The Many Sins of Lord Cameron Audiobook

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Review of: The Many Sins of Lord Cameron Audiobook
Jennifer Ashley

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The Many Sins of Lord Cameron Audiobook

By: Jennifer Ashley

Narrated by: Angela Dawe

Published by: Tantor Audio 01/2012

9 hrs and 8 mins

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He is a man of simple tastes – and complex pleasures…Cameron Mackenzie is a man who loves only horses and women – in that order – or so his mistresses say. Ainsley Douglas is a woman with a strong sense of justice and the desire to help others – even if that means sneaking around a rakish man’s bedchamber. Which is exactly where Cam finds her – six years after he caught her the first time. Only then, she convinced Cam she was seeking a liaison, but couldn’t go through with it because of her husband. Now a widow, she’s on a mission to retrieve letters that could prove embarrassing to the queen. Cam has no interest in Ainsley’s subterfuge, but he vows to finish what they started those many years ago. One game, one kiss at a time, he plans to seduce her. And what starts out as a lusty diversion may break Cam’s own rules – and heal the scars of a dark and damaging past.

My Thoughts

Third installment in the Highland Pleasures series, and here comes Lord Cameron trying to steal Lord Ian’s place from my heart…….And my God! He just about did it….. Well, not quite, but very close.

The perfect romantic lead; I loved everything about Lord Cameron, starting with the many sins that gave him just the right amount badness to make the discovery of his true feeling and his sense of honor a lot more enjoyable; I prize a challenging man, and Lord Cameron was the perfect task.

I loved how we got to strip the layers from an insensitive and uncaring rake, just to give light to a vulnerable man with a tortured soul.

I was fascinated with the chemistry between the protagonists. This was a perfect match, I love them together as well as individually; both characters were skillfully developed to engross you and drag you into their fantastic love affair, but Lord Cameron stole the show… sorry Ainsley.

 Years prior, Lord Cameron found a woman going through his personal things, back then his attempt to seduce the lady fell apart, but he gets another chance when he finds the same woman once again trying to find a handful of letters that could prove useful to blackmail the Queen, and Ainsley is willing to do anything to complete her assignment, including getting involved with a rake-like Lord Cameron.

The romance was paced beautifully, and the sexual anticipation is fantastic.

Jennifer Ashley has written another fabulous heart-warming, heartbreaking, and satisfying- sexy story.

This novel has it all; humor, love, great secondary characters, excitement, a scorching sensuality and a great plot to go with it all.

 This is a fantastic new addition to the Highland Series.

Although for once, I do believe you could enjoy this audio book on its own, I still recommend the series as a whole, the first book, The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie still my favorite, plus you are just going to love  the Mackenzie Brothers, did I mention they wear kiltz?

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 The Author

Jennifer Ashley


Once again Angela Dawe’s interpretation is flawless; she hasn’t missed a bit bringing this third installment to life. She has kept these characters with an admirable consistency, and now that it was Lord Cameron’s turn to take center stage, she absolutely nailed his character; I felt his manner and voice nicely transmitted his mood and personality, which by the way, I absolutely loved.

Her portrayal of Ainsley reflected a strong and confident woman without losing the softness of her personality.

Again she has a complete sense of the scenes and the setting she’s narrating, and as a result, she nicely transports you to the world in the story.

At this point, this being the third installment in this series narrated by Ms. Dawes, I can honestly say, that I’m not longer aware that this novel is being read to me, because is just me, the characters and the story.



Voices behind the books

Angela Dawe



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