12 Days of Book Blogmas Challenge Day 8

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12 Days of Book Blogmas Challenge

Day 8


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Day eight of this fabulous Christmas challenge hosted by Parajunkee


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We don’t do much decorating. We just a a tree and some stockings, though we don’t even use them, just for decoration. One thing that we do is when we travel, we buy ornaments from the places we visit. We also have many ornaments even from our childhood. There are some that I made when I was a Girl Scout. Then it is a way to reminisce. They are almost better than photos, as we rarely go through old photo albums, but we put up the tree almost every year. This doesn’t make for the prettiest Christmas tree, but has tons of sentimental value. I used to put up a “pretty” tree in upstairs room, but I haven’t done that in several years. That tree is all blue and silver and matches well. Personally, I like this tree better.

I should also mention that the bookcase you see behind the tree is one of four and is the smallest of all my bookcases. #1 is very happy that I’ve bought a Kindle before we had to add on to the house. We have no more places for bookcases. 🙂

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  1. We basically only decorate the living room. You wouldn’t know it was Christmas in the family room. It’s funny too because our house is mostly one big area. I like to fit as many ornaments as I possibly can on the tree and make it as colorful as possible. I’m a multi-color fan all the way.

    • I always did multi-color, but DH is more into white only. I caved to him.

  2. I love ornaments and the feelings you get when you pull them out to decorate the tree every year. Have a good one!

    • I love putting them up every year. It is the taking down and putting everything away that I’m not so fond of. Happy Holidays. 🙂

  3. I like your pictures, Melanie!
    I do love to decorate, but not in an expensive way. I put ornaments on the tree and decorations around the house but, I must say, I particularly love my singing Christmas Tree. LOL, I know, whaaaat? I bought it a long time ago, it’s a decoration that makes people go nuts! I swear, everyone always end up clicking it and letting it play its song on and on. Hehe, I think a bit of fun suits Christmas just fine, don’t you agree? 😉
    Thanks for sharing and Happy Holidays!!

    • Thanks. That does so fun. My father-in-law has the Grinch that dances and sings.

  4. We’re not big on decorations either; mostly just a tree, and a few little knickknacks. We just recently started buying ornaments during our travels as well, and my MIL usually gifts me one every year. I’m jealous of your four bookcases; I only have one.

    • I love my book cases. I have several complete series. I barely buy physical books anymore due to lack of space, plus now, ebooks are cheaper, usually. My mom gives me an ornament every year too, she requires that it have the year on it. I still have like two or three boxes of ornaments that we didn’t even pull out.

  5. We don’t really decorate the apartment much, we have a small tree we put up some years, but mostly just help my boyfriend’s sister put up a tree at their parent’s house.

    • Putting up a tree with family can be more fun that putting up one at your house by yourself. Depending on the size of the apartment, that can make it difficult to decorate. I know when I lived in one, we didn’t decorate either.

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