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Review of: Sacrificial Magic Audiobook
Stacia Kane

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Sacrificial Magic Audiobook

By: Stacia Kane

Narrated by: Bahni Turpin

Published by : Blackstone Audio 05/2012

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18 hrs and 51 mins

When Chess Putnam is ordered by an infamous crime boss—who also happens to be her drug dealer—to use her powers as a witch to solve a grisly murder involving dark magic, she knows she must rise to the challenge. Adding to the intensity: Chess’s boyfriend, Terrible, doesn’t trust her, and Lex, the son of a rival crime lord, is trying to reignite the sparks between him and Chess.Plus there’s the little matter of Chess’s real job as a ghost hunter for the Church of Real Truth, investigating reports of a haunting at a school in the heart of Downside. Someone seems to be taking a crash course in summoning the dead—and if Chess doesn’t watch her back, she may soon be joining their ranks. As Chess is drawn into a shadowy world of twisted secrets and dark violence, it soon becomes clear that she’s not going to emerge from its depths without making the ultimate sacrifice.


My Thoughts

I’m getting ready to listen to the latest entry to one of my favorites Urban Fantasy series, and it occurred to me that I never shared my thoughts about the 4th installment, Sacrificial Magic.

With the same intensity and energy, Stacia Kane takes us in another ride with our messed up little heroine, Chess Putnam, and while she gets to solve another mystery, she will challenge our emotions, when we witness how her insecurities and self destructive attitude won’t allow her to enjoy love like some of us would do, but then again, life hasn’t been easy for Chess, so in a way I love that the author is keeping it real, but at the same time I’m afraid that inevitably she’ll break my heart, right along Terrible’s.
The highs and lows continue to provide us with yet another 14 hrs of gripping entertainment, you won’t want to pause this audiobook until you reach its conclusion…… It’s that good!
As usual, the plot is tight and cohesive, Chess is once again put in the middle of another case, but her fight against her inner demons will prove just as hard as the fight against  the bad guys.

The second half is action packed; I loved the sexual and emotional tension – Ms. Kane sure knows how to keep us on our toes, and she’s showing off again with this entry.
I’m beginning to like Lex a little bit more in this installment; I am starting to see how he’s not really such a bad guy, although, in this series, the term “bad” has two different sides, after all this is not a pretty world, and these are not our usual heroes, but I imagine that if you are reading this, you are already familiar with the dark and gritty feel of the novels.
All in all, this is a fantastic entry to the Downside Ghost Series, and excuse me while I go fantasize about slapping some sense into Chess Putman.

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The Author

Stacia Kane



Wow! My love affair with this series is as much connected to the superb performance of Bahni Turpin as it is to the fantastic and unique writing style of Stacia Kane.

I love the way Bahni captures Chess’s personality; she underlines her character with the right amount of vulnerability that makes the listener form a connection.

The skillful delivery of the unusual lingo gives the novel the proper ambiance and connects you to the setting; her pace and tone are excellent.
I have no problems at all with any of the voices, they are all unique, and they’re delivered with the perfect tone.

Her approach to Terrible’s character is spot on, and it complements my mental image of his character.

The suspenseful and love scenes are skillfully portrayed – they invoke the right emotions at every turn.

Once again, this is another magnificent performance by Bahni Turpin.

Voices behind the books

Bahni Turpin



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