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Where to buy Audiobooks

What every audiobook junkie oughta know!

Bill with headphones

I put together a guide for some of the best places to find good deals on Audiobooks, but first let me tell you a little bit about the different formats, so it can help you decide which is the most convenient for you and your life style.


IMO the best and most convenient format, find the book download to your phone or computer and you’re listening.
These  are done in most cases as an MP3 file, and I say most cases, because some vendors, like audible, encode their files with an especial technique that results in the file extension .aa – These types of files can not be converted to MP3, thus making them harder to share as you would share any regular song formatted as an MP3 and they will only play with your iTunes or the audible manager software.

CD format

They do have the best sound quality, but the size of the file (WAV) is the biggest, resulting in each book having 10-15-25 + CDs, not very convenient, especially if you want to listen while you are doing other things besides driving. Also, this is the most expensive; however, these are easy to share, and you can also sell them or give them away as you would a regular book.


These are my second favorite, right after downloads – Because an MP3 (usually a CD-R or CD-RW) file is a lot smaller than a wav, an entire book can fit on one CD, a lot more convenient and a lot easier to upload to the computer if you want to use iTunes or Media Player to transfer them to your device; nevertheless, they still more expensive than a regular download, but you can also share, give it away or sell it when you are done.

You have to make sure that your car or your device plays MP3s before you buy them. Older CD players and cars won’t play this format.

Cassette tapes

Who still uses these?


Now that you know all about formats, I’ll give you some links to the best places I have found to shop. All these on line stores have sales, some you have be a member to enjoy and get the discounts, but others have occasionally great deals, and are worth keeping an eye on.


Where to buy Audiobooks.


audible.com logo

Membership  with different plans to meet your needs. Here you can find the benefits of being a member. What I love the most about it is audible is whispersync for voice and immersion reading.


Audiobooks.com –

audiobooks.com logo

Membership – You get 1 credit a month, but can buy additional credits for $12.00. Here you can see how it works


Tantor Audio – No membership

tantor Audio logo

I love the freedom of buying when I want and not being tied up to a membership. They offer downloads and Mp3 cds. This is great if you like to have the physical book to give away after you’re done listening.  They are a publisher, so if you can’t wait to get your hands on a book you’re more likely to get the MP3 from them before it hits the other vendors. I love shopping their bargain bin



Amblings Books -No membership

ambling Audiobooks

No doubt the best prices for Audiobooks without a membership. I shop their sales, and I have found great deals in their store. These are downloads. They also offer quite a few free Audiobooks.


Downpour   – Membership

Downpor audiobooks logo

The cheapest membership around, you can read the about their benefits and prices here.

Their books are DRM free – Meaning, they will play in any device. They have merged with Audio GO, so their inventory has grown.


Audiobook Stand – No membership

Audiobook Satnd logo


This is great place if you prefer to have the CD or MP3 cds. They also have good sales. Free shipping.


Itunes – No membership


They are very convenient if you own apple products, but their prices are high.


Audio EditionsNo membership

Audio Editions

Great place to buy CDs, MPs and Tapes at discounted prices. They offer a discount plan, you can read about it here.


Audiobook Shop

The Audiobook Shop logo

 This store was just brought to my attention, and for what I understand, this is the new public access retail site for the Indy audio publisher called Audio Realms, and their imprints. I have not bought from them yet, but I’m planing on checking them out. They also offer free Audiobooks from time to time. You can see how it works here. 

You can listen to the first chapter before you buy. Also, they offer a free Audiobook for signing up to their news letter.



Tales2go Membership

Tales to go

Great for children titles.



Rent them like movies (Netflix style)
Simply audiobooks


Free Audiobooks:

Books Should Be Free
Learn Out Loud
Audiobook Treasury 
Free Audio Books. co. uk
Ambling Books
Bookbox – Children



Happy Listening Logo

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    • You’re welcome! I hope you find good deals 🙂

  1. Thanks for the info Lup! You’re my go-to gal for audiobooks! 🙂

    • Thanks Carmel 🙂 I hope you find the list useful.

    • Thanks Sherry! I’m glad I made you aware of some new places.

    • Who knew that, non-ficiton was the genre that would do it for you 🙂 In any case I’m so happy that you are enjoying audiobooks. Maybe fiction outside the romance genre might be other choice for you.
      All of this stores (downloads) have their own applications for apple products and android.
      Loupe Duffy recently posted…Shield of Winter Audiobook by Nalini Singh (review) #AudiobooksMy Profile

  2. I only know about audible and audiobooks.com so this is awesome! I’m currently checking the sale section of all the non-membership sites you’ve mentioned. Thanks for compiling this for us!
    Amr recently posted…Review: Shield of Winter by Nalini SinghMy Profile

  3. Great post Loupe. I knew of a lot of these but you’ve just given me a few more to check out! I just recently downloaded the Overdrive app on my phone which lets me borrow audiobooks that I don’t necessarily want to own but the selection is just ok, so I’ll be checking the rest of those sites you listed out soon! 😉
    Lori recently posted…Release Day Blitz & Giveaway: Burning Bright by E.J. StevensMy Profile

      • I have the same problem! That’s why I buy most if my audios but I’ve found a couple I’ve reserved through Overdrive. 🙂

  4. Great list. Even I didn’t know about all of these, and I thought I was a junkie. You’ve out done me, Lup. 🙂

  5. Even though I don’t listen to many audiobooks, this is great info to have. Not many doesn’t equal never, especially in the summer when I’m driving all over the place, so THANKS. Great post 😉
    Jessica recently posted…Review: Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine HarrisMy Profile

  6. Thanks so much for this list! I didn’t know about a couple of those places – I don’t like physical CDs as much because I don’t have as many good situations to listen, but I pretty much get all my audio books for Audible or the library. Audiobooks.com seems good, but they don’t have an app for my phone, meaning I can’t carry them around like I want, so they’re a no go for me.
    Berls recently posted…Chasing Magic by Stacia Kane | Audio ReviewMy Profile

    • Yes, you can, you can pick the option of downloading the individual Mp3 files,or a big zip file. it’s a bit of pain, but if that’s the way you like to do it you can. just use the download with browser option, after that you can transfered to I tunes, but it won’t be as convenient as downloading with the player, but you can keep them on your hard drive that way. After you transfer to Itunes you can add the cover and you’re done.
      They have a phone app too, so you can do both if you like. If you have any questions let me know.
      Loupe Duffy recently posted…Shield of Winter Audiobook by Nalini Singh (review) #AudiobooksMy Profile

  7. Great post! Although I’d like to add that if you go to the publisher’s site when possible, you can frequently score deals that Audible doesn’t pass on to you. The publishing company I work with has giveaways that are always changing, but if you look on Audible, they are charging the full price for the same download(still not much, but free is free, right??) Look for a Sale or Specials tab, and you can find great stuff.
    Thanks for a great resource list 🙂

      • Thanks for the add! I hope you can find a few that catch your ear. If you’d like to review any of the titles, shoot me a message before you download it. I have connections 😉

  8. I don’t read a lot of audiobooks, but I bookmarked this post in case I get in the mood to listen to some books 😀 This is a really helpful post, thanks for sharing!

  9. Loupe thanks for the great tips, I’m passing them on to my friends too

  10. Pfft… I totally rock my walkman while listening to cassette tapes. Don’t hate. lol. I used to have an account with audible and would get new books every month, but never listened to them. So I have like 19-15 audiobooks sitting there waiting for me.
    Christy recently posted…Talking After Midnight by Dakota CassidyMy Profile

  11. Oh some new places. Thanks for the post.

  12. I usually just buy all my audiobooks from Audible for their sales and because I love their app. Thanks for breaking down the other options!

  13. I usually just buy all my audiobooks from Audible for their sales and because I love their app. Thanks for breaking down the other options!

    • I check all the different places for deals, a lot times a get very lucky with their sales. Audible still is the best place. They are so convenient and they have the best inventory by far, but I agree, is not cheap. So check out some of the other stores from time to time and see if you get lucky. I recommend the Smart Audiobook Player app for android phones. It’s a fabulous app for audiobooks that you download as MP3, it has a ton of futures, and for Iphone I like
      SpeedUp Player Pro.
      Loupe Duffy recently posted…The Saint Audiobook by Tiffany Reisz (review)My Profile

  14. Thanks for all the good sites, but I didn’t see a mention of, what to me is a valuable source, the public library, I get a lot of mine there.

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