Carnal Secrets Audiobook by Suzanne Wright (review)

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Review of: Carnal Secrets Audiobook
Suzanne Wright

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On February 17, 2014
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Carnal Secrets Audiobook

By: Suzanne Wright

Narrated by: Jill Redfield

Published by: Brilliance Audio 02/10/2014

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Phoenix Pack Series # 3

12 hrs and 16 mins

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Paranormal Romance - genre

Half-shifter Shaya Critchley may hold a submissive role in her wolf pack, but the petite redhead refuses to let an Alpha male interfere in her life. Furious and humiliated after her mate refused to claim her, she runs off to hide among the humans. Why wait around for an Alpha male to love her when he’d obviously prefer to ignore her?

Nick Axton can barely control his urges for Shaya, but the Alpha can never claim her — not if he truly cares for her. His degenerative brain condition will eventually destroy him, and he’s afraid of turning his mate into his caretaker. Yet when Shaya runs away, Nick can’t let her go. He pursues her, vowing to finally claim his rightful mate. And despite Shaya’s spirited and passionate resistance, Nick’s fiery determination just might be the ultimate aphrodisiac.

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Reviewed by Ml Simmons

I love this series.  The heroines are strong and snarky.  The heroes are hot and very alpha.  Both tend to have damaged pasts.  The group of secondary characters around the two main characters are always great.  In this book, we actually are not in the Phoenix Pack territory for most of the story.  Shaya has fled the Phoenix Pack because her true mate, Nick, won’t claim her, but won’t leave her alone either.  She has hidden herself in the human world, as she is half human, since she can’t deal with the rejection, especially him around all the time.

Once she leaves, Nick realizes that he can’t live without her and goes on the hunt to find her.  He quits his position as alpha of his pack, thinking Shaya as a submissive wolf can’t be an alpha female.  He wants her more than he wants to be alpha, a position he never really wanted in the first place.  Nick was a complete jerk for not claiming his mate when he first finds her, but he has his reasons for what he did.

Once Nick finds Shaya, not only do the two of them have to deal with their issues between their relationship, they also have a group of human extremist that they have to deal with.  The leader of this group knows Nick from his past and it wasn’t a good experience.  They try to antagonize the shifters to prove to the world that they are an “abomination” and need to be put down.  This brings down not only Nick, but also the Phoenix Pack down on the group of humans.

While this story takes place mostly outside of Phoenix Pack territory, we do get plenty of time with many of the characters we have fallen in love with in the past.  We also get to meet to some new ones, not from Nick’s old pack, but from the loaners that live around where Shaya was hiding out.  There is also another pack in that same area, that is run by “The Nazi”, who is known as a drug lord, but he claims that is the human extremist trying to make him look bad.  My biggest complaint about this book, is that part of the story is kind of left hanging.  I don’t really know what happens with this pack.  We just kind of walk away from them when the fighting starts and that is that.

The Author

Suzanne Wright

Carnal Secrets Audiobook Narration  

Jill Redfield

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The narration was great.  Jill has done all the books in this seriesand she has always done a great job.  She does men and women well.  She pulls off the snarkiness extremely well.  I have never read this series, and I have no intention of ever reading the actual books.  I will always stick with the audios.

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Ml Simmons

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  1. I was very pleasantly surprised with the first book in the series, I didn’t expected it to have so much snark, I really enjoyed it, and Jill Redfield is excellent with the dialog, and the narration in general.
    I can’t comment much on this one, I’ve only listened to book 1, but I’m glad it was good too 🙂
    Thank you Melanie!

    • Book two is very similar to book one. I was very excited that this book was so completely different that the first two books, while we still have the basis of the series, the story was different. I’m really enjoying this series.

  2. Oh sounds pretty perfect! I’ve not read her before but definitely adding her to the list. Love a good heroine but man they can be so hard to find! Thanks for the heads up on these 🙂

    • The first two books the heroines are alpha and beta females in the pack. Even with this heroine being a submissive wolf, she isn’t weak in anyway shape or form. Anyone who thinks that has another thing coming. I love how the author shows that submissive and weak are two completely different things.

  3. I’m usually a bit hesitant when it comes to shifter books, but this sounds like a great series. I love a strong heroine. Snarky is even better. 😀

    • I’m a fan of great characters in a book, no matter the flavor, though I tend to stick mostly with paranormal of some kind. I have been doing more of straight human books recently, though. I’m up for most anything if they have great characters, I don’t do weak or under-developed characters. If I’m not invested in the characters, I won’t waste time reading the story. I am a huge fan of snarky. That is what helped pull me into this series. Charley Davidson is another great series with a ton of snark (no shifters), I highly recommend if you haven’t tried it.

  4. I didn’t know about this series, I not sure I’ll listen to the audiobook, but I’m sure could read the book.

    • If you are not big on audiobook, I’m sure it is a great read as well. I’ve gotten almost to the point that if it is available on audio and the narration isn’t horrible, I’m going to listen over reading. It doubles the number of books I can get through in a year. I hope you enjoy.

      • The Bookhaholic Cat is a big fan of audiobooks, but she doesn’t like the overly hot scenes on audio..LOL like, let’s say, Lords of the Underworld..LOL 😉

        • Well, this does have some pretty hot scenes, so I would not recommend in that case.

  5. This sounds really good Melanie and I do love snark and humor. This is a new to me series but I am adding it to my list.

    • I hope you enjoy. I thought it was a lot of fun.

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