Armchair Audies 2015 – Audiobook Lovers! Join the fun! #ArmchairAudies

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Armchair Audies 2015

Armchair audies 2015

Once again, I like to thank Literate Housewife  for holding this fabulous event.

What’s the Armchair Audies?

In her words:
The inspiration for this challenge was the simple volume of categories and audiobooks nominated each year by the APA for the Audie Awards. There are 5 or 6 audiobooks nominated in each of the nearly 30 categories. As audiobook lovers, we’re deeply interested in the awards. As I’ve yet to run into anyone who has listened to much more than a handful of of the nominees. There simply isn’t enough time to listen to each of the nominees to adequately judge and predict each category. In banding together, bloggers can cover much more territory. Thus the Armchair Audies were born and I’m thrilled it’s become an annual event.

How to participate?

They welcome all reviews for any of the finalists. If you reviewed any of the books in the finalists’ list you can participate by linking your review to the event or becoming a judge for any of the categories. You can read all about it HERE on the Armchair Audies official page.

2015 Audies Finalist list

Hot Listens congratulates all the finalists!! This year I’ll help judge and pick a winner for the Romance category.

To be honest, I’m  never happy with their choices (as most of the hardcore romance listeners ever are), although this year I’m thrilled to see Burn for Me by Ilona Andrews, narrated by Renee Raudman  and Rumor Has It by  Jill Shalvis, narrated by Karen White.

I have started to listen to the rest of the finalists now.

If you’d like to judge this category with me, please send an e-mail to

Join me, let’s predict the winner! This should be fun 🙂

The Finalists for the Romance Category

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  1. I’m always stunned when I see the list. I so don’t understand some of choices.

    • As am I Melanie!! James Patterson a Romance Author? I love the narrator, Lauren Fortgang so I will listen to First Love, will see. 🙂 how about erotica? I never heard of any of those choices.
      So many great listens get left out, that’s why we started the romance audiobook awards.
      I was very happy to see Burn for Me and Rummor Has it.

  2. I’m psyched that you’re taking part in this because you’re so right, I often don’t agree with the nominations either, although I don’t think that I listen to enough audiobooks to be a good judge. But, 3 of my fav narrators (Renee Raudman, Lauren Fortgang, and Karen White) are in the running which makes me happy.

    • Yes you could!!! You know what a good narration entitles. I think this are definitely more about the listening experience in general and their ability of the narrator with the story. I’m already familiar with all the narrators you mentioned, two will be new to me. I’m curious, James Patterson with a romance? Will see, but if anyone can make it a great listen, is Lauren F. 🙂 I hardly ever agree, but last year in this the included books I really enjoy for the first

  3. Thank you so much for this post! We would definitely love to have others join us.

    I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the Romance nominees.

    Here’s to another successful Armchair Audies season!

    • Thank you, for holding this great event 🙂
      Two of the books are less than 6 hours, so they should be a quick listen 🙂

  4. Oh, how fun! I’d never heard of these awards before- good luck with listening to the books in the Romance category, that you haven’t heard already.

    • This is just fans trying to predict who the judges for Audies (Oscars/Grammys for audiobooks) will pick. They never seemed to get the romance category right 😉 But a least I had already listened to 2

  5. I hope you enjoy listening to the romance category! There are some unconventional choices there. I’m interested in checking out Rumor Has It and Burn For Me for sure.
    Happy listening, Loupe 🙂

    • Thanks Lucy! I hope you have fun listening to all the YA titles. I’m looking forward to your thoughts 🙂
      Those were great! Although, I’d have a hard time calling Burn for Me a romance, is more a UF…LOL But I’m happy one of fav. got to one of the finalists. I had listened to 3 finalists, but one was on the mystery/suspense category.

  6. I’ve also not heard of these awards before. All the finalists sound very interesting. I’ll be taking a look at those in the romance category.

    • This is one of the few times where I’ve actually listened to a few of them, that normally never happens..LOL And I always wonder, who picked these?..LOL

  7. Very cool. I will sit down later tonight and link up any reviews I have

    • I saw a least one your fav. got nominated, I’m not sure what category, but is one those genres that I’m working myself towards 😉

  8. I am willing to try erotica in audio now. Curious to hear how kink sounds LOL

    • Wow! I’ll be curious to hear your thoughts. Romp gets a lot (more) real on audio, just a the violence does. I’ve heard quite a few peeps that can’t do them on audio, but they’re more than fine reading them.
      I can’t wait to see where you fall. Pick a good narrator 🙂

  9. The Bridges of Madison County where did that come from ? I am not a fan of James Patterson, his writing is nothing special, plus I don’t think he writes everything with his name on it. I would listen to the Jill Shavis and I already listened to Burn For Me. Let’ s hope one of those two wins.

    • Right? That’s what I thought when I saw it, actually is co-written by Patterson. I have no opinion about him, I don’t read/listen to his books, but I know he’s not known for romance. I love the narrator, she’s excellent, so I’m curious to listen.
      We are never happy with their choices, that’s why we started the Sultry Listeners Awards, where we get to vote.
      I loved Burn for Me, but I wouldn’t put it in the romance category, although I’m very happy it got recognized 🙂

  10. It makes me sad that I usually never have heard of the books that win/get nominated…

    • That’s how I felt until last year, when I finally have listened to 3 of their choices. And some were categorized as Fantasy, and other as paranormal, but they were all romance. I think they get the genres all wrong…IMHO..LOL
      This is why we started the Sultry Listeners Awards so we get to vote..LOL I hope you participate this year with us.
      Burn for me is not really a romance, is UF (but I’m happy is there)
      Rumor Has It it’s actually a romance. I’m checking out the rest and see why the professionals picked them 😉
      NA gets completely left out! How in the world The Sea of Tranquility didn’t get a nomination last year is beyond me! LOL

  11. Burn for Me is in the romance category? That seems odd to me since there wasn’t really much romance in it. That’s the only one up there I’m familiar with though. lol.

    • I know! Right? I have no idea how the professionals pick the categories, I’m just happy is there..LOL I normally go..what? when they announce the finalists. I really don’t think is so much the books, but mostly the narrators performance.

  12. I haven’t listened to an audio book since Twilight and that kinda didn’t work for me but listening to erotica could be erm…. hot..oh I mean interesting….LOL
    Have fun judging!

    • LOL Sharon, that’s the book that got me hooked..LOL I couldn’t get enough of that series, and I quickly follow with The Sookie Stackhouse novels…I was done! I’ve been an audio junkie since then 🙂
      I haven’t listened to any of the erotica finalists (I never even saw them before) but I actually have listened to 2 of the romance finalist, so I’m not too far behind 🙂

  13. Well at least one book I’ve listened to made the cut this year – Cress (and in 2 categories!) – but wow, the number that I haven’t read and am not even familiar with! I know I’m not as hard core with the audio as some, but I’m still surprised! Thanks for sharing this fun event – I’ll look forward to watching it unfold 🙂

    • That was me until last year when I actually have listened to some of the finalists…LOL
      We are never happy with their choices for romance, but they are to good start this year 🙂

  14. The Bridges of Madison County a romance? Sadly, as many books as I listened to, only one appears in the Thriller/Suspense category. Thanks for this post and illustrating how to participate.

    • I saw the movie along time ago, and I knew of the book. I remember it was a romance book and actually a really good movie. Will see 🙂
      Was the thriller Those who Wish me Dead? Melanie recommended and I LOVED the narration by Petkoff.

  15. Three of my favorite narrators are up for the Romance genre; Raudman, White and Fortgang. I’ve not listened to Fortgang’s book but I’m sure she did a great job.

    • I’m excited for them too 🙂 Fortgang is always good, I’m actually looking forward to listening to that book.

  16. I hardly ever like their choices but I was happy to see some of my favorite narrators on the list this year. Romance was closer than it has ever been. I am going to be watching y’alls judging 🙂

    • Me too! But I’m not sure about th others except for First Love since is narrated by Lauren Fortgang…will see 🙂

      • I should have been more specific about closer: I think last year I only recognized 1 of the titles and this year I recognize 2 LOL 🙂 Maybe next year 3 🙂

        The other categories are where some of my favorite narrators made the cut but I don’t recognize the books they are nominated for.

        Jen seemed thrilled about the fiction category so it sounds like that one was pretty spot on.

        I am annoyed with the fantasy category.

        • Sorry recognized 4 but of them I really only think 2 are true romances. James P isn’t a romance writer (he doesn’t even get shelved there) and Bridges of Madison County again is not a romance (it isn’t shelved there either). They are both General Fiction in my eyes.

  17. Glad you can do this, Loupe! You listen to so many books so you’ll be a strong addition to their panel of judges.

    • Thanks Sophia 🙂 Sadly I never know much about the books they picked, but this year I have actually listened to two of them, so I only have 3 more to listen to.

  18. Can’t wait to see the winners. My TBR is gonna go crazy when I add some hahaha *cough cough* I’m not addicted to audios now 😛

    • I can tell you that Burn for Me and Rumor Has It are great…I listened to those already. I’m doing the rest now…Will see 🙂

  19. This is a great idea, I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun listening to these titles and predicting the winners, Loupe 🙂 I don’t own many audiobooks, and I really need to listen to the ones I already have before I add any more 🙂
    Have a great weekend.

    • They never picked books that we (the romance listeners) loved, but this time there are actually 2 I really enjoyed, and of course the narrations are top notch…Will see how the other do.


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