Hunger Untamed Audiobook by Pamela Palmer (review)

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Review of: Hunger Untamed Audiobook

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Hunger Untamed Audiobook

By: Pamela Palmer

Narrated by: Robert Shapiro

Published by: Tantor Audio 07/28/14

Hunger Untamed Audiobook


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Feral Warriors series  # 5

9 hrs and 33 mins

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In Hunger Untamed, we have Kougar, the oldest and most reclusive of the warriors as our hero. For our heroine, we have a new species called Ilinas, named Ariana. Ilinas can turn to mist and live in a plane the Crystal Realm. Everyone has thought that they were all killed off over a 1,000 years ago. Kougar and Ariana had mated before this when he was still the leader of the Feral Warriors and she was the queen of the Ilinas.

A lot has changed in the 1,000 since Mellisande, Ariana’s second in command, severed the mating bond between Kougar and Ariana. The Ilianas needed everyone to think that they no longer existed to hide from a mage. When Kougar learns the truth about his mate, he is less than happy. If it wasn’t for the fact that he needs her misting power, he would leave her in a flat minute.

I was not a huge fan of this romance. I didn’t really like the hero or heroine. I didn’t think either were strong characters. The connection between them didn’t sit well with me. I’m not a big fan of rekindling lovers, but even this one seemed a little off. The way Ariana betrayed Kougar from the beginning and let him think she was dead all those years, was cruel.

However, there is a secondary story with some humans that were rescued from the previous book. One is blind and therefore, the warriors can’t wipe his memory. There are also two women, one of which is his sister. They are having difficulty wiping their minds, but warriors think it has to do with some healing that was done. They also believe that given time, they will success, so that they can release them.

Wulfe has taken a liking to one of the women. Not sure if she will be in a future book with him or not, but I hope so. I like her. We also learn a lot about Wulfe’s past and his relationship with Beatrice, the previous Radiant.

The blind man, Xavier, is eventually taken to work with Pink in the kitchen. Evidently, even blind, he has a lot of kitchen experience. Wulfe decides it is the best way to keep him useful in the house, since they can’t release him without erasing his memory.

Even though I was not a fan of the romance story in this book, the secondary part made this book really enjoyable. I’ve always had a love for secondary characters, so the fact that this part of the story was strong, really helped me to love this book. I want to see what happens with the humans and with Wulfe’s fascination with with the human female.

Untamed Audiobook Narration

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Once again, Rob Shapiro does a good job with this story, as he has with all the stories up to this point. With this book, he lowers his voice a lot when he voices the women. This one was even lower than previous books.

Some parts I had a hard time hearing the Ilinas speak. Not sure if he thought that because they turned to mist, that they would be soft spoken, or what. He didn’t do this with the women of previous books. I even had to go back and replay a few times because I couldn’t hear what she was saying. This was the first book that I had this issue with him.

Pamela Palmer

Author Pamela Palmer

Pamela Palmer grew up in an Air Force household as her father was an Air Force pilot. She dreamed of being an astronaut as a child. She graduated Auburn University with a degree in Industrial Engineering and began working for a major computer manufacturer. She eventually turned to writing after having married and given birth to two children. She has also written under the name Pamela Montgomerie. As Montgomerie she writes historical time travel romance novels, while as using her real name, Palmer, she writes dark paranormal romance.



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Rob Shapiro NarratorRob Shapiro got his professional start as an entertainer doing stand-up in Minneapolis while still in high school (the Children’s Theatre Company & School of Minneapolis). As a voice-over artist, he can be heard narrating such audiobooks as the bestselling The Information: A History, a Theory, a Flood by James Gleick, Frank: The Voice by James Kaplan, and the fantasy noir Low Town by Daniel Polansky.


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I like to thank Tantor Audio for providing me with a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review

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    • Some of the books I’ve enjoyed more than others, but I love the overall story arc of this series. It keeps me coming back and wanting more.

  1. I’m glad the secondary characters and plot thread were enjoyable despite the romance not being your favorite. I haven’t read a Pamela Palmer book in awhile, but always loved the unqiue worlds she created hor her heroes and heroines 🙂

    • I do love her work. It is much darker than most PNR, but I think that makes it much better and different.

  2. Oh I’d not be a fan of her doing that either. I love 2nd chance romances but gah not when they’ve let the other suffer like that. Nalini Singh did that with one couple. She let him believe she was dead for years until she decided she needed his help. Didn’t care at all that her “death” had near destroyed him. Oooo I’m still annoyed over that. lol

    • Yea, it nearly destroyed him. He even stepped down from being the leader. This was my least favorite couple, but the side story for the overall arc was great, it might even been one of my favorites so far.

  3. I’m the same with secondary characters, they can make a book even if the MC fails. Sucks about the romance.

    • It was still a good story, so it doesn’t bother me. I’m more about the stories than the romances anyway.

  4. Despite the romance, I am glad the secondary and overall arc made this work for you. It happens 🙁

    • I tend to enjoy overall story arc more than many romances. As long as the story arc stays strong, I stay happy. 🙂

  5. The Ilinas sound interesting, turning to mist? Very ghostly. Have you read J.T. Geissinger? Her shifters have that thing and one series you should definitely give a try

    • I haven’t tried her. I’ll have to look her up. Thanks.

  6. This series reminds me a bit of BDB because of all the diff characters and bits of everyone’s stories being told while there is one main set of characters.

    • You know, I hadn’t thought about it, but you’re right.

  7. Even if you’re not a fan of the romance, the book sounds really intriguing. I haven’t read a book by the author yet but it’s nice to see you were able to discover a new specy and a kougar? wow, we don’t see that a lot. I’m curious.

    • Yea, a creature that can turn to mist is new to me. It made things interesting in the bedroom, that is for sure. 🙂

  8. The romance part doesn’t sound appealing to me too and I prefer my MCs to be strong characters. I think this will be on my maybe list. Great review, Melanie!

    • If this were a stand alone book, I would agree, but as part of the series, I this book works because it continues to overall story arc. The overall series is a great story.

  9. On day Melanie! I still want to listen to these, I was supposed to jump in 3 books ago, now there are five in the series already…Our audio piles are getting as bad as those of the printed copies…LOL I guess is a good thing, but it used to be so much easier.

    • Well, if it makes you feel better, the series is over at eight. 🙂

      I remember when I looking for books on audio and having problems finding good ones. Not an issue anymore, that’s for sure.

  10. Great review, Melanie! I would probably try to read this one rather than listen to it. I get frustrated very easily if narrators don’t narrate the way I’d like them to…
    Too bad the romance didn’t do it for you, but the secondary storyline sounds really interesting. And a shifter with a human is always appealing to me 🙂
    Happy reading (and listening!).

    • The overall story arc of this series is great. I love the world that has been built. I hope you enjoy.

  11. It is a shame you didn\’t enjoy the romance in this one, and found the characters hard to relate to. The secondary story has me intrigued though. Great review.

    • Thanks. I loved the story of Pink and the blind human. Can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

  12. It sounds like you enjoyed the secondary plot thread more so than the actual romance which is disappointing. The more I find out about this series, the less I want to read/listen to it.

    • I’m reading this more like a UF that has different romances in each book. The overall story arc reads more like UF and her Vamp City series (which I do like more).

  13. Thanks Melanie, too bad you didn’t like the romance but it says something that you liked the secondary characters.

    • This series reads almost more like a UF. The only thing that really makes it PNR is the HEA for each couple in the books. I love UF, so that works for me. 🙂

  14. Hmm, I don’t think this one is for me. I’m such a character driven reader and not liking either the hero or heroine often puts me into dnf territory. I’m glad the side characters saved it for you though!

    • I’m pretty character driven too. I still enjoy the overall story arc. I’m hoping to enjoy the next one more.

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