Fractured Truth Audiobook by Susan Furlong (REVIEW)

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Review of: Fractured Truth Audioobok
Susan Furlong

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Fractured Truth Audiobook

By: Susan Furlong

Narrated by: Amy Landon

Published by: Brilliance Audio 12/18/18

Fractured Truth (A Bone Gap Travellers Mystery #2) by Susan Furlong read by Amy Landon

Fractured Truth Audiobook Sample

Fractured Truth Audiobook

4.5 Hearts

This is the second book in the Bone Gap Travellers series. Brynn is a former Marine, who was discharged after being hit by an IED. She was released from active duty with her human remains detection dog, Wilco, who was also injured (he lost his hearing and a leg). So, Brynn is back with her family, who are Travellers or Pavees.

Brynn struggles not only with her PTSD, but also with coming back to living in Bone Gap with all the other Pavees. She is looked on as an outsider because she is half “settled” (which is what they call people who aren’t part of their culture) and her mother left her. She was raised by her grandmother and grandfather. When her marriage was arranged, which is typical for their culture, she ran off and joined the military. But now she’s back and she has joined the settled police department. Again, pushing her on the outside of her group.

In this story, Brynn and the police are investing the death of a young Pavee girl. Her death looks like it was sacrificed in a Satanic ritual. As per most police protocol, they start to look at the people who knew the victim, which in this case are Pavees. Pavess aren’t known for their love of law enforcement. They feel like Brynn is betraying her own by looking into them.

This is a fun, interesting police mystery that adds a bit of a different cultural aspect to it. You can also add in the stress of PTSD and substance control issues to the story as well. I really love the time I spend in Bone Gap.

Fractured Truth Audiobook Narration

4.5 Hearts

I love Amy Landon’s narration. It was her narration that caught my eye when I grabbed the first book. She does a great job with the narration of this book. I really enjoy her Pavee accent (though I have no idea how correct it is, but sounds really good to me). She also has to narrate a large male cast, which she does with ease. The females have great voices too. She also did a really great job with Brynn as she was really struggling in this book. Great work. If you haven’t tried Amy Landon, you really should give her a try.

Author: Susan Furlong

Susan Furlong is the author of the Georgia Peach Mystery series and the forthcoming suspense novel, SPLINTERED SILENCE, the first book of the Bone Gap Travellers Mysteries. She also contributes to the New York Times bestselling Novel Idea Mysteries under the pen name Lucy Arlington. She has worked as a freelance writer, academic writer, ghost writer, translator, high-school language arts teacher, and martial arts instructor. Raised in North Dakota, she graduated from Montana State University with a double major in French and Spanish. She and her family live in central Illinois.


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Narrator: Amy Landon

Narrator: Amy Landon

Amy Landon is a classically trained actress with numerous off-Broadway, film, and television credits. Her voice can also be heard on many television and radio commercials. She has an easy facility with dialects, which she also coaches and teaches, and she is happy to find her lifelong obsession with books is matching up with her acting and vocal work.

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I like to thank Brilliance Audio for providing me with a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.

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ML Simmons Reviewer

  • 4.5
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Melanie Simmons
I’m Melanie and I live in Ohio. I have two horses and a dog. I’m an animal lover, avid book reader and audiobook listener. I like to live vicariously through fictional characters. I enjoy reading and listening to mostly fictional books in the paranormal genre, including Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance and Horror. My favorite paranormal creatures are shifters, doesn’t matter the flavor.


  1. I am not sure if I have listened to this narrator before but I love a female narrator that can handle such a huge cast, so I am going to look her up. Glad you enjoyed this one here.

    • Amy does a great job with the large cast. This isn’t the first time I’ve listened to her narrate a large cast. She does a great job.

    • This is a fun series. If you like cop/detective style mysteries, this is a fun one. Brynn with her issues makes a great, if flawed, main character.

  2. Narrators can make or break a book, so I’m glad Amy did a splendid job. This series is new to me. It sounds interesting, and something that I think I could enjoy.

    • If you like crime stories, this is a fun series. I loved learning more about the culture of her people.

    • She really has a tough go of it in this book. I hope she gets her life together, though that would probably make for a less interesting story.

  3. This story sounds really interesting, Melanie! I like the cultural aspects combined with Brynne’s complicated history. Glad you’re enjoying and the narrator seems to have the dialects correct. That makes such a difference. Wonderful review!

    • I’ve really enjoyed learning about the Travellers. I hope to learn more about them.

  4. Nice review, Mel. I remember the series name – very unique – from earlier. I’m not a huge suspense reading/listener, but this does sound interesting. Thanks!

    • I’ve found myself reading/listening to more and more of it.

  5. This set up reminds me of the Mercy Kilpatrick series I’m loving on right now since she’s an FBI agent and she came from a prepper family a little like the Pavees. I’ll definitely be putting this series on my list.

    • I just asked my library to purchase the first Mercy Kilpatrick boon on audio. I’m going to have to give it a try. Thanks for the recommendation.

  6. I always love a good mystery read any time of year and this series sounds like one I would love as well and you have got to love that 4.5 stars on a second book! Yay! Adding this one to the pile.

  7. I haven’t listened to that narrator, I will have to add this to my list, I am always looking for a good narrator.

    • I really like Amy Landon. I listen to a couple of series with her.

  8. This is new to me.. You’ve got me curious as it has elements I would enjoy!

    • It’s a good suspense/thriller, cop drama type book. I think you would enjoy it.

  9. This sounds like a really good series. I will have to check it out. I have listened to Amy Landon before and like her work so it sounds like audio would be the way to go for this series.

  10. This is a new author and narrator for me. I’m always looking for mysteries to add to my reading list and this series sounds really good. I’ll have to try the first book. Great review!

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