Dreams of A Dark Warrior Audiobook by Kresley Cole

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Review of: Dreams of A Dark Warrior Audiobook
Kresley Cole

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Dreams of A Dark Warrior Audiobook

By: Kresley Cole

Narrated by: Robert Petkoff

Published by: Simon & Schuster Audio 05/06/2014

Dreams of the Dark Warrior Audiobook


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Immortals After Dark Series #11

14 hrs and 53 mins

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Paranormal Romance

Dreams of A Dark Warrior Audiobook Sample

Reviewed by Ml Simmons

This is the story of Regin the Radiant and Aidan the Fierce/Declan Chase. Regin meets Aidan when she was still very young and hadn’t even reached her immortality. Aidan is a berserker, who are mortals who have to earn their immortality by competing in battles in the name of Wōden. Unfortunately, Aidan is killed by vampires before he could earn his immortality, right after he seals his relationship with Regin. This happens three more times before he comes back as Declan Chase.

Declan Chase has had an extremely rough life and has more reason to hate immortals than anyone else. He walked in on some immortals torturing and eating his family while they were still alive. They also started in on Declan too. He is saved by his future father figure, who also is the leader of a secret organization, who is bent on killing all immortals. Declan joins and becomes one the ring leaders.

Chase and Regin have more to overcome than any of the previous couples in the IAD series. Chase has killed and tortured many of Regin’s friends and allies. Chase has every reason to despise immortals. Watching how they come through this is truly amazing and not without complication. So far in the series, pretty much everyone has had difficulties, but nobody has the mountains to climb that these two have.

We meet Brandr, who is another berserker and Aidan’s best friend. He won his immortality and vowed to keep Regin safe for Aidan. Thad, who is seventeen-years-old and is just learning that he is part of the Lore. He didn’t even know it existed until he woke up at the compound. Also, no one know what he is. They do learn he is a halfling, but of what? Natalya, a dark fae, who shares a cell with Regin and Thad.

Let’s not forget Lothaire, who has a much larger part in this book that I expected the first time I read it. It sets him up to be the hero of the next book. Yes, you read that right. The enemy of old is the hero of the next Immortals After Dark book. Even after having some time in his POV and lots of page time with him, you still have no idea what is going on with him.

Nix is still up to her old games. She has a bat named Bertil. She has some great “Up” references in this book, “Squirrel”. She will always be my favorite character in this series.

Author Kresley Cole

Kresley Cole


Kresley Cole is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the electrifying Immortals After Dark paranormal series, the young adult Arcana Chronicles series, the erotic Gamemakers series, and five award-winning historical romances.

A master’s grad and former athlete, she has traveled over much of the world and draws from those experiences to create her memorable characters and settings.

Her IAD books have been translated into eighteen foreign languages, garnered three RITA awards, and consistently appear on the bestseller lists, in the U.S. and abroad.

Cole lives in Florida with her family and “far too many animals.”

Robert Petkoff Narrator

Robert Petkoff


Robert Petkoff last appeared on Broadway in ANYTHING GOES as Lord Evelyn Oakleigh. His other Broadway credits include playing Tateh in the revival of RAGTIME , Sir Robin the Brave in SPAMALOT, Perchick in FIDDLER ON THE ROOF with Alfred Molina and Harvey Fierstein, and EPIC PROPORTIONS with Kristin Chenowith. In London he performed in THE ROYAL FAMILY with Dame Judi Dench, and Sir Peter Hall’s production of TANTALUS. In regional theater he has performed the title roles in HAMLET, ROMEO and JULIET, TROILUS and CRESSIDA, and COMPLEAT FEMALE STAGE BEAUTY. He most recently played Colonel Brandon in SENSE and SENSIBILITY, the musical. Robert’s TV work includes The Good Wife, Chapelle’s Show, Law and Order: SVU, Law and Order, and Hack, among others. Robert is also an award winning narrator of Audio Books.



Dreams of A Dark Warrior Audiobook Narration

Robert Petkoff does another great job with this book. I can’t say enough about his ability to narrate this series. He does such a great job with both males and females. There are many different accents that he nails as well. He pulls off the coldness of Lothaire and the fun loving Regin. He really hits the bull’s eye with La Dorada and her weird screaming

I like to thank Simon & Schuster Audio for proving me with a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.

Reviewed by Ml Simmons

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  1. I still haven’t read any Cole! Every time I read a review I think I really need to but then it doesn’t happen… I especially like the sounds of this narrator, Robert Petkoff. Its rare to find male narrators that don’t butcher female voices IMHO.

    • He does a wonderful job with female voices. I hope you get a chance to try this series out soon. It is one of my favorites. Plus, with this release, the complete series is available on audio. 🙂

      • Oh that’s even better news! I always love when I can just zoom right through a series!

  2. Ooh nice review, I haven’t read any Cole either but I know she’s fab because all my friends love her. Now if I could just add a few more hours to the day I could read all I want to 🙂

    • Believe me, I understand. I have a TBR list a mile long. I hope you find time to get this worked in at some point. It is a great series.

  3. I’m ashamed, I’m so late in this series. I think I’m at book 5, and when I see so many books to read I’m sad because I’m finally really behind! But I’m glad you had a good time with this one! I need to read the ones I have in my tbr pile.

    • There are many who haven’t started yet, so don’t feel bad. Sometimes it is great to find a series late in the game because you don’t have to wait for the next book to come out. These don’t have the huge cliffhangers, but I love them so much, I’m always waiting for the next one. I hope you enjoy.

  4. Oh loves her! She’s one of my favorite para authors. That’s really awesome about the narrator really nailing all of them!

    • I hope you have a chance to give Petkoff a try. His narrations are great. I highly recommend the books with the Lycaes, but then I’m really partial to Scottish accents. 🙂

  5. I seriously need to read SOMEthing by this author. This series intrigues me, but I hate feeling like I’m so far behind. Even though I know it doesn’t matter.

    • I hope you get a chance to start it at some point. You won’t be disappointed. I do understand that feeling when you see a series with 13 books in it. I’ve been hesitant to start some series that have a lot of books. I just tell myself that I don’t have to read the entire series in one sitting. Spread them out between your other reads. 🙂

  6. I love her YA series so I think I’ll probably love this one too. I dig them otheroworldly creatures

    • I haven’t tried her YA series, because I don’t read much YA, but I have been told that I really need to give hers a try. It is on my list to get to at some point. So we can switch, I’ll get you to read the adult series and you can get me to read YA, how does that sound? 🙂

    • Thanks. I love this series.

  7. this one came in at my top read for this series. Reign & Declan were just awesome together. Great review!

    • Thanks! I have to say, personally, I’m partial to the Lykae. I did really loved this one, but I’m just a huge fan of wolves. I think the lowest I’ve ever ranked an IAD book is 4 stars. 🙂

  8. This was one of my favorites in the series, and not only b/c I’ve always loved Regin. The more we see of Lothaire, the more I want to see, and yeah, you really can’t beat Nix. When we gonna get Nix’s book, huh?! Great review, Melanie!

    • Thanks Jess. I worry that if Nix gets her own book, it won’t live up to the extremely high pedestal that I’ve put her on. I know that Cole has at least a few more books left in this series, so who knows, maybe we will and it will be everything I dreamed it would be. 🙂

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