12 Days of Book Blogmas Challenge – The Nicest Characters

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12 Days of Book Blogmas Challenge

Day 5


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Day five of this fabulous Christmas challenge hosted by Parajunkee

The Nicest Book Characters

Here is our list of the nicest characters  from books we listened/read in 2014

We had a few of the same, so we tried to pick the different ones.

Nice Chracters

The Nicest Characters

My picks
Written On my Own Heart's Blodd Audiobook

Jamie Fraser

Sebastian York’s portrayal of Drew was perfect, right on! How easy the wrong tone would have sent me to the wrong side of this story. It’s not easy listening to a guy tell you how hot, smart and sexy he is, or how he can have any woman he wants, without thinking “this guy is a jerk!” But Sebastian beautifully brought him to life in a manner that made him sound likable by conveying how Drew beyond his words didn’t take himself seriously. Excellent pace and approach! And, oh boy! He’s got the romance gene!

Drew Evans

Burn for Me Audiobook

Nevada Baylor

Burn For me
Demon from the Dark Audiobook

Malkom Slaine

Augustus Waters


Mealanie's Picks

Nicest Characters
The King Audiobook


The King
Burn for Me Audiobook

Connor ``Mad Rogan``

Burn for Me
Murder of Crows Audiobook

Meg Corbin

Murder Of Crows
Loupe Duffy
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  1. Thanks for the nice list I like the naughty and nice 🙂 LOL

    • The naughty list was more fun 🙂

  2. Melanie, now I understand your reply. I can’t believe you have Zøren on the “Nice Characters” category. If he’s nice… 🙂

    Loupe! I love that you have Jamie on your list. My non-reader mother is finishing the second book of Outlander and already got the third book! I’m in awe. Jamie did a Christmas miracle.

    • Soren is a priest, how is that not nice. Plus, he does do a lot of nice things. 🙂

      • I’m not saying he’s bad, he’s a good person with a good heart, but I wouldn’t call him “nice”.

        • He is naughty and nice. 🙂

    • AWWW! I Love Jamie! He’s one of my top 5 characters of all time.
      How about that?! Now your mom will be asking you to borrow your books 😉

  3. HOW did Drew make it to the NICE list. LOL He should be at the top of your NAUGHTY list.

    • Well, in my world nice is sweet, and I found Drew super sweet, plus my list of naughty characters makes Drew look like a church going little boy…LOL
      Same with Malkom, I found him sweet, just very rough around the edges..lol..But I agree, Drew is naughty too, but sweetly naughty…LOL

  4. Nice Nice lists, ladies! I’ll be adding Drew to my list of characters to read about (even if the book cover looks a bit like he belongs on the Naughty list!). 😉

    • Yeah, Drew is Naughty, but he’s sweet at the same time, he’s fun naughty, and my list of naughty characters are scary naughty, but the kind I can’t help to like even if I shouldn’t ….I think everybody can like Drew 🙂

  5. How could I forget Gus? I haven’t read a lot of these, but it sounds like you got this down 🙂

  6. Jamie will always be on my nice list:) Drew wants to be on both my nice and naughty lists! This is very fun, ladies.

    • I love Jamie to pieces! And I went with the sweet part of Drew 😉

  7. Haha! I just put Mad Rogan on my naughty list! I would agree about Meg Corbin.

    Hmmm… I would say Bryan Manley (What a Woman Needs) – actually all the Manley brothers are very kind and sweet!

    • Yup, I’d picked Meg too, but Melanie picked her first 😉
      I never heard of the Manley brothers, I have to check it out 🙂

      • The Manley Maid series is a light-hearted contemporary romance series from Judi Fennell. Each book follows one of the Manley brothers who lost a bet to their younger sister, and now each has to spend a month working for her maid service. I enjoy the books – not a lot of conflict, all smiles by the end!

        • It reminds me a little of the Kowalski Fam. Not the plot, but the light theme.
          I love those books! So I’m definitely going to take a closer look.

    • Mad Rogan does such nice things.

  8. I’m slowly making my way up to Demon from the Dark, so this post has got me all kinds of excited about meeting Malkom Slaine. Meg definitely belongs on this list, although I probably would have picked Cookie over Charley in Darynda Jones’ series. Characters from Burn for Me made both of your cuts. Urgh! I need to get my Ilona Andrews listen on already.

    • Malkom is a brute! But I found him sweet also..lol
      Meg would have been on my list too, but we wanted to keep it short 🙂 You gonna love Burn for Me!

    • I could’ve included Cookie too, but I had to cut the list somewhere. Yes, I will start you on Ilona Andrews as soon as you’re done with IAD. Malkom is great. I forgot about him. *hangs head in shame*

  9. I’m so glad to see Drew on your list! Sure, he can be an ass sometimes, but deep down he cares fiercely about the people he loves and he can be very sweet!

    • How could I not have him?…lol I thought about putting him on the naughty list too, but the characters I picked are very dark and not very nice, except for Reyes …lol
      Yes, I think Drew, deep down is a really nice guy 🙂

  10. Meg and Charley are great picks!!!! They always put others ahead if their own!!!! And I loooove those books!

    By the way, in Murder the Crows was awesome. The ending……he looooves her!!!! LOL

    • They are, they both deserved to my list too, but I had to keep it short.
      I’m so glad you enjoyed the books!! yay!!

    • Thanks. I want to do a relisten to Written in Read and Murder of Crows before Visions of Silver come out.

  11. Nevada and Connor! Drew belongs on both the naughty and nice list. 😀

    • He does!! He’s so sweet and naughty 🙂

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