Everlasting and Tender Savage Audiobooks

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Review of: Everlasting and Tender Savage Audiobooks
Iris johansen and Susan Boyce

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AEverlasting and Tender Savage Audiobooks

By: Iris Johansen and Susan Boyce

Narrated by: Angela Brazil and Susan Boyce

Published by: AudioGO 04/2010

First book 4hrs and 55min – Second book 4hrs and 59 mins

Knowing she’d have only one chance to enlist his help, Kira Rubinoff plotted her approach carefully. Formidable, seductive, handsome to the point of dangerous, Zack Damon didn’t suffer fools gladly, but Kira was no one’s fool. In this day and age, even a bona fide princess had to be more than just a pretty face. But from the moment of their first encounter at his mountaintop lodge, Kira’s well-laid plans—and her life—were turned inside out. For the self-made international financier had been watching her for as long as she’d been watching him.Together they will embark on an adventure to a country as exotic as it is treacherous, linked by a shared destiny and a secret Zack has been keeping until the time is right. And with danger closing in on all sides, the time to reveal it could be now…or never.


 Ricardo Lazaro, legendary poet-warrior and rebel leader of Saint Pierre, had been captured saving her brother, and Lara Clavel had come to the Caribbean island ready to risk her life to free him. She knew the rescue plan would work only if she persuaded his jailer that the powerful freedom fighter had fallen in love with her…but once she faced the daring man of danger in his cramped cell she felt a savage desire to be possessed, to be bound to him in every way a man and woman could be! Ricardo was desperate to spare this golden angel any pain her brave act might cost, but he was wild with desire – and trapped by circumstance into taking all she offered. Only his strength had kept him alive through years of war…until Lara’s sweet fire made him remember what the struggle had taken away. Once, he’d told her that some things were worth fighting for, but could she make him see that happiness and love were the most precious of these?


My Thoughts

I got these audiobooks from the Solid Gold Reviewers program run by Audiobook Jukebox. I thank both Audiobook Jukebox and AudioGo for the opportunity.
My first go at an Irish Johansen novel, and I wish I could start with a more exciting note. I’m well aware of Ms. Johansen large following in the romance community, and I can see why; these two novels although short in length they are both very well written- with enough character development to get you involved in their stories. So why do I say I’m not as excited as I would like to be?

The first book Everlasting was originally written in 1986, and even though I can fully relate to that time and the way things were, I had difficulties relating to the story- therefor found moments when the world didn’t work for me, nor did the chemistry between Kira and Zack. For me, those are the most fundamental aspects of a romance novel that need to work to have an enjoyable experience. I didn’t hate the book; it just didn’t move me one way of the other.  I found the story a little over the top and not very convincing. I’m glad I had to continue to the next book otherwise I would have been left with the impression that Ms. Johansen’s novels weren’t for me.

With Tender Savage I started to see her talent and the reason why she’s a powerhouse in romantic literature. This also a short story but the character development was excellent, the suspense, action, emotions and chemistry between the protagonists was top notch.
The story of the enigmatic and honorable Revolutionary Ricardo Lazaro and the sweet but decisive Lara Clavel has all the elements that will keep a romance listener/reader captivated.

Lara has come to the Caribbean Island to attempt to rescue Ricardo who was captured while attempting to save her brother, not only is she risking her life for a novel cause, but she will also risk her heart in the process. Both Ricardo and and Lara are immensely likable character that will truly make you care about their fate.



The Author

Iris Johansen




This is the first time I got the opportunity to listen to Angela Brazil and Susan Boyce, and it won’t be the last time. I found them both to be truly capable narrators.
Even though I didn’t enjoy the story in Everlasting as much as I did in Tender Savage, I don’t have any complaints with Angela Brazil’s interpretation or pace of the book. I did wish that she could have made a little better distinction of the male characters, but it was competent enough to properly convey their personality.
Susan Boyce execution of Tender Savage was excellent. The ambiance of the novel was skillfully conveyed, as well as each character’s personality. The tension and sense of expectancy were well transmitted, and don’t let me forget to mention how nicely she brought the sensuality of the novel to life.


Voices behind the books


Susan Boyce



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