Death and the Girl He Loves Audiobook by Darynda Jones (review)

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Review of: Death and the girl he loves Audiobook
Darynda Jones

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Death And The Girl He Loves Audiobook

by: Darynda Jones

Narrated by: Lorelei King

Published by: Macmillan Audio 10/08/2013

death and the girl he loves audiobook cover


4.5 stars ratingDarklight Series # 3

6 hrs and 55 mins

Whispersync for Voice-ready

YA urban Fantasy text

The fate of the world is not something a girl wants on her shoulders, and that is especially true for Lorelei McAlister. Unfortunately for her, that is exactly where the world’s fate has decided to take up residence. Lorelei has seen firsthand the horrors that lie beneath our everyday world. And those horrors are getting her friends killed. Because of this, she agrees to leave the sanctity of her hometown and is sent to a different world entirely: a boarding school.

But even here she is being watched. Someone knows what she is. What she carries inside her soul. And on top of that she’s seeing visions. This is nothing new for Lorelei. But these visions are something more: death, destruction, and the end of the world. Lorelei must face the fact that there are people who want her dead, and no matter where she goes, no matter how far she runs, the lives of her friends and family are in mortal peril. Lucky for her, her friends and family include the handsome Angel of Death, a fiercely protective half-angel, and a ragtag group of loyal supporters who aren’t afraid to get a little dirty in the name of fighting pure evil.

©2013 Darynda Jones (P)2013 Macmillan Audio


My thoughts

This is the final entry to the  Darklight Trilogy, so before you continue I strongly recommend reading/listening to the previous two books before you get to Death and The Girl He Loves.

I have to admit I didn’t start loving this series right off the  bat, I remember finding a lot similarities to her adult series, Charley Davidson, and even though I love that series, the first book in this trilogy didn’t work right away for me. I didn’t dislike it, but I wanted to be more impress.

Notwithstanding, by the second book, I had a very different feeling about the characters and the story – I never once thought about Charley when I was listening to the second book, and what can I say?  I was hooked! And for the second time in the same year I found myself highly anticipating another of Darynda Jones’ novels.

I’m  so glad my expectations didn’t get in the way of my enjoyment as it’s the case with many sequels. I found this entry completely captivating and engrossing – I’m sorry to see it end.

Right from the get go we find Lorelei bravely confronting her new life at the Bedford Fields Academy, a private school for wealthy children; she not only has to deal with the painful visions of incoming doom about everyone he encounters, but she also has to come to terms with the burden of having the future of the world as we know it on her hands.

A lot to deal with for a young girl, but she manages beautifully, and although heart breaking moments pave her path, there is enough humor and snark to give the story plenty of light moments.

Darynda Jones delivered the perfect closing. The action, mystery, the touch of romance (yes, I love Jared) and unforeseen  events (talk about twist and turns!)  make this entry a total winner.

No emotion will go untouched by the events in this novel. The friendships, loyalty and camaraderie that separates these characters (skillfully fleshed out) from so many other YA novels are the strongest and most enjoyable aspects of this trilogy, and they shine even brighter in Death and the Girl He Loves.

The Author

Darynda Jones

 Death and the Girl He Loves Audiobook Narration


At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I have to tell you again what a fantastic job Lorelei King does with  these novels, with every one of her performances that I’ve  had the chance to listen to. In this case, you have the heroine, Lorelei; a spunky, loyal, strong yet vulnerable, insecure at times, like any YA would be, and Lorelei King is right on with her interpretation. The humor in the dialog is nicely transmitted to the listener, as well as the different moods in the novel – you are always aware of the danger. How can a woman make a boy sound so sexy? Well, leave it to the talented  Ms. King to do just that. All the characters and personalities are skillfully brought to life. The tone and pace are perfect, no distractions here, just an accomplished performance.

Voices behind the books


Lorelei King

Loupe Duffy

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  1. I worship the ground LK and DJ walk! I haven’t read/listened to this series but someday I will. 🙂

    • You know it! Lorelei is on a class of her own. I hope you really enjoy it when you do, I know you will.
      It took me a little a bit to make the transition from having Ms. Jones do one of my favorites adult series to get the flavor of her YA tale, but she’s awesome! And by the second book she had my undivided attention.

  2. At first I wasn’t sure if this series was for me but after reading your review and already knowing that Darynda Jones & Lorelei King are ALWAYS a winning combo, I have no choice but to add this one to the pile!

    • I hope you enjoy it Carmel, and thank you for the vote of confidence 🙂 I can assure you, it’s equally, if not double returned. I hope that makes sense..Or I hope you know what I mean 🙂

  3. Ahhh … I’m behind on this series AND the other one of hers. Dang it! I skimmed your review, but it looks like you liked it. I need to get on the ball and read the 2nd book.

    • As long as you make it trough the first book you will love the trilogy. I only say that because I had a little of a hard time liking it. I kept thinking it was too close to Charley’s books (Darynda’s adult series, and one of my very fav.), but I really enjoyed the second book and this one.
      I hope you enjoy it!

  4. I bet it really did feel like the Charley series, especially with Lorelei narrating both series. She does know how to craft the dudes. They never lack maleness. Hoping to enjoy this series too in the future.

    • Some of my friends thought that it did, but I have enjoyed Lorelei’s performance of Stephanie Plum, Mercy Thompson, Charley Davidson and now Lorelei (reading and the main reason I love her works it’s because I really get the essence of every character with her interpretations.

  5. I’m anonymous. 😉

    • YAY! I found your blog on the sing-ups list for the Best Audiobook of 2013 blog hop. I’m always thrilled to find other peeps that review audiobooks. I’ll be keeping a close eye on your reviews 🙂

  6. I couldn’t get into this series. I read the 1st book and almost DNF.

    I don’t know if I could listen since it’s the same narrator as the Charley Davidson series. I think it would throw me off.

    • I remember, I guess you would have a hard time with the Mercy Thompson and Stephanie Plum’s series then. I love her because I can find the differences between each female protagonist. I think I know your taste, and I really don’t think this has enough bite for your liking, I know which YA series will work for you 😉

  7. I haven’t read the first two books so I skimmed your review but I have heard of the series and the author. You’ve made the narrator sound awesome, so I will try to find this on audio!

    • Oh yes! Lorelei King is one of the best. You can’t go wrong with any of her narrations, she takes the experience to a different level 🙂

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