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Review of: Naked Audiobook
Megan Hart

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Naked Audiobook

By: Megan Hart

Narrated by: Lauren Fortgang

Published by: Harlequin Enterprises, Ltd. 08/2010
Naked Audiobook

10 hrs and 9 mins

No strings. No regrets. And no going back….

“I didn’t think he wanted me. And I wasn’t about to get involved with him, not after what I’d heard. Sure, Alex Kennedy was tall, dark, and unbearably hot, but I’ve been burned before. When I solicited him to model for my erotic photography book, I didn’t expect such a heated, passionate photo session. And now that we’ve crossed that line, our bodies aren’t the only things that have been exposed.

But I can’t give my heart to a man who’s so…unconventional. His last sexual relationship was with a married couple. It’s enough that my ex-fiancee preferred men; I can’t take that chance again, no matter how much my body thrives on Alex’s touch. I can’t risk it, but I can’t resist it, either.

“Alex can be very convincing when he wants something. And he wants me.”


My Thoughts

After reading the fantastic review for this audiobook of my fellow blogger Earphoria (check it out) I thought about not writing one. She did a superb job conveying the emotional  aspects of this book describing in detail why this is such a wonderful listen.
But then I thought I should still share  my thoughts even  if they  are only  going to reaffirm Earphoria’s opinion.
It’s a shame that these novels have to be categorized under the erotica genre because I’m sure there are  a lot romance readers that will skip them just like I used to do; I used believe this genre concentrated solidly on sex, without any deep and sensible emotions…and oh, boy, was I wrong!
I decided to take a leap of faith on my friends’ recommendation of the novel Broken. With Broken I had a chance to discovered what a talented writer Megan Hart truly is;  her stories are always captivating, real and full of human emotions.  Her brilliant ability to bring time and time again well developed, multidimensional characters and her skilful capacity to bring engrossing stories in the first-person point of view it’s never been more apparent and enjoyable than with the story of Olivia.
How do you deal with the reality of finding out just two weeks before the wedding  that your fiancé  is gay?
Do you stop loving him right away? Could you stop loving him right away?
As Olivia tries to put her life back together she’s has kept the only thing Patrick can offer her, and that’s his friendship…….until she meets Alex Kennedy
When Olivia first sees Alex, a beautiful, charming, tall and incredibly hot guy, she’s immediately interested, but  Patrick (Olivia’s ex-boyfriend) at once warns her off,  he tells her that he’s nothing but trouble and besides he doesn’t like girls, but this only heighten  Olivia’s curiosity.
Does she  need to go down this road again? Clearly not, but when Alex needs a place to stay, and she happens to have a downstairs apartment in a dire need of a tenant, he moves just a fly set of steps from her where temptation will get the best of her.
Now Olivia has to decide if she can put her heart on the line for a guy she met at her ex-boyfriend’s party, who may or not be gay, especially after having witnessed a very sensual encounter between Alex and another of Patrick’s male  friends.
Both Olivia and Alex are very well developed characters. You truly get a sense of their insecurities, and  raw emotions. Their story is  equally erotic as it’s emotional.
I loved they way the author keeps you in a heartrending limbo until the very end.
This is a very entertaining and enjoyable listen for the open minded that can deal with  bisexuality and a biracial relationship, or anyone that enjoyserotica with real characters and depth of emotions.
3.83  ·  rating details  ·  400 ratings  ·  110 reviews on Goodreads         


Lauren Fortgang did a terrific job with her excellent delivery of Olivia’s point of view; the protagonists are brought to life with all the qualities you would expect from these characters. Olivia’s  self assurance is evident while still letting you experience her vulnerabilities, and much understood insecurities. The sensuality, eroticism, emotions and overall tone of this story are wonderfully performed. Her male characters were delivered  very accurately giving you a clear image of their personality.All in all, a truly enjoyable and captivating listen.


The Author

Megan Hart

Voices behind the books

Lauren Fortgang


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