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Review of: Fated Audiobook
Rebecca Zannetti

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On August 12, 2015
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Fated Audiobook

By: Rebecca Zanetti

Narrated by: Karen White

Published by: Audible Studios 05/20/2015

Fated Audiobook by Rebecca Zinetti 390x390


3.5 Hearts Rating Image- Hot Listens

Dark Protectors #1

10 hrs and 45 mins

Paranormal Romance - genre

Fated Audiobook Sample

Fated Audiobook

3.5 Hearts

I decided to pick up this series after listening to the Sin Brothers series by this same duo. I was a huge fan of that series and since I love vamps and shifters, I figured I couldn’t go wrong with this series. I will say that I went into this series no little about it. I knew I liked the author and narrator. I knew it was a paranormal romance. That was it. I didn’t read the blurb for the book. I did look a few of the ratings for people I trusted.

The story starts with Cara, a single mom who is a botanist. She has quite the obsession with plants. Her daughter sees the future and has other special abilities. Cara does too, but she represses them. Their world explodes when Talen breaks in to save them before a much worse person comes to kidnap the two of them.

Talen is a royal part of vampire family. Him and his brothers are working to protect their race from a different kind of vampire. They had a treaty, but it was recently broken and now the two sides are at war. Talen is also very surprised to find that Cara is his fated mate.

I found this story very good, though there are aspects of it that I’ve seen before. For one, I thought it felt a lot like the Sin Brothers at first. Brothers with a military background who were just as tight and loyal as the Dean Brothers were. Also, there are aspects from Lara Adrian’s Midnight Breed series. Vampires that are all male and can only mate with certain females of the human race with special abilities.

While I wasn’t a huge fan of the plot of this Fated, I loved the characters. Cara wasn’t my favorite, but her daughter Janie was great. I also am very interested in more about Emma, Cara’s sister, who has not been suppressing her powers. There are also the shapeshifters. I really feel like this series has a potential and I can’t wait to get further into this series.

Fated Audiobook Narration

4.5 Hearts

I love Karen White‘s narrator of this book. I was so glad to see that when Audible decided to put this series on audio, that they kept this author/narrator pairing. Ms. White’s pacing and character voices for both men and women are tremendous. She is a narrator that I will always be excited to find narrating a book that I’m interested in.

Rebecca Zanetti

Rebecca Zanetti

Growing up amid the glorious backdrops and winter wonderlands of the Pacific Northwest has given Rebecca fantastic scenery and adventures to weave into her stories. She resides there with her husband, children and extended family who inspire her every day. Rebecca has completed several manuscripts, winning award throughout the writing industry for her work. She currently writes the Dark Protector series for Kensington Publishing, the Maverick Montana series for Entangled Publishing, and the Sin Brothers series for Grand Central Publishing.

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Narrator Karen White

Narrator Karen White

Karen White is a classically trained actress who has been recording audio books since 1999 and has well over 150 books to her credit and is a proud member of SAG-AFTRA. Honored to be included in Audiofile’s Best Voices 2010 and 2011, she’s also an Audie Finalist and Best Audiobook of the Year winner for 2009, 2010 and 2011 (The Hemingses of Monticello by Annette Gordon Reed, Too Good to be True by Erin Arvedlund, and Everything That Rises Must Converge by Flannery O’Connor) and she has earned multiple Audiofile Earphones Awards.

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I like to thanks Audible Studios for providing me with a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.

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ML Simmons Reviewer

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Melanie Simmons
I’m Melanie and I live in Ohio. I have two horses and a dog. I’m an animal lover, avid book reader and audiobook listener. I like to live vicariously through fictional characters. I enjoy reading and listening to mostly fictional books in the paranormal genre, including Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance and Horror. My favorite paranormal creatures are shifters, doesn’t matter the flavor.


  1. I wasn’t wow’d by the story because like you said I’ve seen some of it before. Karen did a good job as usual with the narration. I’ll have to wait until the mood hits me before I give book 2 a go.

    • I still plan to get give book two a try. The series has potential. I do love Karen White’s narration, which helps. I think this is some early work, so I think it will get better with more books.

  2. I’ve heard a lot about this author and this looks like a great place to start!

    • I liked her Sin Brother series better (so far). It is romantic suspense with just a slight hint of paranormal. I think this is an early work and that the stories get better as the author gets more books under her belt. I’m definitely going to keep going with this series.

  3. Nice review! I’ve pondered starting this series and think I’ll go ahead and get started.

    • This was a fun story and I love Karen White. I’m really interested in seeing the next book.

  4. Sounds like an interesting read, though I hope the plot is more your taste in the next book 🙂

    • I think the series will improve. I’m pretty sure this book was early in the author’s career, so with more books under her belt, they stories will get better. I love the characters. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. I know you mentioned it on a comment at TS, is this related to my DNF, Wicked Ride? I remember you said WR is a spin-off…

    if so, this one sounds waayy better than my first RZ book.

    • I have not read Wicked Ride, but I do believe that Realm Enforcers series is a spin off of this one. I won’t try it until I finish this series at least.

      I highly recommend the Sin Brothers series by this author. It is romantic suspense with a hint of paranormal (genetically altered humans raised in military-like mercenary compound). The four books in that series were all four to five star reads for me.

  6. Well, really good characters can save a book for me, so glad to see she was. I’m sure I’ll read the other series first anyway.

    • I’m the same way. I’m a very character driven reader. If I don’t care about the characters, I don’t care about the story (be it book, movie or TV, which is why I don’t like House of Cards. I think it is a great story, but I hate all the characters, so I can’t seem to get into it). I think the stories will get better as the series goes on.

  7. I am glad you liked the characters and narration. I am curious about series and will wait out you thoughts on book two.

    • I’m hoping to get to it soon. Too many audiobooks and not enough time. LOL

  8. This was actually my least favorite story of the series. It does have resemblance to other PNRs to me as well, but once it gets going, the plot is more its own and the characters and situations divert from that. Janie and her ongoing story remained a favorite through to the end.

    Hope you like the next one better, Melanie.

    • I had a feeling that would happen. I’m not going to give up on this series. I did enjoy it, it just didn’t wow me. I’m going to try the next book soon.

  9. Sometimes it’s nice to start a series without knowing anything about it. I like the sound of Cara being a botanist, sounds like a fun job to read about! I am sorry to hear you wans’t a big fan of the plot in this one, but the characters sound interesting. I hope the next book in the series is even better!

    • I still enjoyed the story. I loved the characters. I’m planning on picking up book two soon. Thanks for stopping by.

  10. I’m gonna have to check out this narrator. I love Zanetti and have this series on my list to read. I’m slowly making my way through all of her books 🙂 Glad to see you enjoyed it!

    • I’m a huge fan of Karen White, though I’ve only listened to her do Zanetti books so far. She also does some of Jill Shavis, Julie James and Christine Feehan.


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