Klawde: Evil Alien Warlord Cat Audiobook by Johnny Marciano, Emily Chenoweth (REVIEW)

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Review of: Klawed: Evil Alien Wardlord Cat Audiobook
Johnny marciano and Emily Chenoweth

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Klawde: Evil Alien Warlord Cat Audiobook

By: Johnny Marciano, Emily Chenoweth

Narrated by: Oliver Wyman, Vikas Adam

Published by: Listening Library 2/26/2019

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Genre: Middle Grade

Klawde: Evil Alien Warlord Cat Book 1 Audiobook Sample

Klawde: Evil Alien Warlord Cat book 2 Audiobook Sample

Klawde: Evil Alien Warlord Cat Book 1 Audiobook

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3 hrs and 6 mins

This is a really cute middle grade story. When I saw the title I had to pick it up. I mean, how could I not learn more about an evil alien warlord cat. Add to that that I’ve listened to both narrators before and really loved their work. I just had to try it.

Klawde, the evil alien warlord cat, comes from the planet of Lyttyrboks. He is exiled to Earth and finds refuge from the liquid falling from the sky with Raj, a pre-teen boy (they never mention age, but do mention middle school) from Brooklyn, who has just moved to Elba, Oregon. He loved city life. He had three friends in his apartment building. He had pizza shops and comic book stories on his block. It was his dream. Then his mother got a new job in Oregon. Now he has nature and no friends. Plus his mom is making him go to nature camp. His life now sucks. That is until a cat rang the doorbell.

This is a really cute science fiction story. There are many things that will make you laugh, like the names. Klawde’s actual name is Wyss-Kuzz. Oh and the nature camp, was actually apocalypse survival camp. The counselor was nuts. The story is really cute and you get both sides of the story with Raj and Klawde POVs.

My biggest fault for the book was that Klawde went back and forth between calling them “the humans” or “the ogres”. I would’ve thought he would have one and stick with it. Ogres was his original title for humans.

Klawde: Evil Alien Warlord Cat, Book 2: Enemies Audiobook

4 Hearts

3 hrs and 30 mins

So, in this book, Raj finally starts at his new middle school. He finds that things aren’t nearly as bad as he expected. That is until an enemy makes himself known. The same is true for Klawde. He is working on his kitten army when another cat from his planet is exiled it is one of his enemies. So you can see where the title comes from.

Raj, with the help of his team in his robotics class, build an “Aquabot”, which delivers water to people who are thirsty. However, Klawde decides it will make a great weapon.

There is also a story about revenge and jumping to conclusions I didn’t notice the human versus ogre in this book. I only remember hearing Klawde use ogres.

Klawde: Evil Alien Warlord Cat Narration

5 Hearts

The narration of this series is great. We have two narrators. Oliver Wyman reads Klawde’s parts and Vikas Adam reads Raj’s parts. Then I’m not exactly sure who does all the smaller parts in-between. I think I figured out a few, but not sure on them all. Anyway, I think they were both a great fit for each of the main characters. Klawde had this snootie, uppity voice you would think of for a cat that wants to rule the world. Raj’s voice was a that fo a boy. I loved how Vikas Adam changed his packing based on Raj’s emotions. When he would get excited, he would really speed up the way kids do. I loved all the voices in the book, not to mention the array of cat noises. I could see where a kid would love to listen to this book as he reads along with a physical book (which probably has some great pictures). I loved books with read-along records as a kid (yes I know I’m showing my age).

Johnny Marciano is an American children’s book author and illustrator.


Author: Emily ChenowethEmily Chenoweth is a former fiction editor of Publishers Weekly. Her work has appeared in Tin House, Bookforum, and People, among other publications. She lives in Portland, Oregon. goodreads

Narrator: Oliver Wyman

Narrator: Oliver Wyman

Accomplished voice artist. Award-winning audio book narrator. Voice-over stand-in for Christopher Walken.

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Narrator: Vikas AdamVikas Adam was born in British Columbia and lived in various parts of Canada, the US, and a stint in India, before his parents settled in Dallas. After receiving his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting/Directing from Syracuse University, he returned to Dallas and worked professionally as an actor, director, and producer in addition to teaching acting for various non profit arts organizations. He segued into the administrative side as Program Director for Junior Players, Dallas’ oldest non profit youth arts organization but continued to garner critical favor as an actor working with some of Dallas’ most reputable companies. After a number of successful years, Vikas decided it was time to further his craft and chose to attend the UCLA School of Theater, Film & Television three-year professional program to secure his Master of Fine Arts in Acting. While packing his bags in preparation for his move, Adam appeared on seven episodes of Pink (2007), a Webby Award winning dark comedy series starring Natalie Raitano. Post graduation has seen Vikas appearing on television as well as various web series and indie films, in addition to a successful career as an audiobook narrator.

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I like to thank Listening Library for providing me with a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.

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