Quick Sex Audiobook by Alex Algren (Review)

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Review of: Quick Se Audiobook
Alex Algren

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Quick Sex Audiobook

By: Alex Algren

Narrated by: Lia Langola

Start Midnight LLC 01/31/2017

Quick Sex Audiobook

4 Hearts rating image Hot Listens

Short Stories

1 hr and 33 mins

Genre: Erotic Romance

Quick Sex Audiobook Sample

Quick Sex Audiobook

4.0 Hearts

I won a copy of this one from the #JIAM event at Hot Listens and was happy to try a new to me narrator, Lia Langola, after reading her engaging interview and new to me author. It’s been a bit since I read or listened to an erotic story and I thought the idea of this series of quick encounter vignettes might be a fun change-up.

Quick Sex Audiobook offers a variety of fast and hot, definitely dirty, sexual encounters. These are unapologetically meant to tease and tantalize. Many were work encounters told in the first person, third person, and I might remember even a little second person action in there. I felt like I was listening to someone’s fantasy or listening to some soft porn that got right to the good parts. As with any story collection, I found them a mixed bag in the sense that some engaged my interest and some didn’t do to taste and preference more than anything else. They were brief, but not undeveloped which was nice as I am one who is drawn in by story, setting, and characters.

As to the heat level and taboo elements, I suppose that is rather subjective. I didn’t feel these crossed the line into taboo territory other than boss/employee type stuff and I didn’t encounter any acts that went beyond expectation. The dynamics ranged from traditional male/female- male dom/fem sub to fem dom/male sub and even a f/f D/s one (I think). There was what I would see as simple hot sex, spanking, and mild BDSM.

So, it had a bit of everything and a vignette was generally ten to fifteen minutes in length. It did the job of engaging me and getting me all hot and bothered over several of them. I would surmise that there is a bit of something for all tastes when it comes to erotica.

Quick Sex Audiobook Narration

5 Hearts

Lia Langola was a good match for this collection. I confess that I went in with low expectations that she might get breathy or dramatic or something, but instead, she told the stories with more of an even voice. Essentially, she let the tales work on their own merit with good mechanics such as pace, tone, and gender voice range.

Alex AlgrenA graduate of Mills College with degrees in semiotics and mathematics, Alex Algren lives in Oakland, California. She is an avid reader who writes and edits to make more things to read. Currently working on a novel about revenge, she also quilts and volunteers at her local animal shelter.

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  1. It’s nice that you rated them as not going into taboo territory which is why I often turn down the chance to review e-rom because I don’t enjoy crossing into said territory. Some things are okay, I in fact liked 50 Shades so I’m not a prude but I am picky about this genre. Lovely review Sophia Rose

    • Yeah, I know what you mean. Like with establishing a BDSM relationship, reading BDSM is similar in that we all have our hardlines and what we will tolerate or feel comfortable with. I hear you on that, Debbie. I don’t like the read the ones where the sub or dom likes to get into humiliation, objectification, or voyeurism.
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  2. So not for me 😉 Oh how skim. But glad you loved them 😀

  3. I personally love when a collection works like that, and I also really like that this seems to have something for all tastes 😉
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  4. Oh Sophia, this sounds pretty good. And I’ll definitely check out Lia Langola if she could deliver with a book like this. 🙂 I’m glad you *ahem* enjoyed it for the most part. LOL

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