How to use the OverDrive Media Console to download Free Audiobooks

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How to use the OverDrive Media Console to download free Audiobooks to your phone.


Overdrive Media Console

The overdrive media console instructions will work for downloading audiobooks from your public library, as well as, the free downloads from Sync  offered this summer.

First you have to decide which device you will be using to listen to your audiobooks. I prefer using my phone, this way I can take my book everywhere I go.

Once you have made that decision you need to visit to find the software, or application for your phone model. Overdrive has everything you’ll need; from written instructions to helpful videos on how to use their apps and  their computer software. You can also look in the application store for the overdrive app and download to your phone.

Once you download the application to your phone, you will get this screen, this for android phone:

Adroid Overdrive app

Now you can sign up for a new account, or use your Facebook account, I use facebook. It’s easier to remember, and I don’t have to have a ton of passwords to remember. Next you will get this screen, click on + add library

Android Overdrive app.

Then it will take you to the next screen where you will do a search by either  zip code, or your city’s  library.

android Overdrive app

Once you have found your library, you have to sign in with your library credentials, and that’s it! Now you’re ready to choose a book and start enjoying library audiobooks on your phone.

android overdrive app

The inventory of books and audiobooks will depend on your library. I hope you are one of the lucky ones with a library with a big inventory.



The instructions for iPhone and Ipad are pretty much the same, as you can see in the picture bellow.

Ipad Overdrive Media Console

I used Overdrive to download the 2 free audiobooks I wanted to listen to from Sync in 2012.

The first free audiobook from Sync  is scheduled for May 15, 2014. At that time they will post a link on their website. Visit the website on your phone and click on the link to the audiobook, if the app is already installed on your phone it should open automatically, then you just save the book, and you’re ready to listen.

If you do not have a smartphone, you can download the Overdrive computer software and follow the same directions.

I hope you find these instructions helpful. If you have any questions just leave them in the comment section, I’ll be more than happy to get back to you.

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  1. Great post Loupe. I used overdrive last summer and loved it. Like you I use my phone so I listen wherever.

    • Isn’t great? I just wish my library had a bigger inventory.
      They have an Army base’s library close by where they have a ton of audiobooks including fairly new releases, but joining the Army seems a little much of a trade off even for audiobooks…LOL

    • You must be one the lucky ones 🙂 A library with a huge inventroy…ahh I wish.

        • You lucky girl!! That’s is why I want to move to Texas…LOL Waiting for casinos to be approved 🙂

  2. Ooo thanks Loupe! I know our library has a set up with this but have always shied away from trying to figure it out so appreciate the walk through 🙂

    • You’re welcome Anna. If anything I hope I helped to illustrate how easy it is 🙂

  3. As an audio newbie I thank you for this post! I’m saving it to Pocket so I can come back to it when I need it. Thanks Loupe!

    • You’re welcome Lori, I hope you can take full advantage of it. I imagine big cities have a nice inventory 🙂

  4. I’m so happy that I stalk you! I’d be lost in a sea of audiobook questions if it wasn’t for your help. Thanks for yet another super helpful post. 🙂

    • Aww! You sure know how to make me feel important, and I thank you for that. I hope you can use it in Canada 🙂

  5. Thank you!!! I’ve been meaning to do this but didn’t know how. You’re awesome!

    • Thank you Lilly! I really hope you can use it, if not for audiobooks then for regular books 🙂

  6. I love Overdrive. I just wish that my library had more downloadable audiobooks. They have a large selection of CDs, but few downloads. The few times I have been able to use it, I’ve enjoyed it. Great post.

    • Yeah, you and me. I’d had thought that a bigger city would have a bigger inventory. I live in a small town in Mississippi (they say is a city) so I thought that was the reason their inventory was sooo poor 🙁

      • Yeah, technically, Columbus is the fifteenth largest city in the country and they don’t have a good download selection. Go figure.

  7. I just listened to the 4th book in the Iron Druid series on audio and hope to listen to more over the summer. My mind starts wondering and I end up ‘rewinding’ a lot, but I still enjoy it.

    • Way go Christy!! I understand, I used get like that too, but I have gotten so much better, now I can pinterest and Tumblr when I’m listening.. LOL You’ll get there. I’m truly thrilled that are enjoying them. That’s a great series.

  8. Oh, this is very interesting! I’ve never used Overdrive, but I will now! Thanks, Loupe!

    • Awesome!! I hope you enjoy the convenience, and that you have have library with a big inventory. It’s also great for regular books 🙂

  9. Wonderful post! A new iPad is in my future, and you just made my life SO much easier 😉 One less thing to figure out!

    • YAY! This is also great for regular digital books. I hope you take full advantage, and that it helps you a little with your book budget 🙂

  10. I used to use this a lot but my library is not carrying my fave books anymore. =( I still check often though especially for older titles.
    Great post.

    • See, I’d have thought in your city you’d have a huge selection. I guess is a matter of how big the city is. They have very few romances in my library. The selections is very poor of printed books too 🙁

  11. Loupe, great post. I’m one of those very few people who don’t own a smart phone but I’m sharing so all my friends will see

    • Thank you so much Debbie!!
      BTW, I twitted you to ask if you receive your Prize (Fever series audiobooks) I sent them last Tuesday priority mail. Did you get them?

  12. Thanks Loupe! I will do this right this minute! I’m getting the hang of audio books, thanks to you 😉

    • I’m so glad you’re taking advantage of OverDrive! I just wish your first listen would had been an easier one 🙁

  13. Great post! I keep meaning to go back and search my library before using a credit, but I never find what I’m looking for. I would think the three libraries in my city would have a better selection. It could be that my taste in books isn’t the same as my libraries lol!

    • That’s my problem Tanya, my library has a very small inventory aslo, but with the increasing popularity of audiobooks I can see that changing soon…We can hope 🙂

  14. thanks for sharing Lupe. I had audiobooks, but stopped using it…I may just give this a try. Sounds pretty simple 😉

    • You’re welcome 🙂 It’s very easy. I did this mostly to demonstrate how easy it is.
      I hope you can use the info. It’s great for regular books too.

  15. Great tutorial! I love Overdrive so much but remember being pretty lost when I first downloaded it, especially on Android. Such an awesome service though, it’s really convenient to have a book like that pretty much instantly.

    • Thank you Alise! Isn’t great? That’s why I did it, it’s so easy to do, but some peeps think is really complicated. Now they know how easy really is 🙂

  16. I just downloaded OverDrive to my phone and didn’t know how to use… but I was sure you had a post about and I was right! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You made my day a lot easier. 🙂

    • Glad to hear we could make your day easier! Always happy to help enable more audiobook junkies. 🙂

  17. Hello, its nice article concerning media print, we all be aware of media is a great source of information.

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