the main appeal. The shallow girl in me has to believe that the hero is sexy; I didn’t believe that by his interpretation.

With that said, I still liked the characters, and I never felt the need to switch to the printed copy, and if this were just a suspenseful story I probably would have really enjoyed his reading.

Despite all of that, I did manage to enjoy the book, I just will never know how much more I would have if I had read it instead.

So if your preferred format is audio you might be OK, but if you prefer reading, I will suggest reading it.

Author Mandy Baxter Mandy Baxter lives in rural Idaho. She’s a part-time pet wrangler, a full-time sun worshiper, and only goes out into the cold when coerced. She loves black clothes, pink appliances and thinks junk food should be a recognized food group. In the summer, she can be found sitting by the lake, enjoying the view from her dock.


Narrator Chris SorensenCHRIS SORENSEN has worked extensively as an actor, playwright and screenwriter. He studied at the Rutgers Professional Actor Training Program under William Esper, Edward Stern and Maggie Flanigan. He is an original member of the The Present Company, producers of FringeNYC. The Thin Air Theatre Company of Colorado considers him their playwright-at-large and have have produced ten of his plays over the past eleven years. Chris has received three AudioFile Earphones Awards, and his recording of “Sent” by Margaret Peterson Haddix (Recorded Books, LLC) was selected as one of the Best Audiobooks of 2010 by AudioFile.


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  1. I love the author and I was curious to discover her in a new genre. It was a really good book for me and I’m quite curious to read more now.

  2. thanks for the great review I Love all kinds of lawmen romance 🙂

  3. I love romantic suspense and it’s a shame that some of the male narrators are not right for the genre. I’ve heard clips where it feels like a professor giving a lecture…
    Nereyda recently posted…Book Mood Board (9): The Start of Me and..My Profile

    • Right? That happens often, and it make me wonder, how can the professionals in this field make that kind of mistakes? One the most memorable miscast for me was Fifty Shades, the narrator sounded like she was 12 years-old, can you imagine? They went ahead and re-mastered, but by then I had read the books and didn’t enjoy the listening as much as i did reading it.
      Loupe Duffy recently posted…Impulse Audiobook by Dannika Dark (Review)My Profile

    • LOL, I feel bad because he really is a competent narrator and I won’t shy away from his books in any other genre…He just doesn’t know romance…IMHO
      Yes, I got lucky this was published right away on on audio. This is brand new series.
      Loupe Duffy recently posted…Impulse Audiobook by Dannika Dark (Review)My Profile

  4. Sounds satisfying! Every time I read a novel with men like this, I instantly read it like a Hollywood movie. It’s just so exciting!

    I am moving to erotic suspense now, that’s my preference when it comes to erotica these days.
    Braine Talk Supe recently posted…Sarez Loved It: Beat by Amity CrossMy Profile

      • Yeah you have, Inside Out is one of them. I just read Claudine and it’s somewhat of an erotic suspense too but not as intense as LRJ. If I remember another book/series, I’ll be sure to recommend it to you for your perusal.
        Braine Talk Supe recently posted…Liked It: Guild Assassin by Berley KerrMy Profile

  5. I do enjoy Romantic Suspense and need to read more than I do. I hate that the narration didn’t work out. I hate it when that happens. I had the same issue with a book that I LOVED last year but hated the narrator. Better luck next time.
    Melanie recently posted…Impulse Audiobook by Dannika Dark (Review)My Profile

    • I didn’t hate him, but he didn’t do anything to make the story better and romantic, most of the time if it really bothers me I switch to print, but honestly I never felt the need. But I can easily see how this story could have been a lot more enjoyable if were narrated by one of my romance besties 😉
      Loupe Duffy recently posted…Impulse Audiobook by Dannika Dark (Review)My Profile

  6. For some reason I was thinking that this was Contemporary not Suspense. My Bad! Mandy’s alter ego, Amanda Bonilla is among my favourite Urban Fantasy authors, so I’ve been strongly tempted to give this one a go even though ordinarily I don’t review this genre on the blog. If I do give it a whirl, I’ll read not listen. Thanks for the heads up about the narrator; a non-age appropriate voice can really drag a story down. Glad to hear that Baxter’s writing still shined in spite of that.
    Carmel recently posted…Audiobook Review: Sweet Revenge by Rebecca ZanettiMy Profile

    • LOL Carmel, it could be for all I know. The minute they put law enforcements and guns in any of my listens I assume it a romantic suspense..LOL, but to be honest I never looked it up to confirm.
      Yes, I think this might be a better read, but you can always listen to the sample and see what you think 🙂
      Loupe Duffy recently posted…Impulse Audiobook by Dannika Dark (Review)My Profile

  7. Great review! I love seeing what happens when they have a fling, then somehow wind up back in each other’s lives. Think I’ll add this one 😉

  8. I loved this book. I read it and by your review of the narration I’m glad I did. Great narration review! Sometimes the narrator is a great one but they are miscasted as you said. Not all narrators can pull off the romance genre.
    Jennifer recently posted…Molly Harper Stops by to Talk About Her Bluegrass seriesMy Profile

  9. This sounds like a good one Loupe. I don’t read too many books in this genre but I love a good thriller, the romance is an added bonus! After reading your review I think I might read this one on account of the lack of “smexy” narration. 😉
    Lori recently posted…Cover Reveal: ReBorn by Ada Adams + GiveawayMy Profile

    • Poor guy! I hope he never reads my review..LOL But I do have to agree, he was missing the smexiness – Is that even a word? Oh well it is
      A lot peeps liked the book a lot when they read it, I hope you do too 🙂
      Loupe Duffy recently posted…Impulse Audiobook by Dannika Dark (Review)My Profile

  10. I know what you mean about a miscast. I tried to listen to The Perks of Being a Wallflower and the guy narrating was much too old for the part and I couldn’t get into it. I havent’ read a romantic suspense in a long time so I will have to look this one up.
    Heidi recently posted…The Sunday Post 104th EditionMy Profile

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