Wolf Star Audiobook by R. M. Meluch (Review)

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Review of: Wolf Star Audiobook
R.M. Meluch

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Wolf Star Audiobook

By: R.M. Meluch

Narrated by: John Glouchevitch

Published by Brilliance Audio 3/30/2017

Wolf Star Audiobook

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12 hrs and 4 mins

Tour of The Merrimack #2

Star Wolf Audiobook Sample

Wolf Star Audiobook

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This is an exciting, fun space opera military war adventure series. It is a futuristic alternate earth history story based on the premise that the Roman Empire never fell, but went underground until deep space travel and colonization was possible and they could come out of hiding, leave earth, and re-establish the empire in space where they run neck and neck with the US in an ongoing war of ideals and trade. There is intrigue, military shipboard life and action (feels like old wooden ships and sails navy stuff), interpersonal relationships, and a secret threat on the horizon. It’s big, brash and colorful in a broad sweeping scope of story.

Wolf Star is part of the Tour of the Merrimack space opera series. It follows closely on the heels of the first book, The Myriad, so yes, listening in order is best.

I was tickled to death to learn that Wolf Star goes back to the beginning before the events of book one giving the reader the earlier days and now I was able to see how the situation with the war, the cast of characters and their backstories, and the new threat was discovered and the race to get a handle on things happened.

I was particularly glad of this because my one niggle about book one was feeling dropped into the middle of things and not really getting a chance to know the characters other than through their actions and dialogue. Now, some of the aspects of the war make better sense as do the allies and enemies assembled. There is also a good progression through broad events in the galaxy and specific events aboard Merrimack.

This is a series of books that are meant to be more swashbuckling fun high-seas style (just in space) war adventure than serious high-brow sci-fi. The ship has ‘sails’, flags, lists to the side when hit, creaks and groans, all just like an old-style ship. Colorful characters have a bit of caricature to them, but I didn’t mind because of the tone of the book. The Captain, John Farragut is larger than life, his naval crew are capable and loyal, his Marines are gritty devil dog types, and the enemy are cunning. There are a few secret affairs of the heart or ones that are unrequited among the crew. The political types are annoying and the Romans make a formidable enemy that keep it life or death, but the enemy of both lurking in the wings offer the biggest heart-pounding adventure. My only niggle was I wanted more of my favorite cold, cynical Roman patterner, Augustus. He was there, but I missed the witty dialogues.

All in all, I had a good time with this one. I found Wolf Star as riveting and exciting as The Myriad. And now, I’m looking forward to moving on with this addicting sci-fi military/space opera series.

Wolf Star Audiobook Narration

5 Hearts

I continue to enjoy John Glouchevitch as the narrator for the series. He is a perfect match for the writing, tone, and pace. He has an absolute gift for keeping about twenty characters straight and putting heart and soul into a story that needed just the right balance of lightness and depth to make it work.

R. M. Meluch AuthorR. M. Meluch is an American SF writer, and published the first of her Tour of the Merrimack series of military SF/space opera novels in 2005. She can be found at rmmeluch.com


John GlouchevitchJohn Gloucevitch- Narrator
Country of Origin: us
John began honing his craft as a voice over artist at age three, when to the dismay of his parents, he began to imitate the accents of their British family friends. Over the ensuing years he studied as an actor, improviser and writer, eventually graduating with a BA in Theater and English from Middlebury College. Recent audiobook credits include Witch and Wizard: The Lost by James Patterson, The Map to Everywhere by Carrie Ryan and John Parke Davis and Bravo (Jad Bell) by Greg Rucka. When John is not narrating, you can find him crooning soulful country ballads at hogbucket.com.

My thanks to Brilliance Audio for the opportunity to listen to this book in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Someone is oding on this author 😉
    Great review Sophia Rose
    I’m wanting this series even if the author pic is a little scary LOL

  2. A space opera? That has me curious. I haven’t read one before. I will have to look up this series.

    • It’s got the qualities of a soap opera from TV b/c of the inter-personal relationships with the characters and their situations, but its set in space and comes with adventure and intrigue, too. Not much different from a sci-fi romance for some only the focus is on the sci-fi rather than the romance. Glad I could snag your interest, Heidi. 🙂
      Sophia Rose recently posted…Wolf Star Audiobook by R. M. Meluch (Review)My Profile

  3. This is certainly an interesting premise. Sounds like I’d enjoy it.

  4. I’ve never tried a space opera. I haven’t read a lot of sci-fi. Glad you enjoyed it!

  5. Sci-fi is a bit complicated for me but I’m happy to see you had a nice tome with it

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