The Ninth Circle Audiobook by R.M. Meluch

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Review of: The Ninth Circle Audiobook
R.M. Meluch

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The Ninth Circle Audiobook

By: R.M. Meluch

Narrated by: John Glouchevitch

Published by Brilliance Audio 5/5/2017

the ninth circle audiobook

Rating: 3 hearts

14 hrs and 1 mins

Tour of The Merrimack #5

genre: Sci-Fi

The Ninth Circle Audiobook Sample

The Ninth Crcle Audiobook

3 Hearts

And here I have arrived at the fifth book in the Tour of the Merrimack series. Book four, Strength and Honor, felt like the grandest of grand finales, but apparently there were more adventures in store.

In the beginning, I wasn’t sure, but I was eager. I wasn’t sure because it really did seem like all important threads were tied up in neat little bows and I couldn’t imagine what could follow up that slam dunk finish. But, I’ve loved aka been addicted to the series since book one, The Myriad, so there was no holding me back when I discovered there was more.

I wasn’t long into this book which turned the spotlight to minor characters and a new building series of conflicts before I realized that I had been right to hesitate. The writing is still great, the worldbuilding, the flow of action, and the colorful cast of characters were fantastic.
But… three things.
First, there was always the sense of something missing. And, this is an easy one- the characters who had driven me forward through the series- John Farragut and Augustus.
Secondly, though I thought it was a fascinating study from a caseworker perspective, I really didn’t like reading about Farragut’s younger brother Knox as one of the main protagonists. I had the urge to Gibs smack him back two books ago and that urge has become a compulsive need in this book. His meely-mouthed jealousy and envy of his brother created a monster and became Knox the deadly and annoying to the umpteenth power. I was so saddened by what this guy did to his life and others because he couldn’t get over himself.
And finally, the idiocy in which the League of Earth Nations and the scientists were portrayed was cartoonish. I get that the LEN could be annoying. The cliched naive ‘we come in peace’ happy peace lover into the jaws of a dangerous threat is annoying. But surely, there is at least one or two in the bunch who have done their homework and can think intelligibly? It was beyond annoying.

Lest you think it all bad, I will say that I loved the world of Zoe with the fox race and the others. And it was good to see Glenn and Patrick Hamilton and Calli Carmell and the Don. The bits with Farragut felt like mean teasers just out of reach, but I’ll take them, too.

So, The Ninth Circle was not a favorite outing of mine with the series. I got through it and I look toward the final book with curiosity and dread for the way things were building in the background of this one. Even though, I couldn’t really like this particular installment, I definitely recommend the series as a whole to space opera and military sci-fi fans.

The Ninth Circle Audiobook Narration

5 Hearts

John Glouchevitch’s narration was bang on the mark and I can’t imagine experiencing this series without his voice bringing the world and words to life

R. M. Meluch AuthorR. M. Meluch is an American SF writer, and published the first of her Tour of the Merrimack series of military SF/space opera novels in 2005. She can be found at


John GlouchevitchJohn Gloucevitch- Narrator
Country of Origin: us
John began honing his craft as a voice over artist at age three, when to the dismay of his parents, he began to imitate the accents of their British family friends. Over the ensuing years he studied as an actor, improviser and writer, eventually graduating with a BA in Theater and English from Middlebury College. Recent audiobook credits include Witch and Wizard: The Lost by James Patterson, The Map to Everywhere by Carrie Ryan and John Parke Davis and Bravo (Jad Bell) by Greg Rucka. When John is not narrating, you can find him crooning soulful country ballads at

My thanks to Brilliance Audio for the opportunity to listen to this book in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. It has a really weird cover as that is what made me decide to see what you were reading…lol. 🙂

  2. Wow it looks like you really are liking this series Sophia Rose I’m going to have to check it out!

  3. Hmm I confess that I’m not sure it’s something for me there

    • Yeah, I think I would have been okay with minor characters getting a story if it was any of them except, the younger bratty brother. Oh well. I won’t let that change my feelings for the rest of the books. 🙂
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