Borden Chantry Audiobook by Louis L’Amour (Review)

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Review of: Borden Chantry Audiobook
Louis L'Amour

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Borden Chantry Audiobook

By: Louis L’Amour

Narrated by: Erik Singer

Published by Random House Audio 2/13/2018

Bornden Chantry Audiobook 390

4.5 stars rating

Talon and Chantry Series #1

5 hrs and 53 mins

genre: Western Fiction, Mystery

Borden Chantry Audiobook Sample

Borden Chantry Audiobook

4.5 Hearts

A historical western murder mystery sounded really good and I wanted to snatch up more Louis L’amour Audio stories so it was a win-win.

Borden Chantry, the young town sheriff, comes back from bringing in a horse thief only to have a dead body on his hands. Everyone thinks the guy is just one of the many drunken cowboy shootings that occur on any given night, but Chantry isn’t convinced when little details don’t jive.

I enjoyed following along as Chantry, whom I connected with from the first, sifted through the clues to learn who the dead guy was, why he came to their town, and why he was killed. Borden is strong and capable, but he’s also vulnerable. He feels the pressure of providing for his wife and son after losing his stock from bad luck and weather so that he had to take the town marshal position and knowing that his wife wants to move back east because she doesn’t like this rough life while this is what he knows, loves, and is very good at. He also feels the pressure of replacing a good man who was a top-notch lawman and knowing that a few doubt he’s the right man for the job.

There is an interesting philosophical discussion between the judge and the town banker about the necessity of a strong man who wears a gun like Chantry, knowing when and when not to use it, putting his life on the line so that others can live quietly, safely, and at peace that felt poignant to me in the face of our own day when its very tough to be a good lawman/woman as well.

The murder mystery was a cunning one since the dead man is unknown around the area and there is little on him to give Chantry clues. Many people he talks to know more than they will say and he can tell. The killer thinks Chantry is getting closer than he is so he has his own near death experiences including the hiring of a paid killer to hunt Chantry down. He doesn’t give up and I was rooting for him when things got pretty gritty.

The blend of authentic western and the murder mystery were great. This is definitely a western in flavor and I enjoyed feeling right there in the moment with Chantry, the town, and the surrounding western frontier area.

All in all, I enjoyed this book and am keen to listen to more of Louis L’amour’s westerns particularly if they include a mystery like Borden Chantry.

Borden Chantry Audiobook Narration

3.5 Hearts

The narrator was a first-time for me with Erik Singer. I found parts really good and parts moderately good.
I liked how he told a story and found his sense of tone and pace were really good. It was some of the western accents that felt overdone. Sometimes, it was just right- or at least, in my opinion- while at others, it sounded thick and ponderous so I was distracted. I think I got used to his way of voicing the western accent after a time because the distractedness was gone by the end of the book.

Louis L’AmourLouis L'Amour was an American author. L’Amour’s books, primarily Western fiction, remain enormously popular, and most have gone through multiple printings. At the time of his death all 101 of his works were in print (86 novels, 14 short-story collections and one full-length work of nonfiction) and he was considered “one of the world’s most popular writers”.

Narrator Erik SingerI’m Erik Singer, a New York-based dialect coach with 10 years experience who coaches all accents and languages. I’m available to coach during production and on set, as well as for ADR dialect coaching and private coaching. As a Master Teacher of Knight Thompson Speechwork and a Verified Master Coach, I can provide a tailored solution to the ever growing and evolving demands of our business.
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I also work regularly as a voice actor in commercial voice-overs, audiobooks & animation.

My thanks to Penguin-Random House Audio for the opportunity to listen to this story in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. That is certainly a real western and not like the ones I read 😀

  2. Louis L’amour, still a classic. I am glad you are loving his work.

  3. I’ve read a couple of YA westerns this year and fell in love with them so I definitely think I could handle this as well. It sounds fun even if it isn’t perfect. 😉 Great review!

    • Great idea! I listened to the first one I got for review back in the fall with my dad and he was really into it. Next time I’m out there for a visit, I think he’ll let me load Audible onto his phone and set him up an account. 😉
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  4. Ah I see you’re back in the “saddle” 😉 great review Sophia Rose

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