Barely A Bride Audiobook

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Review of: Barely A Bride Audiobook
Rebecca Hagan Lee

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On February 20, 2012
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Barely a Bride Audiobook

By: Rebecca Hagan Lee

Narrated by: Virginia Leishman

Published by: Recorded Books 02/2005



Barely A Bride Audiobook


11 hrs and 12 mins


The noblemen of the Free Fellows League have vowed to “avoid the inevitable leg-shackling to a female for as long as possible.” But when Viscount Abernathy is called off to war, he must obey his father’s wishes that he marry-and  fast. Abernathy is lucky to find Lady Alyssa as agreeable to a marriage of convenience as he is. But, two years later, scarred to his soul from the war, all Abernathy wants is love. And now he must win his wife’s heart, by wooing the bride he left behind


Reviewed by Lisa Kay


This book, the first in the Free Fellows League, wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be. I expected the hero, Griffin Abernathy, AKA Viscount Abernathy, to hastily do his duty and marry to please his father. Then he would happily hurry off to war, leaving his bride, Lady Alyssa Carrolton – also equally delighted by the arrangement – behind to do as she pleases. I assumed the story would then be about these two strangers getting to know each other after his return from war.

Instead, over two-thirds this story is about the courtship, wedding, and honeymoon that ensue once Griff sets his sights on Alyssa. I eventually realized this author was in no hurry to tell this pleasant little tale; then I was able to sit back and relax. Another surprise: after it got going, it a little hotter than I was expecting – given the sweet cover and the story up until then – which was also fine with me. A little sugar and spice is just my cup of tea. I will even admit to shedding a tear or two near the end. All together a GoodRead.

As far as I know, only the first three books on are audio. I enjoyed listening to Ms. Lee’s story set in Regency England and Ms. Leishman’s lovely narration and look forward to the rest of this charming series.


Lemon Tree



 This is a review of the audiobook, narrated by Virginia Leishman. I’ve never heard this reader before, and she does a nice job of it, doing the accents and voice inflections – English and Scottish, male and female, children and adults – quite nicely.


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