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Well here it is- my Santa list as an audiobook listener. These are items I do not need, but oh my yes I do wants to have them (yes you heard a bit of Golum’s ‘my precioussss’ in that).

Bluetooth Headset1. Wireless earbuds
As I’ve nearly hung myself a few times with my current earbuds, I think this would be a good move as soon as I can. And because I listen while doing chores or out on walks, I’ve fixated on the SENSO Bluetooth Headphones

2. Sports Armband for Phone

I haven’t settled on a specific one. I have an older LG and not an iPhone so I must get the fit right on this. As aforementioned, I listen to books while active so the armband would be a great accessory, I think.

3. The remainder of Diana Gabaldon’s books I do not already have

First, its Davina Porter and Jeff Woodman, favorite narrators we have here, but second, the Outlander world of stories are re-reads and relistens.

4. The remainder of Ilona Andrew‘s books I do not already have.

My reasoning is much the same as above, but insert Renee Raudman as the narrator.

5. The remainder of Patricia Brigg‘s books I do not already have.

Ditto with Lorelei King’s work here.

Undead and Taxes by Drew Hayes6. Drew Hayes’s Fred the Vampire Accountant series

I got book one with audio and Kirby Heybornes’ narration. It was fantastic and I just can’t imagine not having Heybourne narrating Fred’s adventures.

7. My Life as a White Trash Zombie by Diana Rowland

I have not started this series, but I’ve listened to samples. I think this is another series I would love all the more in audio.

8. Audible credits

Let’s not be greedy, say… a credit a month? But, if you can’t swing that, Santa, a Tantor gifting would not go amiss, either.

9. More audio selections through my library Overdrive program offerings.

They do not get a full series for whatever reason or pick them up in order. I’ve put in requests and they’ve been good at filling them, but I found the practice odd that there can be a book four, but no book one. So yes, better offerings. And an Overdrive type library program for the internationals who do not have such a wonderful opportunity.

10. More books and narrators for my wish list.

An odd addition perhaps, but not really for me. I don’t typically find my favorites on my own so reading a blog review, a newsletter listing, or getting a recommendation really are gifts to me. Keep ’em coming, guys.


So there you have it, my wish list. What are some items that would make your list?

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