The Audiobook Salad Edition One (audiobook reviews)

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The Audiobook Salad

Edition #1

Audiobook Salad

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Rule Audiobook: A Marked Men Novel

Rule Audiobook by jay Crownover

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Rule Audiobook: A Marked Men Novel #1

4.5 Hearts

I’m a big fan of NA contemporary series, even though, most the time these stories are angsty and frustrating I love when I find them impossible to put down.
The characters in this story are well developed, and their level of maturity gives the novel a more adult feel that I found a bit more relatable.
Rule was a super enjoyable listen. I love the characters,  the protagonists are well matched.  There’s a little bit of suspense to keep things more interesting as if we didn’t have enough with their volatile relationship.
Rule was a great introduction to Crownover’s bad boys bunch in her Marked Men series, and it has made a fan out me. I’m definitely planning on continuing this series.
My rating for the story: 4 Hearts


The narration is perfectly executed by Sophie Eastlake (favorite of mine) and Michael Rahhal (new to- me)
Both narrators did a fantastic job with their interpretation of the characters and the pace of the story.
Sophie was perfect with Shaw!
Michael didn’t skip a beat bringing Rule’s bad boy persona to life, reflecting his hot-headed personality but yielding a very likable character.
I loved their interpretation!
My rating for the narration:  5 hearts.

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Rule: A Marked Men Novel

By: Jay Crownover

Narrated by: Sophie Eastlake & Michael Rahhal

Published by: Harper Audio

Series: Marked Men # 1

Duration: 10 hrs and 19 mins

Genre: NA Contemporary

Sensuality: HOT



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Rebel Queen Audiobook

Rebel Queen Audiobook

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Rebel Queen Audiobook

5 Hearts

I don’t usually listen to this genre, but I’ve decided to get out of my romance box more often, and so far so good. After I read a review at The Bookaholic Cat, I took a shot with Rebel Queen.

I don’t know much about India’s history and even less about their culture and customs, but I sure found the story in this book delightful, insightful and downright engrossing, not to mention interesting.

Being taken through a story based in the events that occurred during the English invasion of India (in the mid-nineteenth century) by the recollections of one the queen’s warriors was spellbinding to me. I’m a HUGE fan of history! And I absolutely enjoyed learning more about that era that until now had been alien to me.

I’m not an expert on this genre, but if you enjoy historical fiction I would highly recommend Rebel Queen. And I don’t know if this is a case of “being my first” by LOVED this Audiobook.

My rating for the story: 5 Hearts


With the perfect Indian tinted English accent Sneha Mathan
beautifully narrates the story and brings credibility to the text.
Her approach and pace are excellent; she conveys a very authentic feel of the world, one that immediately transports you to the setting.
Her voices are never confusing. She has very distinctive tone for all the different characters in spite of their difference of  gender and age.
All in all, this was a fantastic interpretation by Sneha Mathan.
My rating for the narration: 5 Stars

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Rebel Queen Audiobook

By: Michelle Moran

Narrated by: Sneha Mathan

Published by: Simon & Schuster Audio 03/03/2015

Duration: 11 hrs and 10 mins

Genre: Historical Fiction

Sensuality: WARM



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Hero Audiobook

Hero Audiobook

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Hero Audiobook

3 Hearts

OK, So before I say anything I want to say I’m a big fan of Samantha Young ‘s novels. I, freaking loved On Dublin Street! And I’ve loved every single book in that series, so when I saw a new series was going to be published by her I couldn’t wait to get my greedy ears on her new stuff!

Sadly, this one didn’t work  as well as I had hoped for me; I was a bit disappointed with the story in general.
I was taken out the story right of the get-go, unfortunately, for me, the plot started by sounding way too much like Fifty Shades of Gray, and it’s not that I didn’t like that book. I loved it! But the lack of originality took me right out the story.

I did listen to the whole audiobook; it’s not a bad book, and I can see it being a great read/listens for other people. Regrettably the characters never felt real to me, and I couldn’t find a way to really care or connect. I hate to say this, but she lost me pretty early in the book, and she never got me back.

She’s a fabulous author, and HERO seems to have plenty of fans, and I’m truly glad for that, she deserves it; It just didn’t work for me the way I expected it to.
My rating for the story: 3 Stars


The narration was very good! I can’t blamed my mediocre feelings for the book on her performance.
Angelica Lee (a new-to-me narrator) is excellent with her interpretations of the characters and the story, in general.  Her Male voices are credible, and she brings the emotions of the novel to the front. Her pace is right on, and if you find the story intriguing by other reviews you won’t be disappointed with the audiobook, she does a very good job.

My rating for the narration: 4 Hearts

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Hero Audiobook

By: Samantha Young

Narrated by: Angelica Lee

Published by: Penguin Audio 02/03/2015

Duration: 12 hrs and 11 mins

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Sensuality: HOT



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Shadow Study Audiobook

Shadow Study Audiobook

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Shadow Study

4.5 Hearts

I waited for this novel for what it seemed forever. I loved Poison Study! I can still remember how I felt after I finished that book. I thought it was made of awesome. I quickly downloaded the following books in the series. I did love the second book, but I was a bit disappointed with Fire Study, book #3.
I thought Fire Study was to be the final book in the series.
So after thinking that was the last book you can imagine my excitement when I heard she was continuing the series.

My disappointment never came from the writing or the plot development; these books are fabulous, but back then I wanted nothing but romance, and the lack of it would surely diminished my likeness of the book.

In retrospective, I should have loved Fire Study for its plot, and romance shouldn’t have been part of my expectations. These are amazing written stories with exceptionally well-developed characters; the plots are smart, cohesive, and they pull you with every page. Shadow Study is the continuation of this amazing series and delivers all the elements found in the first three original novels.

To all followers of the series I say, you won’t be disappointed, and if you a haven’t picked this one up, I urge you to start with Poison Study, even though this series is being sold as #1 in a new series.
My rating for the story: 4 Stars


Gabra Zackman is a pro! I’m a huge fan of her work, and I can always find her signature in her reads whether they’re under this name or any of her often used pseudonymous.

She’s excellent with her interpretations, male, and female alike. She’s one those readers that takes into the story and gets out the way to let the characters and the plot take you way.

She’s been the constant voice for these stories since book one, and I’m very happy that she’s continuing to bring these great characters and plot to life.
My rating for the narration: 5 hearts

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By: Maria V. Snyder

Narrated by: Gabra Zackman

published by: Harlequin Enterprises 02/24/2015

Series: Soulfinders #1 – Study #4

Duration:  11 hrs and 28 mins

Genre: Fantasy

Sensuality: WARM




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