Wolf’s Fall Audiobook by J. D. Tyler (review)

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Review of: Wolf's Fall Audiobook
J. D. Tyler

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On December 29, 2014
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Wolf’s Fall Audiobook

By: J. D. Tyler

Narrated by: Marguerite Gavin

Published by: Tantor Audio 12/02/2014

Wolf's Fall Audiobook by J. D. Tylor_


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Alpha Pack Series # 6

7 hrs and 12 mins

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Wlof's Fall

My Thoughts

In Wolf’s Fall, we have Nick, the Alpha Pack’s alpha. He is a born wolf, which makes him pretty much immortal. He is a couple hundred years old. In a previous book, Nick was taken by vampires and was traumatized when one fed from him. Vampires feeding are quite a sexual experience. It left him with a case of PTSD and starts the book off in a very bad place in his own head.

Calla is a vampire princess. She has already lost her mate. She is very understanding of Nick’s predicament with his fear of vampires. Her ability to see past Nick’s faults and to work with him, really show what a perfect mate she is for the old Commander. She isn’t the kick ass heroine that I normally look for in a book, but she has some really great traits that endear her all the same. Even though she isn’t a trained warrior, she picks up a gun and helps in the fight.

In this story, the Alpha pack are called to help their new vampire allies with some rogues that are attacking their coven. It takes a while to figure out how these vampires have the information. There is mole in the coven or the pack. There is also some serious motivation to attack.

This series once again delivers a great story with interesting characters. Not only do we have shifters, most of which who are werewolves, and vampires, there are also several other species, including the Fae prince who has been exiled from him realm. There is also a new species that is introduced in the series who is playing for the bad guys.

While this is the sixth book in the series, you could read/listen to this one as a stand alone, but probably isn’t quite as good as if you had read the whole series. For those of you familiar with this series, the story takes place mostly at the vampire’s coven. We don’t see as much of the characters from the compound. We do see some of the characters of previous books, but only in a side role.

Wolf's Fall Audiobook Narration

My review

Normally, I’m not a fan of changing narrators mid-series, however, I think in this case, I won’t be complaining. While I didn’t dislike Kirsten Potter, I felt she was an average narrator. Marguerite Gavin is a way above average narrator. Her pace and tone are always perfect for the scene. She does a great job with both male and female voices. She really brings the story to life. She is a narrator that I’ve looked at other series based mostly on the fact that she was the narrator

Author J. D. Tyler

J. D. Tyler

J.D. Tyler is an award-winning, multi-published author who writes for New American Library under three pseudonyms. Whether this is due to an overdose of ambition or a multiple personality affliction, she’ll never tell.

J.D. writes dark, sexy paranormal romance and has a huge thing for shifters, vampires, the Fae, and just about everything else that goes bump and grind in the night. She can’t get enough of those dangerous supernatural heroes, and the fun of creating her own was just too much temptation to resist… so she didn’t. J.D. doesn’t do self-denial.

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Narrator Marguerite Gavin

Narrator Marguerite Gavin

Marguerite Gavin is a seasoned theater veteran, a four-time nominee for the prestigious Audie Award, and the winner of numerous Earphones and Publishers Weekly awards. Marguerite has been an actor, director, and audiobook narrator for her entire professional career. Her narration spans nearly every genre, from mystery, science fiction and fantasy, romance, and children’s fiction to nonfiction and documentaries. AudioFile magazine says “Marguerite Gavin . . . has a sonorous voice, rich and full of emotion.”

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  1. I love badass heroins, yet I admire heroins who aren’t warriors but find the courage to face difficult situations, it takes more guts to act in these situations 😉 Great review !

    • Thanks. I agree. I to have a heroine who is a princess in all sense of the word, and not a warrior princess, but who is willing to pick up a gun to protect her people is the type of ruler that the world needs. 🙂

  2. I’m glad the switch in narrator didn’t bother you, it almost always does to me. I’d probably have been upset in this case since I enjoy Kirsten Potter narrations. I still can’t find the magic in Marguerite’s narrations, and I know it’s me, because I know how many fans she has..Maybe this year would be the year I continue with the Hollows and I’ll become a huge fan of her work 🙂

    • I’m a huge fan of Margurite Gavin. I love her in The Hollows series and I like her much better for this series too. I thought she brings more emotion to the stories. I didn’t dislike Kirsten Potter, but I only thought she was okay.

  3. thanks for the great review. I like series that incorporate different paranormal species. This is a new to me series so I guess I’ll start at the beginning.

    • Thanks. The main characters start of with just werewolves, but secondary characters from many other species. As you move more into the series, you get more species. I hope you enjoy.

  4. Sounds intense and she’s a vamp princess? Interesting! Of course I haven’t read this series, as always. Glad it’s still good at book 6

    • It is a very interesting series. Can’t wait to see who the next couple will be.

  5. Damn, he’s going to rip that top right off. 😀 Yeah, even though this can be read as a standalone, this type of series I specially need to read in order. Definitely sounds good, though!

    • I agree. I’m a stickler for going back to book one even if it is a late book in the series that pulls me in. I rarely start in the middle. It happens, but not often.

  6. My preference is for born wolves because they are, well, more wolfy. So, I’m quite confident that Nick and I would hit it off. Unfortunately I need to read / listen to the 5 other Alpha Pack novels first. *heads desk*

    • I understand the feeling. How many series have you posted that I’ve said the same thing. 🙂 I’m also more of born over turned shifter, however, my favorite werewolf will always be Clayton. I don’t care if he was turned or not.

      • Clay was turned at such a young age that he might as well have been born a werewolf. 🙂

        • Okay, that works for me too. 🙂

    • If I’m remembering correctly. The hardest part for me to review audios, is that it is harder to look back up this type of information. That and spelling.

  7. I need to read this series, it sounds right up my alley. Great review, Melanie.

    • I’ve really enjoyed the overall story arc, even when I haven’t enjoyed the individual couples for an individual book. I also really love the secondary characters in this series. This book didn’t have as many of the “other” species that live at the compound as much as other books, but I still enjoyed the story. I hope you enjoy.

  8. Aw yay! I really enjoyed this one as well. I read it not listened though. I’m wanting to go back this year and read the earlier ones in the series. I came in mid-series 🙂

    • I started from the beginning, but I think this one is my favorite. Part of that could be I love this narrator and I thought the previous narrator was only okay. I did miss spending more time with many of the secondary characters from the previous books that were not in this one. I hope you enjoy the previous books. 🙂

  9. I agree on your rating! I loved this book. I have the next installment on my phone ready to play! Great Review!

    • This has been a great series.

  10. Marguerite Gavin?! Sign me up. But wait, she doesn’t narrate the whole series, does she?

    • This is the first one that she narrates. The previous narrator was okay, but not great. I listened, because I have more time to listen, not because I thought she brought a lot to the story.

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