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Review of: Twist: A Mageri Series Novel Audiobook
Dannika Dark

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On August 19, 2014
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Twist Audiobook: A Mageri Series Novel

By: Dannika Dark

Narrated by: Nicole Poole

Published by: Tantor Audio 06/23/14

Twist Audiobook: AMageri Novel

Months after moving to the mysterious city of Cognito, Silver is developing her gifts as a Mage and learning how to live under new laws. She is forced to give up her old life and live in secret among the humans. There is finally hope of leading an ordinary life…until Logan Cross walks into it.

Her chance meeting with Cross leads Silver close to discovering the identity of the nameless Mage who once stole her light and discovered the unique power she possesses. That knowledge poses an unimaginable threat to Silver, fueling the search to find out who he is before he finds her.

Lives are at stake. Truths are revealed. And an unexpected passion ignites.

Β©2012 Dannika Dark (P)2014 Tantor



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Mageri Series # 2

10 hrs and 38 mins

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Twist Audibook Sample

I’ll start by saying that I enjoyed this book better than book one. For starters, all the characters that made an appearance and then seemed to fall off the page, never to be seen again, have reappeared. Their point to the story has finally become clear. That was one of my biggest complaints about book one, meeting characters that disappeared. Now, with everyone back in the picture, I was much happier.

We meet two new species in this book. There are Chitah, the narrator pronounced cheetah, but they never mention that he could shift. He did have cat-like personality, with speed, enhanced smell, etc. Chitah are also able to kill or paralyze Mage. There is also a wolf-shifter that we meet. He is actually able to shift into the wolf form and we do see him on page in this form.

There is more romance in this book than in book one. There are two different pairs. A pair of humans that we meet in book one and reappear in this book. Plus, there seems to be something between Silver and the Chitah, Logan Cross. Adam has shown some interest, but doesn’t seem to be pushing really hard. I could also see Justus becoming a love interest, but not sure that it will happen.

This story is a dark one, just like book one. Silver is beaten up again. She seems to need help a lot more than most UF heroines. While she does get herself out of the situation, it required the help of someone else each time. I would like to see her stand up on her own more. She wants Justus to treat her like a grownup and let her go out on her own, well, she needs to learn how to take herself.

Overall, I enjoyed this story much more than book one. I will look forward to looking at the next book. To see what happens with Silver, Justus, Logan and the rest of the gang.

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Twist Audiobook Narration

Once again, I think Nicole Poole is not a bad choice for this series. While, I don’t think she will ever be one of my favorite narrators, I think she does an okay job. I still think the men could be more masculine. Overall, not bad.

The Author

Author Dannika Dark

Author Dannika Dark

Dannika Dark was born on a military base in the U.S. and had traveled the world before she was nine. Now she is rooted in the south, but her head is planted firmly in the clouds. When Danni is not writing, she enjoys a great sci-fi or fantasy movie, heaps of chocolate, and unleashing her dark side.


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The Narrator

Narrator Nicole Poole

Narrator Nicole Poole

Nicole Poole is a classically trained actor with equal passions for literature and improvisation. She has toured with the Royal Shakespeare Company, has been a member of the critically acclaimed Walter Thompson Orchestra for over fifteen years, and recently became a member of the Parisian groups SPOUMJ and Anitya. She is honored to have been recognized for her narration by an AudioFile Earphones Award, a Publisher’s Weekly Listen-Up Award, and nomination for an Audie Award.


Tantor Audio Audible

I like to thank Tantor Audio for providing me with a copy of this Audiobook in exchange for an honest review

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  1. Oh good to see those characters all showed back up. I remember you mentioning that about book one and oh that would have bothered me something fierce! lol

    • I was so glad to see them come back too. I enjoyed this book so much better and I think that was part of it. I can’t wait to start book three, which is already on my iPod.

  2. It’s good that most of your issues with the first installment were resolved in this one, and that it didn’t suffer from book 2 syndrome. Hopefully Silver will continue to grow throughout this series, and eventually succeed in standing on her own, like a badass UF heroine should. If I decide to give these novels a go, I think I’ll skip the audio version because of your issues with the narrator.

    • Narrator isn’t great, but she isn’t bad either. I’ve decided to continue with the audios. If I try to go to reading, I’ll never get through them. I hope you enjoy the books.

  3. Silver and her men! I know I have this but I’m not yet motivated to read it. I want her new series though, I think I will like that better than this one.

    • I haven’t looked at her new series, but after reading this book. I know I’m going to keep going in this series. I’ll probably look up another series after that. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts this other series.

  4. This is one of my favorite genres and a new to me author. Thanks!

    • I hope you enjoy. I can’t wait to get to book three. I have through book five ready to listen to.

  5. Yay for you enjoying this one more so than the first. πŸ™‚ I was wondering if the characters would reappear after your review of book 1.

    • I was so glad that they did. The disappearance really made it hard for me to enjoy book one. I enjoyed this one much better. I have book three already on my iPod, so I’ll start it soon. πŸ™‚

  6. Sounds like a good read. I really like series that have appearances from the previous book. I think it makes a UF a lot more solid with good supporting characters. I’m adding this to my TBR.

    • That is one of things I love of UF, is the development of characters over the course of the series. I hope you enjoy. I’m planning on starting book three today. πŸ™‚

      • Thanks, I’m just adding it today. I forgot. LOL

  7. Yay! I’m glad this one worked better for you. Logan was what did it for me πŸ˜‰ Simon is a lot of fun too, but LOGAN . . . him I love.

    • I did like Logan. I hope to get to know Simon more. I don’t feel that I know him very well. I try to give a new series at least two books, because often if I don’t like book one, book two will pick up, just like with this one. Not that I didn’t enjoy book one, I was just disappointed in it.

  8. Just added Sterling (#1) to my to-read list, thanks for sharing !

    • It is a great world. Different from many other books out there. I hope you enjoy.

  9. Hmm…. I love a good UF but I am not a fan of dark… how dark is it?

    • The main character gets kidnapped and physically abused several times in books one and two. There is a secondary character in book two that is abused worse than she is. It’s not the darkest thing I’ve ever read, but I know that some things are triggers for people. I have read other UF that is much darker.

  10. I’m glad those characters came back – I remember you saying that and thinking it was really weird! I like my female characters strong, but it works for me if they’re just growing into their strength and independence – like they’re needing lots of help now, but you can see a future where they’ll kick ass all on their own. Does this feel that way? Great review!

    • I hope that she will grow. I’ve got three more books ready to listen to, so I hope so. Thanks.

  11. Glad you enjoyed this one more πŸ™‚ Great review Melanie

  12. It can be quite annoying when narrators fail to do both female and male voices equally well. I’ve never heard of this series but it sounds okay.

    • Poole does a pretty good job and grows on me with each book. I think it can be hard for narrators to do the opposite sex really well, but when you find those great ones, they are a treasure to listen too. The world building in this series is great. I’m coming to enjoy the characters more too.

    • The worldbuilding in this series is unique. I really enjoy the characters. I hope you get a chance to try soon.

  13. I love this series! But really I’m not sure if I’d enjoy it on audio… the narrator speaks pretty slowly, and she’s not all that ‘lively’ in my opinion.
    I’m glad you enjoyed Twist better, and the next one is even better IMO πŸ™‚
    Great review, Melanie πŸ™‚

    • I up the speed when I listen, because I agree that she speaks too slowly for me. I plan on listening to book three next. πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  14. Well now Melanie, now you have me curious. I so remember your previous review. I like the narrator’s voice too.

    • While I enjoyed book one, book two really brought into this world. I’m really enjoying it. I’ve got book three to start next.

  15. It’s nice to see you had a great time with this second book. I heard a lot about the author but I haven’t tried a book yet. In fact I think I have a book somewhere. I should try it to see how it is. Great review!

    • Thanks. I plan on starting book three soon. The world is great and I’m really starting to enjoy the characters.

  16. Ive never heard of thisseries but Ido love UF. That cover is pretty too.

    • It is pretty good and I’m enjoying each book more than the previous one. I’m listening to book three now and really enjoying. They do have nice covers. πŸ™‚

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