Part & Parcel Audiobook by Abigail Roux (REVIEW)

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Review of: Part & Parcle Audiobook
Abigail Roux

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On October 19, 2016
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Part & Parcel Audiobook

By: Abigail Roux

Narrated by: Brock Thompson

Published by: Audible Studios 06/21/16

Part and Parcel Audiobook by Abigail Roux

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Sidewinder #3

8 hrs and 55 mins

Contemporary Romance

Part & Parcel Audiobook Sample

Part & Parcel Audiobook

4 Hearts

This series is a spinoff of the Cut & Run series. It is also the last book of the spinoff (the main series has already ended :-(). This is a series that really should be read in order. Both the main series and the spinoff are a M/M Romantic Suspense series that follow the main couple of each across several books, 9 for the main series with Ty and Zane and 3 for the spin off with Nick and Kelly. Truthfully, you need to read both of these in chronological order to really get the most from both series. RedHotBooks did a reading order for both series, I recommend you check it out if you’re just starting the series.

This final book is different from the previous books in both series. Both series are a true Romantic Suspense series, in the suspense aspect. This book doesn’t not have the Sidewinder gang getting into nearly as much trouble as they have in previous books. That didn’t make it any less interesting. The characters in these series are so well developed, that I enjoyed traveling on this journey set to them by a fallen comrade, Elias Sanchez.

Sanchez died and at his funeral (not in this book but died several years ago), Nick’s mother gave him a package of stuff that Sanchez wanted Nick to have. Nick was very much in grief and put the package away to look at later. Now, Nick is dealing with his dad’s death (a man that Nick hated and for good reason). Nick is also dealing with his relationship with Kelly. Nick is also dealing with the fact that Kelly has been treating him more like a patient than a boyfriend (if you’re not familiar with this series, Kelly also goes by Doc because he was the medical guy on their team. He was also the only one from the Navy, versus the others who were all Marines). Nick decides to take a look into this box from Sanchez.

The letter to Nick from Sanchez is a pretty emotional one. He talks about “if you’re reading this, then I must be dead.” Sanchez wants Nick to get the entire team together and to go on a roadtrip. There are several letters with different tasks and they weren’t allowed to read the next letter until they had completed the previous task. Oh, and Sanchez declared no sex while on this trip. For several of the guys, that was not a huge problem, but for Nick, Kelly, Ty and Zane (yes Zane is on this pilgrimage, even though he was not part of Sidewinder), it was tough.

This was a fun listen, even it if was so different from the other books in the series. I loved seeing the softer side to all the guys. I think Zane really liked learning so much about his lover and friends through this process too. This book doesn’t have the disasters and action that the all the others do, but that didn’t make it any less fun.

If you’re a fan of Ty and Zane and the Sidewinder gang, this is a must read. I really enjoyed my time back with all of them. The story now does feel like it has been brought to a close, which the final Cut & Run book, Crash & Burn, didn’t have. There are some things that are brought up at the end. Huge spoilery type issues. Makes me wonder why these things were brought up at the end of the series. Things I didn’t expect to come. I don’t know if she is going to write anything more about these guys (I didn’t think so, but the ending has me wondering).

Part & Parcel Audiobook Narration

4 Hearts

This is my first time listening to Brock Thompson. This series is now on it’s forth narrator (if you include the Cut & Run series). The first narrator Sawyer Allerde was a narrator that I didn’t like. It was one of the first books I’ve ever returned to Audible. He does the first two books. Sean Crisden then does the next three (which I listened to and really loved.). Then there is J. F. Harding who does the rest of the Cut & Run books (I read these books, because it appeared that they weren’t coming out on audio. They didn’t until the series was complete). Brock Thompson does all the Sidewinder books. I thought he did a great job. I read the first two Sidewinder books and listened to this one, since it was only one I hadn’t read yet when the audios came out. This isn’t a series that I will tout as a “must-listen”. I think the many changes in narrator make it one that some might enjoy more reading. I didn’t dislike the two narrators I listened to, (and I’ve heard good things about J. F. Harding narrating this series), but I know I’m less connected with the number of changes. I always disappointed when publishers change out narrators frequently.

I enjoyed Brock Thompson’s narration. I thought he did a good job with all the guys. I can’t remember if there were any women at all in this book. If there were, the parts were really minor, so I can’t comment on his voices for women. I liked the pace and tone he used. I thought he did a good job with the mannerisms for the guys.

Author: Abigail Roux

Abigail Roux was born and raised in North Carolina. A past volleyball star who specializes in sarcasm and painful historical accuracy, she currently spends her time coaching high school volleyball and investigating the mysteries of single motherhood. Any spare time is spent living and dying with every Atlanta Braves and Carolina Panthers game of the year. Abigail has a daughter, Little Roux, who is the light of her life, a boxer, four rescued cats who play an ongoing live-action variation of ‘Call of Duty’ throughout the house, a certifiable extended family down the road, and a cast of thousands in her head.

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Narrator: Brock Thompson


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Ml Simmons

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Melanie Simmons
I’m Melanie and I live in Ohio. I have two horses and a dog. I’m an animal lover, avid book reader and audiobook listener. I like to live vicariously through fictional characters. I enjoy reading and listening to mostly fictional books in the paranormal genre, including Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance and Horror. My favorite paranormal creatures are shifters, doesn’t matter the flavor.


  1. I like the idea of the road trip treasure hunt (not sure what else to call it lol) type of thing!

    • That is a great way to describe it. Wasn’t as much romance (though I still consider it that because the series is a romance), but a great story of friends and loved ones.

  2. Yea, I don’t like it when they change narrators either. I’m glad you did enjoy this one despite the ending. I’m now curious as to what you were talking about and it does sound like the ending could have been better and with more books in the series.

    • This series, along with Cut & Run, is a great series. I didn’t end bad, but there was just a tad bit at the end that felt like she left it open for more stories.

  3. Not heard of this series but I really like that narrator, I need to see what else he has done. 🙂

    • This series, along with Cut & Run, is an M/M Romantic Suspense type of series. FBI agents and military guys. There is a ton of humor in the books, which I really enjoyed.

  4. hey Melanie, this is a new author to me and this sounds good! Thanks

    • She is the best M/M author that I’ve read, though I will admit that I haven’t read a lot of them.

  5. Oh yay! I adored this one, too. I didn’t realize I needed to see how Elias connected to this group or see all their demons from the past eradicated as a final farewell, but I did.

    As to the narrators, I’ve only listened to JF Harding and Brock Thompson and loved them both. I wanted to go back and listen to the earlier two, but have hesitated. It’s weird how they had so many narrators when other series with this publisher all have one dedicated narrator. Maybe this one was the guinea pig for that decision. Oh well.

    I love this series and glad you did, too. 🙂

    • I miss Ty, Zane and the gang already. I almost want to relisten to the entire series. LOL

  6. I don’t think this would be for me but I love that you got a spin off from the series that was just as good as the others!

  7. I’m really going to have to check out this series, Melanie. You know I like strong character development and this series (and Cut & Run) seems to have that. I did just listen to According to Hoyle by Roux – it’s historical M/M romantic suspense and it was fantastic!! Thanks for recommending Roux. 🙂

    • I’m glad you enjoyed your first Roux book. I haven’t read much from outside these two series, though I do plan to pick up more. She is my favorite M/M author (though, I’ll admit that I haven’t read a lot of them).

  8. It’s nice to have more books like that. I’m not sure I know about this series for the first one but I’ll check that out

    • I do enjoy spinoff series. It allows for more time with beloved characters. 🙂

  9. I was curious of Roux when I first came across her series. But by that time I was so tired of the genre I shelved it under maybe. Is this still erotica even with the romantic suspense?

    • I would call it more M/M romantic suspense or contemporary romance.

  10. I have the first book of these series on audio, waiting for me. I’ve heard the series is AMAZING! I just need to find the time!

    • This series is pretty amazing. The first book is a little difficult. The writing gets better. I’m also not a fan of the narrator for the first two book, but they get a new narrator and I loved him.

  11. I have not tried this author. Thanks for the link on reading the order. Always helpful.

    • I wanted to include the reading order because the original series and the spin off overlap some. It is best to read them in the order in which they were written.

  12. I heard of the other series, never read it myself but I like that you said that this one is a bit different from the other books in the series, I think thats okay, puts a little refreshing take on it.

    • It was a fun addition to the series. I liked the change in how the story was told. 🙂

  13. I have this one and need to listen to it so I can wrap up this world now that I’ve finally finished Ty & Zane. I’ll put on my TBR for November.

    • I so miss Ty and Zane. I with books one and two had a better narrator, I would start over at the beginning.

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