Styxx Audiobook by Sherrilyn Kenyon

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Review of: Styxx Audiobook
Sherrilyn Kanyon

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Styxx Audiobook

By: Sherrilyn Kenyon

Narrated by:  Fred Bermam

Published by: Macmillian Audio 9/03/2013

Styxx Audiobook


cooltext519170370Dark Hunter Series # 23

31 hrs and 38 mins

Whispersync Voice-ready

Centuries ago Acheron saved the human race by imprisoning an ancient evil bent on absolute destruction. Now that evil has been unleashed and it is out for revenge. As the twin to Acheron, Styxx hasn’t always been on his brother’s side. They’ve spent more centuries going at each other’s throats than protecting their backs. Now Styxx has a chance to prove his loyalty to his brother, but only if he’s willing to trade his life and future for Acheron’s.The Atlantean goddess of Wrath and Misery, Bethany was born to right wrongs. But it was never a task she relished. Until now. She owes Acheron a debt that she vows to repay, no matter what it takes. He will join their fellow gods in hellandnothing is going to stop her. But things are never what they seem, and Acheron is no longer the last of his line. Styxx and Acheron must put aside their past and learn to trust each other or more will suffer. Yet it’s hard to risk your own life for someone who once tried to take yours – even when it’s your own twin. And when loyalties are skewed and no one can be trusted, not even yourself, how do you find a way back from the darkness that wants to consume the entire world? One that wants to start by devouring your very soul?


My Thoughts

No matter how many times peeps had told me about the emotional and heart wrenching journey I was about to take when I downloaded the Styxx audiobook. Honestly, I never expected the level of emotional turmoil this book made me feel.
Sherrilyn Kenyon just took the term “REDEMPTION” to new heights with the 360 I’ve just experienced with my feelings toward this  character, for whom I did nothing, but feel joy  whenever misfortune stroke him.
Taking a well known villain and repackaging him into a hero has been done plenty of times before, sometimes with success and others with big failures that leave no traces of the original character, but in my experience, it’s never been done with the expertise and the talent  Ms. Kenyon showcases in this story.
Yes, the story is full of shocking and unpleasant subjects. Nothing is worse than to read about a child being abused in any type of form,  and I normally do not continue a novel where the violence is relentless,  and in any other case I would have thought it gratuitous, but when the author can pull you  so deeply into the story, they leave you no choice but to see it to the end.
Don’t get me wrong the story is full of so much more than pain and sorrow; we do get light moments that although scarcely in the first half,  they give you a chance to catch your breath . And  as always, a la Sherrilyn’s style  we get a beautiful love story worth the painful journey, although I got to say,  as it was the case in Acheron’s novel, they never seem to be enough to completely pull you back from the darkness.
Within a few chapters, we see the arrogance melt to give us the true picture of this torture and completely misunderstood hero. There are always to sides to a story, and this is Styxx’s tale, one that shines a new light in some endear characters, and shows us that nobody is perfect.

Kudos to Ms. Kenyon!!! For writing what I never thought possible, a book as good as  ACHERON.

The Author

Sherrilyn Kenyon


Fred Berman performance is all aces!!!! He absolutely nailed the mood of the novel by perfectly matching his tone and pace to the direction of the story.
Not very often I’m happy with male interpretations of female characters, but Fred Berman was just perfect in every instance, his showcase of voices is skillfully utilized to bring you into this world without a backwards glance.
All his characterizations in this novel are flawless and give the novel amazing authenticity.
This is an all around winner!! A 5 star novel, perfectly brought to life by an awesome interpretation. The only bad thing is, you can’t jump right in. You must read the other books before you pick up Stixx. You wouldn’t want to spoil a masterfully written story by not having a complete understanding of this world and its characters.

Voices Behind the Books

Fred Berman




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