Brief Cases Audiobook by Jim Butcher (REVIEW)

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Review of: Brief Cases Audiobook
Jim Butcher

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Brief Cases Audiobook

By: Jim Butcher

Narrated by: James Marsters, Cassandra Campbell, Jim Butcher, Julia Whelan, Oliver Wyman

Published by: Penguin Audio 06/05/18

Brief Case Audiobook

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The Dresden Files

15 hrs and 29 mins

Urban Fantasy

Brief Cases Audiobook Sample


Brief Cases Audiobook

4 Hearts

**No spoilers for this book, but spoilers for earlier books in the series. Do not read this book, if you’re not caught up with the series. These stories are in chronological order of the series.


A Fistful of Warlocks (from Straight Outta Tombstone, Edited by David Boon), Read by Cassandra Campbell
Set long before the events of the series.

This story is about Luccio, so it takes place way before the beginning of the series. It is also the story that I had the hardest time connecting with. I think it is the lack of characters that I really liked. Luccio was a character that I never really liked and her POV didn’t change that. I also wasn’t a huge fan of the Wyatt Earp tie in. Not a bad story, but this was my least favorite in this group (which truly says more about the other stories than this one).


B Is for Bigfoot (from Under My Hat: Tales from the Cauldron, Edited by Jonathan Strahan), Read by James Marsters
Takes place between Fool Moon and Grave Peril.

So, these Bigfoot stories are my favorite in this series. I love that Butcher felt the need to include Bigfoot in this world that he’s created. So Bigfoot is one of the “forest people”. This particular forest person is named River Shoulders (actually it’s longer, but this is what Harry calls him). He has a son named Irwin. I really liked both characters.


AAAA Wizardry (from the Dresden Files RPG), Read by James Marsters

This one I had a bit of an issue with. It took me a little bit to figure out that we went back in time. I think it could’ve been portrayed better that there was a flashback as Harry was teaching a group of kids. I don’t know if reading would’ve made this better known. But I got lost when he first went into the story.


I Was a Teenage Bigfoot (from Blood Lite 3: Aftertaste, Edited by Kevin J. Anderson), Read by James Marsters
Takes place circa Dead Beat.

Again, River Shoulders has asked Harry for help with his son. His son seems to be sick, which shouldn’t happen to one of the forest people, even to one that is half human. The boy’s mother is away on a digg, so Harry goes to investigate.


Curses (from the Naked City, Edited by Ellen Datlow), Read by James Marsters
Takes place between Small Favor and Turn Coat.

In this story, Butcher decided to tackle the billy goat curse on the Cubs. I thought this was a cute way to explain the curse. Also, there is a lot of Bob the skull in this story and I just love him to pieces.


Even Hand (from Dark and Stormy Knights, Edited by P. N. Elrod), Read by Jim Butcher
Takes place between Turn Coat and Changes.

This is the only story that I had read prior to this book. It was also featured in Urban Enemies, which was an anthology of POVs by villains. While I wasn’t a huge fan of that anthology, I loved this story. This story is told from the POV of Gentleman Johnnie Marcone. He is a great villain. He is basically a human mob boss, but knows all about magic and highers magically people. I really liked Johnnie Marcone. I love that he his own rules that he follows and that he will stand up for them. Don’t screw with children in his territory.


Bigfoot on Campus (from Hex Appeal, Edited by P. N. Elrod), Read by James Marsters
Takes place between Turn Coat and Changes.

This is the last of the Bigfoot stories. Irwin is in trouble again and Harry comes in to help. This was my least favorite of the Bigfoot stories. I felt there were some unanswered questions. I also wasn’t a fan of Harry meddling between Irwin and River Shoulders.


Bombshells (from Dangerous Women, Edited by George R. R. Martin and Gardner Dozois), Read by Julia Whelan
Takes place between Ghost Story and Cold Days.

This is told from the POV of Molly. It takes place when everyone thinks Harry is dead. Molly is struggling to hold the city together. You could really see the effect that Harry had on everyone around him, especially Molly.


Cold Case (from Shadowed Souls, Edited by Jim Butcher and Kerrie Hughes), Read by Julia Whelan
Takes place shortly after Cold Days.

Another Molly story, but later in her life. She’s now acting as the Winter Lady. She’s sent on her first mission from Mab. She also works with Carlos Ramirez, a young warden of the Wizard Council. It was a fun story.


Jury Duty (from Unbound, Edited by Shawn Speakman), Read by James Marsters
Set after Skin Game.

I love seeing just a normal day in the life of Harry Dresden. Or at least as normal of a day as Harry can have. Yes, even the city’s only professional wizard has to go to jury duty. And of course, it couldn’t just be easy.


Day One (from Unfettered Ii, Edited by Shawn Speakman), Read by Oliver Wyman
Set after Skin Game.

This is told from Butters POV. This is his first outing as a Knight of the Cross. I really like Butters. In the lead up to the story, Butcher mentions that Butters was supposed to be a throwaway character, but I guess Butters had other ideas. I really like him.


Zoo Day (original), Read by James Marsters
Set after Skin Game.

So this is a story of Harry taking Maggie and Mouse (he’s a registered service dog for Maggie, so he’s allowed to go everywhere with her) to the zoo. We are about how the day goes with POV from all three. I really liked hearing from all three POVs. A very cute story.

Brief Cases Audiobook Narration

4 Hearts

James Marsters continues to do a great job with the narration of Harry Dresden. I can’t imagine anyone else doing the narration of this series. He just is the Dresden Files for me. (Maybe the TV should would’ve done better with him playing Harry, just an idea. I even like Paul Blackthorne as Harry, but I think Marsters would’ve been better).

As for all the other narrators in this book, they all did a great job. It was a little bit weird listening to someone else voice these characters after hearing Marsters voice them for fifteen books. They still did a great job. I’ve listened to most of these before and will listen to all of them again.

Author Jim Butcher

Author Jim Butcher Photo by Karen Hacker

Jim Butcher is the author of the Dresden Files, the Codex Alera, and a new steampunk series, the Cinder Spires. His resume includes a laundry list of skills which were useful a couple of centuries ago, and he plays guitar quite badly. An avid gamer, he plays tabletop games in varying systems, a variety of video games on PC and console, and LARPs whenever he can make time for it. Jim currently resides mostly inside his own head, but his head can generally be found in his home town of Independence, Missouri.

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Narrator: James Marsters

Narrator: James Marsters

AMERICAN actor, singer and songwriter James Marsters first found international fame playing punk-goth Brit vampire Spike in the critically acclaimed American TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the equally popular spin-off Angel.

Film roles include live action film Dragon Ball, romantic love story P.S. I Love You with Hilary Swank, Gerard Butler and Kathy Bates , USA Original true-crime film Cool Money, independent thriller Shadow Puppets, Winding Roads, The House On Haunted Hill and Chance with Buffy co-star Amber Benson.

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Narrator: Cassandra Campbell

Narrator: Cassandra Campbell

Cassandra Campbell has recorded nearly two hundred audiobooks and directed many more. She has been nominated for and won multiple Audie Awards, as well as the prestigious Odyssey Award. She has received numerous starred audio reviews in both Publishers Weekly and Library Journal and more than twenty AudioFile Earphones Awards. Cassandra was also named a Best Voice by AudioFile for 2009 and 2010. Inducted into the Audible Narrator Hall of Fame

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Narrator: Julia Whelan

Narrator: Julia Whelan

Julia Whelan, a former child actress best known for her award-winning work on ABC’s Once and Again, began narrating and directing audiobooks after graduating from college with a degree in English and creative writing. She has garnered many positive reviews, won multiple AudioFile Earphones Awards, and was named one of AudioFile magazine’s Best Voices of 2010. Two of Julia’s audiobooks were shortlisted for the American Library Association’s notable recordings of 2010. Her “flawless” narration of Jandy Nelson’s The Sky Is Everywhereearned a place in the first round of 2011 Grammy nominations for Best Spoken Word Album. In addition to her work in young adult fiction, her audiobook credits include memoir (Jenny McCarthy’s Love, Lust, and Faking It), women’s fiction, supernatural thrillers, and nonfiction.

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Narrator: Oliver Wyman

Narrator: Oliver Wyman

Accomplished voice artist. Award-winning audio book narrator. Voice-over stand-in for Christopher Walken.

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I like to thank Penguin Audio for providing me with a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.

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