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Review of: Jitters Audiobook
Adele Park

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On February 16, 2012
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Jitters Audiobook

By: Adele Park

Narrated by: Adele Park, Susan Paige Lane, Paige Allred, Kristen Henley, Desiree Whitehead, Garry Morris, John Gibson, Steve Coppola
Published by: Straight to Audio Productions 10/2010


Jitters Audiobook

Warm (adult content)

6hrs and 30 mins


Nancy Neptune loves to stir up trouble – it makes forawesome radio. But even the Queen of Obscene is amazed by all the twisted things that go down in the polygamist community of Zion Flats.

For Sandy Wyman, a one armed reporter, sharing a house with Nancy Neptune is like living in a dorm room on steroids. Seeking refuge from the chaos that comes from being within 20 feet of a person like Nancy Neptune, Sandy befriends a polygamist with a host of sketchy habits.

Nadine Mackleprang, a nosy neighbor, is trying to eat everything that isn’t nailed down so she won’t have to think about why her husband has left her for another man. When she learns that Sandy’s polygamist pal is in danger, Nadine waddles to the rescue.

Join Nancy Neptune and her eccentric gaggle of girlfriends for an unforgettable tour throughpolygamist country in Jitters – A Quirky Little Audio Book.

Jitters is a full-length audio book told in first person narratives. Each chapter begins with a newscast on KNVL, the radio station headed by the notorious Nancy Neptune. Listen as a cast of 15 characters react to the events of the day in Jitters – A Quirky Little Audio Book

My Thoughts

Is not very often that I wander away from my favorite genre, but when Audiobook Jukebox placed this title up for review, and after I found out that it had won the Audie Award for Best Multi-Voice Performance of 2011, I was more than a little curious.

Besides romance, one my favorite thing in life is to laugh, and laugh I did.

This little ensemble of off the wall characters delivers 6 and 1/2 hours of hilarious entertainment.

This is my first experience with a multicast audio production, and wow! It was like watching a sitcom; the characters were real and fleshed-out beautifully. After all, the majority of the narrators in this production are actors, actors that very nicely and accurately brought the entire cast to life.

I loved the self deprecating humor of Nadine, and quick wit of Nancy.

The arrival of radio chock jock Nancy Neptune to a neighboring town of a polygamist Mormon community sets the humorous tone for the story, and with each daily broadcast we get introduced to a different character  with an engaging and entertaining (funny) story of their own.

Although this is not a very long audiobook, the first person narration of each chapter truly gives you the feeling that you know the characters, and it adds enjoyment to the humor.

To whom I would recommend this book? To anyone with a sense of humor that can find without prejudice the funny side of all situations.

Once again I thank Audiobook Jukebox and Straight to Audio Productions for the opportunity to listen and  to share my thoughts about this short but very fun listen.

I was given an additional copy of Jitters, and  if you would like to experience KNVL radio and what I just described, leavesmall comment below, and I will draw a winner on 02/29/2012. I will notify the winner via e-mail.
Sorry! but I can only include US residents this time.

The Author and Producer

Adele Park


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