Taming an Impossible Rogue Audiobook

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Review of: Taming an Impossible Rogue Audiobook
Suzanne Enoch

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On April 16, 2012
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Taming an Impossible Rogue Audiobook

By: Suzanne Enoch

Narrated by: Anne Flosnik

Published by: Tantor Audio 03/2012


9 hrs and 39 mins

One year ago, Lady Camille Pryce left her haughty fiancé at the altar – for good reason. Not only was the marriage arranged before she could even walk, her betrothed was too smug to exert himself to meet her! Now, disowned, with no husband or family to support her, she’s left with one option: go to work in the notorious Tantalus Club.
A gentleman’s gaming house run by a woman, the Tantalus is no place for a proper lady; so, to save face, her jilted fiancé must retrieve her. But banned from the club, he’s forced to employ his ne‘er-do-well cousin instead. A handsome, experienced rogue, Keating Blackwood is the perfect man to lure Camille away. But the moment they meet, Keating instead wants to save her… for himself. Impossible? Perhaps. But if Camille can make the ultimate player lay his cards on the table – and risk his heart – all bets are off.


My Thoughts


There’s nothing better than to pick a book to (listen/read) and get hooked within the first few pages.

Camille Pryce had different aspirations for a husband when she left her fiancé at the altar after realizing what a horrible man she was about to be marry to, but her actions had consequences, severe consequences.

Left to fend for herself, Camille finds employment at a gentleman’s club, and it’s here  where her fiancé’s cousin, Keating Blackwood, meets her, under the request (for a fair  amount of money) of  his cousin to locate her and convince her to return to comply with her marriage obligation, this is not because he loves her, but purely out of pride.

But Keating’s plans will be a lot  harder to fulfill than he could had ever imagined.

I’m a sucker for heroes with nicknames, especially those the sound dangerous and mysterious,  and Keating’s “ Bloody Blackwood” proved to be just the kind of romantic lead I love, with a not so savory past of his own, he turned out to be terrific hero (YUM), and the kind of rogue I love to read/listen to about.

I truly enjoyed both characters; their chemistry was perfect, their past experiences brought  them together in a very convincing way, but again most of all I loved Keating.

This is my first novel by Suzanne Encoh, and I wish I would have discovered her earlier; I like her style and the witty dialogue. The characters  interactions are very entertaining. What is not like about an author that has the ability to instantly grab you and keep you enthralled and completely transported from page one.

I didn’t do my homework, and I didn’t find out this was the second installment in the series until I was in the middle of it, but I can honestly  tell you, I didn’t feel like I missed anything, but I’m sure listening to the series in order would only enhance the experience.

So to all Historical Romance listeners, I urge you not to let this one go by without listening.



 The Author

Suzanne Enoch




What a terrific job by Ann Flosnik! great pace and approach, and talk about giving Keating the perfect tone, not for a moment I had a doubt in her male voices and their distinctions.

She gave the story the perfect tone; her sensual voice and clear English accent are just right for the story and the sensuality of the novel.

The moment you begin this audio book you feel transported to the era, thanks to the great and very competent performance by Ann Flonsik.

Voices behind the books

Anne Flosnik





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