The Final Toll Audiobook by Denise Domning (Review)

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Review of: The Final Toll Audiobook
Denise Domning

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The Final Toll Audiobook

By: Denise Domning

Narrated by: Gildart Jackson

Published by Tantor Audio 04/30/2019

The Final Toll Audiobook 390

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Servant of the Crown Series #4

7 hrs and 38 mins

genre: Historical Mystery

The Final Toll Audiobook Sample

The Final Toll Audiobook

4.0 Hearts

The last book had Faucon wrapping up a deeply painful mystery and headed home only to be surprised by his volatile older brother waiting for him at his home keep. Now, Faucon has a new death to investigate while walking the middle path between flames with his brother’s trouble with him on one side and the corrupt sheriff of the shire out to get him on the other. But, with the irascible clerk, Brother Edmund and his cranky donkey in tow, Faucon sends his man at arms Alf off to bring herbalist lay monk Brother Colin, while Faucon and his brother proceed with a temperamental knight to investigate his father in law’s sudden death following a sudden mysterious illness.

I have really gotten into this medieval mystery series and am jazzed when I catch sight of each new release so I can delve back into Sir Faucon de Ramis’ 12th Century world that is told so well. Both historical setting, plot and characters are given careful attention so the story feels organic from start to finish.

This latest felt a little draggy for me in the middle third, but in the end, I learned why. It had to set up certain things so that later after a few twists that made sense of it all. Clever! I was almost totally fooled on this one. Even though I figured out a big part of it, it still wasn’t the right solution.

All in all, this was another splendid entry in the series and now I must wait patiently for the next installment to see what happens after that teaser at the end with the ongoing serial killer plot. Soon I think, with that. Historical Mystery fans who love knights and ladies and medieval life should give this series a go, but get it in order for full benefit.

The Final Toll Audiobook Narration

5.0 Hearts

Gildart Jackson continues to leave me in wonder with his fabulous work as narrator for the series. There were elderly, adults, youths, and children, different social classes and ethnic groups, and let’s not forget jargon and phrasing of the period. Superb work and he’s the voice of the series for me.

Denise DomningWhat can I say? I’m single and over sixty, I write and I farm on eight acres of slowly improving red earth (it originally looked like Mars had exploded!) on Oak Creek in northern Arizona. I started with chickens, then there were turkeys and Jersey milk cows. But with livestock came the predators: coyotes, bald eagles, black hawks, mountain lions, and, worst of all, raccoons. Dang those nasty creatures! They kill just because they can; think dogs with opposable thumbs. (Five chickens in one night–they reached in through the chain link and killed the birds with no expectation of being able to eat them.) They are the reason I have my two amazing dogs, Moosie (an Akita/Sharpei mix) and Bear (a Hungarian Kuvasz). Moosie just loves to take on (and kill) the raccoons. As for the cats, I have 7 and they’re supposed to eat the gophers but, being cats, they prefer cat food, thank you very much.
In 2016, I turned yet a new page on the farm. Earlier in the year I sold the last of my Jersey cows in favor of Dorper Sheep, a South African breed that doesn’t need to be sheared and gains all their weight on grass alone, after an acquaintance informed me that they are “stupid simple” to raise. Stupid simple I can do! I have since learned that although these sheep are capable of gaining all their weight on grass, they far prefer pig food. Rascals!

I’ve also become a committed (committable?) pastured pig farmer. I presently have 6 little gilts (female pigs) who are gaining most of their weight on my pastures and cleaning my gardens for me. Dogs with snouts! And they love Peanut, my orphan and hand-raised lamb, who loves them back.
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Gildart JacksonWith acting credits that span stage and screen, Gildart Jackson is most often recognized for his role as Gideon on Charmed. Other notable TV roles include Jackson Palmer on Providence and Simon Prentiss on General Hospital, as well as guest appearances on Stargate: Atlantis, Las Vegas, and CSI. Theater roles include Trigorin in The Seagull, Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady, and Adrian in Private Eyes at the Old Globe.

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My thanks to Tantor Audio for the opportunity to listen to this book in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Historical mystery is the best mystery, it takes brain

  2. Fascinating! You’re right; I’m sure there were serial killers throughout history. I’ve never heard of this series! Thanks for bringing it to my attention, Sophia Rose! Great review!

    • It’s interesting how she really makes the medieval world come alive and her characters and their way of solving mysteries without any modern tech is fascinating. The serial killer is a small piece in the background of each story and in this book the reader is given enough to start getting worried. 🙂
      Sophia Rose recently posted…The Final Toll Audiobook by Denise Domning (Review)My Profile

  3. I love that I can always come here and find a new author or series to read! This sounds like a great series and one that I haven’t heard of before so bonus for me! Wonderful review Sophia Rose!

  4. Sophia Rose this sounds FAB! I’m so glad you enjoyed it so much too I can tell you were jazzed by it.

  5. Lovely review Sophia. I love a good historical 🙂

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