The Cold Dish Audiobook by Craig Johnson (Review)

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Review of: The Cold Dish Audiobook
Craig Johnson

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The Cold Dish Audiobook

By: Craig Johnson

Narrated by: George Guidall

Published by Recorded Books 08/01/2007

The Cold Dish Audiobook 390

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Walt Longmire Series #1

13 hrs and 18 mins

Genre: Mystery

The Cold Dish Audiobook Sample

The Cold Dish Audiobook

5 Hearts

After having enjoyed Wait for Signs earlier this year. I decided to go back and get Sheriff Walt Longmire of Absaroka County, Wyoming and all the other regulars from the beginning. Between George Guidall’s fabulous narrative work and Craig Johnson’s writing, I was well-pleased with this decision.

Longmire is a wry, sometimes savvy, middle-aged widower sheriff from a small town, low-populated county who may be alone, but he’s not really lonely with his best friend Henry Standing Bear (Pride of the Cheyenne Nation, Walt calls him) and a handful of others who keep him hopping. I enjoyed the introduction to each of them. The personalities in this town just stole the show as did Longmire’s wit and personal observations.

The book took on several layers with the plot. There is the murder mystery which sets the ball rolling, but there is Henry’s plans to get Walt out of a rut, Walt’s interactions around town including a little chance at romance if he can untie his tongue long enough to ask the gorgeous Vonnie out.

Tension builds when it starts to look like Henry is a strong candidate for exacting a cold dish of revenge against four men who raped his niece and got off with slaps on the wrist. Someone is definitely picking those men off one by one with a high-powered long range rifle and a few Cheyenne, including Henry, have access to a weapon, have motive, and opportunity. Does he trust what he knows after decades of friendship?

The story winds along at a steady though gentle pace for the most part as Walt focuses on the evidence. But then things get more intense when he pits himself against a cunning mind, the Wyoming wilderness, a blizzard, and a few who would rather him not dig into the past.

I loved the small town feel and the humor throughout the story, but there was depth, friendship, and family. That whiff of romance, of course. And, it was a great blend of elements for me.

So yes, if you are still in doubt, I loved this one and want more from the series. Those who love mysteries set in small towns or modern western settings should definitely give this a try.

  The Cold Dish Audiobook Narration

5 Hearts

George Guidall is a great match for Longmire’s voice in my mind. I’ve watched and loved the TV adaption and it is of course interpreted differently, but I think I love the books and Guidall’s audiowork even better. He catches the subtleties and voices the large cast well. I crack up each time Henry or Vic start in on Walt. He just nails them all so I see them so vividly in my mind. Emotions are there as is the sweeping high plains world of the town, the ranches, the reservation, and the Big Horn Mountains. Definitely need to keep going with this series in audio.

Author Craig JohnsonCraig Johnson an American novelist, short story writer, and playwright. . He lives in Ucross, near Sheridan, Wyoming, population 25.

Johnson has written twelve novels featuring Sheriff Walt Longmire: The Cold Dish, Death Without Company, Kindness Goes Unpunished, Another Man’s Moccasins, Junkyard Dogs, The Dark Horse (which received starred reviews from Kirkus, Booklist, Publishers Weekly, and Library Journal, and was named one of Publisher’s Weekly’s best books of the year in 2009), Hell Is Empty, As The Crow Flies and A Serpent’s Tooth. The Cold Dish and The Dark Horse were both Dilys Award finalists, and Death Without Company was named the Wyoming Historical Association’s Book of the Year. Another Man’s Moccasins received the Western Writers of America Spur Award for best novel of 2008 as well as the Mountains and Plains award for fiction book of the year.

Former police officer; has also worked as an educator, cowboy, and longshoreman.

AWARDS: Tony Hillerman Award for “Old Indian Trick”; fiction book of the year, Wyoming Historical Society, for Death Without Company, Wyoming Council for the Arts Award.


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Narrator Geroge GuidallWidely recognized as the world’s most acclaimed and most prolific narrator of audiobooks, George Guidall has brought a consistent artistry to his readings, delighting listeners for over 20 years. His narrations of classics like Crime and Punishment, Frankenstein, The Iliad, Don Quixote, and Les Miserables, along with many popular best sellers, have set a standard for excellence recognized throughout the audiobook industry.  His recordings have garnered uniformly excellent reviews from Audiofile, Kliatt, Library Journal, Publisher’s Weekly, The New York Times, and a variety of national newspapers and magazines.   He has also received  several Audie Awards—the industry’s equivalent of an Oscar— and holds the record for receiving the most Earphone Awards for excellence in narration given by Audiofile Magazine which has named him one of the original “Golden Voices” in the audiobook industry. He has been honored by the Audio Publishers Association with a life-time achievement award for his record of more than 1,300 unabridged narrations.
Along with his award-winning work as an audiobook narrator, Guidall has also enjoyed a career in the theatre, including starring roles on Broadway, an Obie award for best performance Off-Broadway, and has shared the stage at the New York Shakespeare Festival with Kevin Kline, Morgan Freeman, and Meryl Streep. In addition to TV dramas such as Law & Order, he has appeared on most of the daytime television series.


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    • You’re definitely in for a treat if you still want more Longmire. I’ve seen a few seasons of the show and loved it so I was apprehensive about picking up the audio book in case it was way different, but it was only different with nuances that I thought the book and narrator brought out so I felt I was getting even more from the story. 🙂
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  1. Oh you definitely have me intrigued Sophia Rose I love these kinds of mysteries. Is this a contemporary or historical?

  2. This is so funny because my husband and I just started watching this show and I saw that it was a book series and was wondering if they were any good LOL! Good to know that they are. I might have to check them out.

  3. Sounds good. I am overloaded with things I want to listen to right now and no time. But things change and I’ll be on a roadtrip at the end of the month with 4 days to listen in the car! Anne

    • Oh, yeah, I hear you, Anne. I’ve cut way back on review commitments in the last few months b/c real life has just been a bear to keep up with.
      Hopefully, you’ll get some good listening in on your road trip. 🙂
      Sophia Rose recently posted…The Cold Dish Audiobook by Craig Johnson (Review)My Profile

  4. I have listened to a couple of Longmire books and enjoyed them though I am still not sold on the narrator but I think it’s because I keep feeling like the Robert Taylor is my Longmire voice and it doesn’t match up…lol. I love the series on netflix though they are so very different. 🙂

    • I sometimes get a certain voice stuck in my head as THE voice for a character and then can’t get used to another one. This happened to me with a series that switched narrators three times. I actually ended up liking the third one best, but it took some time to adjust. Different I know when you have an actor and his voice. Glad to meet a fellow fan, Stormi. 🙂
      Sophia Rose recently posted…The Cold Dish Audiobook by Craig Johnson (Review)My Profile

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