Hunter’s Heart Audiobook by J. D. Tyler, narrated by Kisrten Potter (review)

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Review of: Hunter's Heart Audiobook
J.D. Tyler

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On February 25, 2014
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Hunter’s Heart Audiobook

By: J. D. Tyler

Narrated by: Kirsten Potter

Published by: Tantor Audio 09/03/2013

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3 HeartsAlpha Pack #4

8 hrs and 17 mins

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Ryon Hunter sees dead people – spirits that beg him for help in ways he can’t understand. He’d do anything to end the torment, until a beautiful spirit appears to him with a plea he can’t ignore: Help me . . . I’m alive. The woman is wildlife biologist Daria Bradford, mortally wounded after encountering a white wolf, calling to Ryon through a rare Psy gift.

When Ryon locates Daria in the Shoshone National Park, it is almost too late, but nursing her back to health at the Alpha Pack compound brings a new complication – Daria is his destined mate, and Ryon is afraid of what will happen when she discovers what he is and what he had to do to save her life. But the biggest threat of all is still loose in the forest, leaving a merciless trail of death behind it. The Alpha Pack goes on the hunt for the mysterious white wolf, determined to stop the murderous rogue . . . only to find that the most lethal creature of all is the one they can’t see coming.

©2013 J.D. Tyler (P)2013 Tantor

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Reviewed by MLSimmons

In Hunter’s Heart, Ryon we have a werewolf who was part of the original pack that was turned in Afghanistan.  He also sees dead people, insert Sixth Sense joke here (there is not one in the book, and I thought there should’ve been at least one).  Ryon looks as this as a curse, and I guess I could see why, it would drive me nuts too.  He is also telepathic.  Daria is a wildlife biologist who studies real wolves in the Shoshone National Park. She has the ability to astral project.  When she is injured, she projects herself to Ryon who she saw through a different projection when he was taking down vampires.  When Ryon gets to her, she is near death, and Ryon must bite her to prevent her from dying.  She is his fated mate, and he has doubts about turning and claiming his mate without her consent, but she will die without the bite.

Daria is very strong character.  She is very independent, and I love her personality. She takes things in stride pretty well.  I guess if you can astral project, it isn’t too far of a leap to werewolves and other creatures. Once you get past the opening sequence, we don’t see Daria use the astral projection again. I have no idea why.  I think it could’ve been extremely helpful in several situations.  

The pack go on a hunt for a strange creature who is killing in the Shoshone and doesn’t kill like anything they’ve ever seen before.  They learn that this creature is one of Malek’s creations.  Daria and Ryon go off on a mission, just the two of them, to attempt to recover an antidote to cure the creature that has been terrorizing the forest. Because of this, there isn’t much interaction with the rest of the pack for most of the book.  I think this hurts the story some. 

There is tons of romance and sex in these stories.  This is something this series has never lacked, but to me it seemed like this story had even more than normal in this book.  Maybe because the two were alone so much.  The thing that gets me is that at one point, Ryon has a fever of like 103 or something, and they still have sex.  Now, I’ve had a fever that high before and sex was the last thing on my mind.  Now, I’m not a werewolf, so I know my body is not nearly as resilient as a werewolf.  I’m also aware that this is fiction and that everything doesn’t have to follow the rules of nature, but come on.  Who wants to talk about serious infections and sex at the same time.

I’m very quickly falling out of love with this series. It has never been extremely high on my series list, but I’m seriously considering walking away from the series.  It isn’t that this series is bad, it is just that my “to be read” list is out of control.  I just have to start cutting okay series to make room for me to get caught back up.  The next book is for Zander, the packs healer, who is also been recently injured and is now deaf.  This really intrigues me, so I’m going to give this series one more try.

Hunter’s Heart Audiobook Narration

Kristen Potter’s narration is okay.  She does a good job with both men and women.  She has narrated the entire series to date. There isn’t any snarky in the narration, but then there isn’t much in the story.  She is a little monotone. 

Reviewed by Ml Simmons

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  1. I haven’t read this one yet. I have it but I have always wanted Hunter for me so if I don’t read his HEA it doesn’t happen. (don’t ask it doesn’t make sense).

    However, it sounds like I can wait a little longer as it wasn’t fulfilling 🙁

    Dang! That is twice for me (Donavon from the KGI series is mine too and his wasn’t a great book).

    • I was hoping for a better story too. The story wasn’t horrible, just this side of okay. I’m hoping the next book is better.

  2. I’ve never read/listened to anything from this author, and I’m sorry the series is falling flat for you :/ But hey–at least you’ll be able to get to something you might like more when you weed this one out, right?

    • I’m going to give the next book a try, because I like the idea of the damaged hero. If that one is the same, I will move on. This one isn’t too bad, there are just too many great out there to spend time on okay.

  3. Aw that’s too bad the series isn’t working for you anymore. I just got Zander’s book for review and am looking forward to giving it a try. I’ve read her under her other name but not as JD so curious to see how it goes.

    And the sex while sick. ::snort:: That’s so one that would fall in the #SuperC*ck category. You know. The ones that no matter what still keep on going! Even if they’ve been shot 4 times and are half near dead. Nope! They’re still up for the challenge. lol 😉

    • I didn’t know she had another pen name. I never really looked her up. I’m hoping that I like Zander’s book. I’m interested to see where she takes him and his injury. Is he going to miraculously get healed somehow? Should be interesting.

  4. Haha @ 103 fever. Dude I so agree! It’s amazing how some of these characters are just so lusty. Fevers, broken bones, burnt skin, nothing deters them from having a good orgasm. It’s funny.

    • You know, that was something that I just couldn’t get over. I know this is fiction and all, but come on, you have to keep some things realistic or the story just isn’t believable.

  5. Sex during a fever is good … gotta sweat it out. 😉 This series actually sounds interesting, but that stinks that it’s not holding up as much anymore.

    • You know, just because it isn’t holding up for me, doesn’t mean it isn’t right for someone else. There are others that love this series and I haven’t given up hope yet. I’m going to give the next book a try, but if it doesn’t hold up, I think I’m going to move on. If you enjoy, it more power to you. I know I still read Laurell K. Hamilton and I know tons of people have left her for many different reasons. I’m a firm believer in reading what you enjoy and screw what anyone else thinks.

  6. So these wolves are former soldiers/military who have been turned? hmm, I am interested but it is a shame the series is fizzling out on you.

    • Yes, this are former soldiers that were turned into werewolves in Afghanistan. They are still under a branch of the military, so I don’t know that former is really the right word. They just are in a much more covert group now.

      I’ve never thought the series was a five heart series, but it was four hearts for me at the beginning. I’ll give book five one more shot to keep me. There are so many four plus quality books out there, and my to-listen list is getting bigger not smaller, so I have to make decisions.

  7. Hmmm… I’ve been contemplating giving this series a go, but after reading your review, now I’m not so sure. If it’s already losing steam by book 4, that doesn’t bode well. Thanks for your honest review, and for saving me some $!

    • You’re welcome. I always want to tell people if a series is starting to fail for me for that exact reason. I use many bloggers to help me decide, you being one of them, so if we are not honest with each other, it won’t work. That being said, just because a series isn’t working for me, doesn’t mean it won’t work for someone else. I’ve seen both good and bad reviews for this series.

      I am going to try the next book because I like the character and he is a damaged individual. He was severally injured during the series and is now deaf. I’m curious to see how the author handles this. I’ll keep you posted if this series is a no go for me any more or not. I hope it picks up, because I like the other creatures that live in the compound and some of the characters. I just find myself listening and constantly checking to see how much is left in the book before I can move on to the next one. I don’t want to keep up with a series that is like that.

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