Chase the Darkness Audiobook by J.D. Tyler (REVIEW)

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Review of: Chase the Darkness Audiobook
J. D. Tyler

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On August 28, 2015
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Chase the Darkness Audiobook

By: J. D. Tyler

Narrated by: Marguerite Gavin

Published by: Tantor Media 08/04/2015


Rating: 3 hearts

Alpha Pack Series #7

7 hrs and 22 mins

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Chase the Darkness Audiobook Sample

Chase the Darkness Audiobook

3 Hearts

I’ve been eagerly awaiting Micah’s book ever since he was rescued from the enemy a few books back (I can’t remember which one). I love a story of a character who has had an extremely hard life and learns to overcome it to have a happy-ever-after. I do want that happy ending to come from only from the significant other. I want to see the character find something else to see that life is worth living.

Jacee is a bartender at the closest bar to the Alpha pack compound. She knows how to work the crowd at her bar to get the best tips while doing her best to keep the worst of the drunks off of her. Add that to the fact that she has a history with Alpha pack member, Jax, and she isn’t well liked by members of the Alpha pack. She has always thought Micah seemed like a nice guy when he did appear at the bar, but it isn’t until he comes to her rescue that they get close enough to learn that they’re mates.

Both of these characters aren’t without their character flaws. At times, it seems like it will be more than they can overcome. Some of these issues are so common, it was almost cliche. For example, Micah was on a new drug to help him recover from his trauma of his imprisonment. When they learn that it is causing some bad side effects, the doctor wants him to wean him off the drugs. He keeps a bottle, “just in case”, he wasn’t actually taking them, and he wasn’t. But, Jacee finds the bottle and there is a huge explosion between the two.

There are some things that I didn’t like about this book. There is some slut shaming. The pack really treats Jacee pretty bad at the beginning, which was completely unfair. It wasn’t just the guys, but some of the women as well. There is foreshadowing another couple between a gay man and a straight man. I just don’t think this is necessary.

As with many of the books in this series in the past, I’m not overwhelmed with the plot or even the romance of these two characters. I find that it is the each of the characters as whole that I love, both main characters of each book and the secondary characters of the series that keep me coming back.

Chase the Darkness Narration

4 Hearts

Marguerite Gavin does a great job with the narration of this book. She is a narrator that I’ve enjoyed since I’ve listened to her do the first book. I know she is still somewhat new to this series (this is her second book), but since she is a favorite narrator of mine, I can’t complain with the change. I love her male and female voices. I love her pacing and tone. There is nothing bad to say about her narration.

Author J. D. Tyler

J. D. Tyler

J.D. Tyler is an award-winning, multi-published author who writes for New American Library under three pseudonyms. Whether this is due to an overdose of ambition or a multiple personality affliction, she’ll never tell.

J.D. writes dark, sexy paranormal romance and has a huge thing for shifters, vampires, the Fae, and just about everything else that goes bump and grind in the night. She can’t get enough of those dangerous supernatural heroes, and the fun of creating her own was just too much temptation to resist… so she didn’t. J.D. doesn’t do self-denial.

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Narrator Marguerite Gavin

Narrator Marguerite Gavin

Marguerite Gavin is a seasoned theater veteran, a four-time nominee for the prestigious Audie Award, and the winner of numerous Earphones and Publishers Weekly awards. Marguerite has been an actor, director, and audiobook narrator for her entire professional career. Her narration spans nearly every genre, from mystery, science fiction and fantasy, romance, and children’s fiction to nonfiction and documentaries. AudioFile magazine says “Marguerite Gavin . . . has a sonorous voice, rich and full of emotion.”

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I like to thanks Tantor Media for providing me with a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.

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ML Simmons Reviewer

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Melanie Simmons
I’m Melanie and I live in Ohio. I have two horses and a dog. I’m an animal lover, avid book reader and audiobook listener. I like to live vicariously through fictional characters. I enjoy reading and listening to mostly fictional books in the paranormal genre, including Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance and Horror. My favorite paranormal creatures are shifters, doesn’t matter the flavor.


  1. Glad to see you enjoyed this one for the most part. The slut shaming would bother me as well. Hope you have a good weekend! 🙂

    • I still love the characters, which has always been the driver for me with this series. I hope you’re having a good weekend as well. 🙂

  2. I am totally skipping the next novella that is no way that I want Nix and Noah together. I love Noah and he deserves a good shifter gay man who wants him from the freaking get go. I don’t even understand the thinking behind it.

    Micah and J—oddly my problem with them was that all their problems were built up and then whoosh solved and/or glossed over. I really wanted Micah’s book to be magical. Yeah not happy with the slut shaming—I mean Jax slept with her too it wasn’t one way.

    • I kept trying to remember how Jax and Jacee broke up in the first book. I think it was just he found his mate and they went their separate ways. I have no idea why everyone hated her so much. I also found it a bit odd that she really hasn’t existed since book one and yet there is still so much hatred. I won’t read the novella either.

  3. Oof, slut shaming, I’m guessing it didn’t overtake the story because you gave it a 4. Just a plot device to build tension? I still hate it when I get that in my books even if I don’t necessarily condone promiscuity.

    • I gave the story a 3 and the narration a 4. It wasn’t horrible, but enough to leave a bad taste in your mouth. I’m not sure of the point of it. It was like the author was trying to add more conflict to Jacee’s story, which it didn’t need.

  4. Not one of my favorites in the series, either, but I still like the series as a whole.

    • That is how I feel. I love the characters. Both the main characters (this book and past) and secondary characters.

    • It was a shame. This series is usually better. I still loved the characters.

  5. I have the first few books of this series on loan from my friend in print. I know Gavin doesn’t narrate the earlier books. Once I get to where she does I’ll see if my library has them on audio. But first I’m going to give her a try with the Kitty Norville series.

    I’ve been trying to put enough time between the Hollows and Kitty so that I don’t mix up Gavin being “Rachel” vs “Kitty”. LOL

    • Gavin does this one and the one before it. I will say that when I started this book, it made me nostalgic to relisten to The Hollows.

  6. You’re the second person to be turned off by the slut shaming!! But now there’s the foreshadowing of putting a straight guy with a gay guy? I don’t need that stress in my stories. Not my thing.

    And I still can’t get past the negativity of the pack – what is up with them? Blech, yucky taste in my mouth!!

    Great review! I do like that you look at the audio separate from the story. I JUST started listening to my first book and I realize that narration is a beast all of its own 😀

    • Narration can make or break an audiobook for me. I’ve had books that I’ve quit because I couldn’t stand the narrator. There have been other books that I’ve kept up with the series more for the narrator than the story. I’m even starting to follow narrators and finding new authors just because I’m interested in the narrator.

  7. I really liked the characters but had the issues too. The way they treated her and the gay “couple” both still irk me quite a bit. Definitely wasnt’ the strongest of the series for me.

    • I have no idea where the author were planning on going with those two pieces of the storyline.


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