White Trash Zombie Apocalypse Audiobook By Diana Rowland

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Review of: White Trash Zombie Apocalypse Audiobook
Diana Rowland

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White Trash Zombie Apocalypse Audiobook

By: Diana Rowland

Narrated by: Allison MacLemore

Published by: Audible Frontiers 07/13
White Trash Zombie Apocalypse Audiobook


9 hrs and 30 mins

Whispersync Voice-ready


Our favorite white trash zombie, Angel Crawford, has enough problems of her own, what with dealing with her alcoholic, deadbeat dad, issues with her not-quite boyfriend, the zombie mafia, industrial espionage, and evil corporations. Oh, and it’s raining, and won’t let up.
But things get even crazier when a zombie movie starts filming in town, and Angel begins to suspect that it’s not just the plot of the movie that’s rotten. Soon she’s fighting her way through mud, blood, bullets, and intrigue, even as zombies, both real and fake, prowl the streets.
Angel’s been through more than her share of crap, but this time she’s inway over her head. She’ll need plenty of brainpower to fit all the pieces – and body parts – together in order to save herself, her town, and quite possibly the human race.
©2013 Diana Rowland (P)2013 Audible, Inc.

My Thoughts

I normally don’t start my reviews by mentioning the narrator, but this time I’m going to make an exception because for me, narration, narration, narration, were the essential ingredients that made White Trash Zombie Apocalypse  another winner.
I love how the humor, suspense, intrigue, and lets not forget the touch of romance are skillfully brought to life by the talented, Allison MacLemore.
From the moment, you hit play Ms. MacLemore southern drawl transports you to the setting and just lets the characters tell their story.
This was a great listen all around, in spite the change in the sound quality towards the middle of the book. MacLemore just didn’t sound as crisp and clear as she did in the beginning, but not a deal breaker at all, at least not for me.
This is now the 3rd novel in the series, and I have to mention the remarkable consistency in which she has kept her interpretation of the characters, always managing to make them different from one another via her tone and by her use different voices.

All in all, Ms. MacLemore, performance is a great contributor to making White Trash Zombie Apocalypse  another fantastic listening experience that lets you enjoy your time in this crazy, funny and many times, dangerous Zombie world.

The Narrator

Allison MacLemore


As I mentioned before this is entry #3 in the series, and even though the author gives a pretty good introduction and a quick background summary about Angel at the beginning of this novel, I highly recommend reading/LISTENING to the first two books to get the whole picture of the events that transpire in this entry, plus you don’t want to miss all the fun!

Our little zombie, ex-pill popper, Angel, is growing up in the world, she’s flying straight and narrow, she’s going places in her new world, but danger will always follow her, it’d seem.

As for the plot, I can’t say that is the best of the three, it feels more like another chapter in Angel’s life, nevertheless it’s just as entertaining as the other two.

The filming of a zombie movie in town sets the background for the story, but all the action is happening behind the scenes…Just imagine a bunch of fake zombies running around….LOL. And while once again someone is trying to kill Angel, there are a few more mysteries that need solving, a few stories are weaved together, yet the plot never loses its cohesiveness. There is plenty to keep the listener wrap up in the story. We get a few developments in Angel’s life, especially when it comes to her father, let’s just say a new light gets shined into his character.

Marcus powerful uncle, Pietro, is a big player in this entry, what brings the zombie politics, and the word mafia comes to mind.Angel will have you rooting the whole time for her safety while she  navigates this world with her common sense, her badassnees, and all the valor she possesses, but this won’t be an easy ride.

In conclusion, this is another fantastic job and another winner entry to the White Trash Zombies series by Diana Rowland.

The Author

Diana Rowland


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