Dirty Magic Audiobook by Jaye Wells (review)

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Review of: Dirty Magic Audiobook
Jaye Wells

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Dirty Magic Audiobook

By: Jaye Wells

Narrated by: Morgan Hallett

Published by: Recorded Books 01/21/2014

Dirty Magic audiobook


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The Prospero’s War series # 1

11 hrs and 52 mins

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Dirty Magic Audiobook Sample

Reviewed by Angela Carr

First, let me just say that I have been itching for a good UF read and let me tell you that Dirty Magic just hit the right spot. It has a dangerous world full of magic, bad people, hot men and a friggin kick ass heroine. I am so very excited for this series.

Dirty Magic is a powerful start to a new series. It is not your typical witch and sorcerer type of book. The magic that is used here is described to be more scientific or knowledge based. Yes, there is magic but not in a kooky or spooky way. Some magic is used in daily life and some can even get caught up in addiction from its use. Kinda cool, right? I would love to have a potion to help me heal fast or become stronger or fast. Imagine the things I can do with that.

Well with all that power, comes responsibilities and Kate Prospero is an agent working for a magic enforcement to help control the misuse of any magic. In the wrong hands, it can be used for evil. There is a rogue using and selling a magic potion that is causing civilians to turn and commit murder. Prospero and her team are on the task to find out who is making a potion.  I love Kate in her CSI persona. She is kick ass cop with a purpose but she is not perfect.  She is complete with a flaw and a past that will come back to haunt her.

Kate will have to work with a very hot cop and will bump into an old fling forcing her to go back to her past. A love triangle. It wasn’t as strong in this installment, but I’m hoping it gets stronger in the next book. Not that I like a heavy love triangle but I really would love to see Kate fall into the very hot rich and powerful old love. There is just something about a billionaire that catches my eye. Did I mention he has powers? Right. On the other hand, the hot cop is giving a very strong vibe of an alpha male, but more than willing to let Kate be the kick ass girl that she is.

The Author

Jaye Wells


     Dirty Magic Audiobook Narration by Morgan Hallett – 4 Hearts

Narrator Morgan Hallett The narrator, Morgan Hallett, did a fantastic job. She did well on the timing and pitch to the jokes and some banters of the characters. The speed of her voice was perfect for the action parts and never to slow. I had no problem listening to her voice as Kate and the heroes of this book. Well done Ms. Hallett.


Guest reviewed by Angela Carr




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