Fifth Grave Past the Light Audiobook by Darynda Jones

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Review of: Fifth Grave Past the Light Audiobook
Darynda Jones

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Fifth Grave Past The Light Audiobook

By: Darynda Jones

Narrated by: Lorelei King

Published by: Macmillan Audio 07/20/2013

Fifth Grave past the light audiobook


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Charley Davidson Series #5

8 hrs and 58 mins

genre: urban fantasy

Fifth Grave Past the Light Audiobook Sample

We are now on book number 5 of this awesome Urban fantasy series, and I just can’t get enough of its characters and their stories!

When the son of Satan is your next-door neighbor, crazy and sexy things are bound to happen, and oh boy! Do they happen!!

Once again our little PI/ Grim Reaper extraordinary is being pulled in different directions, and between an apartment full of blonde dead women, the arsonist from the previous book, and the always mundane case of the cheating husband, Charley will have her hands full, not to mention other parts of her body… OH Yea! What brings me to Reyes, (or should I say? Reyes brings me) and the in-depth look we get into his character that solidifies his position as one the HOTTEST leading males in Paranormal/Urban fantasy series.

All the secondary characters we have come know and now love mixed with some new ones make an awesome contribution to create yet another incredibly entertaining plot that leaves you at awe with Darynda Jone’s creativity and her uncanny ability to make the reader/listener navigate one of the darkest worlds with a grin in your face from so many brilliantly placed phrases and funny situations without neglecting the proper response to serious situations.

Even thought this just another episode in our little heroine’s life, a lot happens in this entry; we get a lot character growth, and we begin to get a clearer picture of what Charley and Reyes are all about, a lot more about their powers and where their relation is going… You going to like where is going 🙂

Did I mentioned this the HOTTEST book in the bunch? Yes, the alone time between Reyes and Charley make the pages sizzle, and their perfect chemistry is more evident than ever.

All in all, this is a brilliant, cleverly written entry to the series, and one that will captivate the listeners with a big dose of mystery, sarcasm, sexiness, suspense, entreating dialogue, and let’s not forget, LOVE and LOYALTY.

I wouldn’t call the end a cliffhanger, but it definitely heightens your anticipation for the next novel.

If you haven’t yet gotten your copy, don’t delay! Get it today, you won’t be disappointed because, Darynda Jones, doesn’t do “disappointing”.


Lorelei King does it again!!! And as entertaining you might think it is reading these novels, wait until you listen to how to the master of snark delivers the story with the perfectly timed tone and pace that brings the characters and the world in Fifth Grave Past the Light Audiobook to life with flawless authenticity.

Her interpretations are multi dimensional; you get the entire picture of the character, starting with the Charley’s sensibility perfectly fleshed out amidst her self-assuredness and humor, not to mention the menace of Reyes amidst his sexy and sultry personality.

Her array of distinctive voices and tones gives a clear picture of each member of this great ensemble of characters.

Again, this another A performance by the talented narrator.

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