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Audiobooks saved my life! Okay, not literally but let me explain. I love books, always have. As a child I would while away hours and hours off in other worlds, as a planetary princess, on stranded Swiss family adventures, or questing for magical rings or other heroic exploits. For some reason I remember a lot of reading time spent holed up in closets. I guess being cocooned in there helped to surround myself in illusion. At least that’s what I tell myself. Outside the closet my favorite hangouts were libraries and bookstores. I know what you’re thinking: Prom Queen? Bad Girl? Awkward, Shy, Nerdy Bookworm? Pegged.

Fast forward years, and years… and more years later. For some crazy reason I decide to return to college. In my 40s. While working full-time. Glutton for punishment… yep, that’s me too. So exit print reading (for fun), enter audiobooks. I didn’t have to give up my favorite guilty pleasures! Life saver, sanity sustainer, butt-spread averter! Plugging in during any available free time is what saved me, when doing things I do anyway (or might not – audios are a great motivator!): cleaning, cooking, walking, working out, shopping, even brushing my teeth. If I could listen in the shower I would. Hello. My name is Sherry and I am an audio addict.

So what do I listen to? Well fantasy worlds are still my inner geek girl’s favorite obsession. But I came out of the closet. Yep, out and proud thanks to audio books (I like to think I’d have made it out on my own eventually). But now it’s true confession time: I am not really a romance reader. That won’t be problem will it? Sure I dabble in a contemporary romance here and there, usually along the feel-good variety of a Nora Roberts or a Jennifer Crusie, but I can no longer hide my predilection for anything fantastical: sci fi, magic, adventure and so on. And, probably thanks to Buffy, I also love a kick-ass warrior woman. So urban fantasy gets most of my attention these days. At the top of the list are Kate Daniels, Charley Davidson, Rachel Morgan of The Hollows series, Gin Blanco from Elemental Assassin, Chess Putnam in Downside Ghosts, and Amelia Gray from The Graveyard Queen. Although I’m not a true romancey-type, there has to be some human connection and drama after all. That’s why I love these gals ~ they know how to deliver an emotional punch along with a wicked kick. Next up? Probably female POV sci fi/romances, since I do miss my SF (which sadly usually lacks much of an emotional element). Okay, so maybe I do like a little romance. Whew, what a relief. Confession really is good for the soul.

Anyone trolling my shelves, however, will see a wide variety of genres including a dollop of post-apocalyptic and the occasional zombie (really who doesn’t these days?). Thankfully audio books are still saving my bum, as I’m currently a graduate student (nope, just not enough punishment for me) and hopefully will be a practicing nutritional therapist within a year. No matter what is next though, one thing is certain: Audio books will always be there helping to indulge my urban huntress fantasies. No need for an intervention, keep the badges. Really…. I do not have a problem! You can send the truck away now.



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