Trencarrow Secret Audiobook by Anita Davison

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Review of: Tencarrow Secret Audiobook
Anita Davison

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Trencarrow Secret Audiobook

By: Anita Davison

Narrated by: Ruth Golding

Published by: Iambik Audio Inc 12/2011


12 hrs and 25mins

Isabel Hart is afraid of two things, the maze at Trencarrow where she got lost as a young child, and the lake where her brother David saved her from drowning in a boating accident.
With her twenty-first birthday and the announcement of her engagement imminent, Isabel decides it is time for her to face her demons and ventures into the maze. Thereshe sees something which will alter her perceptions of herself and her family forever.
Isabel’s widowed aunt joins the house party, where her cousin confides she is in love with an enigmatic young man who surely cannot be what he pretends, for he is surely too dashing for homely Laura?
When Henry, Viscount Strachan and his mother arrives, ostensibly to use her ball as an arena for finding a wife, Isabel is determined not to like him.
As more secrets are revealed, Isabel doubts she has chosen the right man, although her future fiancé has more vested in this marriage than Isabel realizes and has no intention of letting her go easily.
Will Isabel be able to put her preconceptions of marriage behind her and take charge of her own life, or is she destined to be controlled by others forever?


My Thoughts

Thanks to Audiobook Jukebox and Iambik Audio for the opportunity to review this wonderful title that I most likely would have overlooked.

With  engaging descriptions and the individual attention given to the world and characters in Trencarrow Secret; Ms. Davison nicely transports you to England during  the Victorian era, where we get entangle in young Isabel’s emotional crossroads.

When she finds that not everything is as perfect as she imagined and family secrets come to shine a different light on her family relationships as well as in matters of her heart-she has to choose her path and redefine her goals and destiny.

Isabel is not perfect, but real characters rarely are, at times, she seems childish and spoiled. You wish she could have shown more assertiveness, with that said, the scandals, intrigues, personalities  and misunderstandings held my attention throughout the entire book, and I was hoping she made the right decision between the two gentlemen the aspire her attention.

The book was beautifully written and the characters well fleshed out, but as hardcore romance listener, I have to admit it felt short in that department by not being the focus of the story. But instead it reads as a passage and the coming of age of a naive twenty one year- old, and the growing up she has to undergo when everything is not what she expected and a dramatic experience has shape her personality.

Entertaining you ask? Yes! With no doubt, and I recommend it to Historical fiction fans with a taste for the dramatic that weaved with a little mystery results an entertaining an engaging story.

I have to be sincere and admit I like my reads and listens with a lot more spice, nevertheless the interpretation by Ruth Golding captivated my attention from the get go. Ms. Golding’s seasoned voice and accurate interpretations of the characters lend the perfect ambiance to the novel. The distinctive male voices are impressive as well as the different tones she applies to give the novel the authenticity that nicely brings the story to life.

Ms. Golding is a new- to me narrator, but one I’m not planning to shy away from in the future.

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The Author

Anita Davison

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Ruth Golding

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