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Review of: Ivan Audiobook
Kit Rocha

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Ivan Audiobook

By: Kit Rocha

Narrated by: Tatiana Sokolov

Published by: Tantor Audio 12/25/18

Ivan (Gideon's Riders #3) by Kit Rocha read by Tatiana Sokolov

4.5 stars rating

Gideon’s Riders #3

8 hrs and 36 mins

Genre: Dystopian Romance

Ivan Audiobook Sample

Ivan Audiobook

4.5 Hearts

I continue to enjoy my audio revisit of the Gideon’s Riders series as we watch Ivan and Maricela come together. Ivan is another of one of Gideon’s Riders, kinda like Gideon’s personal guard/special ops team. Ivan isn’t just any rider, he is one that Gideon help save. Ivan’s father died when Ivan was still young, so he was left with just his mother. His uncles turned traitor and tried to kill off the Rios family. His mother got the brunt of what happened because everyone assumed she knew what the uncles were doing. So Ivan spent his childhood living on the streets at times. That is until Gideon found out and brought him into the fold and eventually made him a rider, though there are some in the sector who still look down on him.

Maricela is Gideon’s youngest sister. She was pretty young when her parents died and Gideon and her older sister, Isabelle finished raising her. They never stopped protecting her from everything they could. She didn’t really live in the real world. She was living in a gilded cage. She also felt she had the weight of the sector on her shoulders. She has to be “on” everytime she is out in public. She has to be the sector princess that she was.

Now, Sector One preaches love and family. But when you are part of the royal family (or one of the most powerful families in the sector), you don’t necessarily get to marry for love. Isabelle is pushing Maricela to marry and is looking at several of the suitors from other power families. It doesn’t matter if she marries a man or a woman, as long as they are from the right family.

Oh, and someone is still targeting the Rios family, which is why Gideon assigned one of his Riders to guild his treasured baby sister. Little did Gideon know, that Ivan and Maricela have quite the attraction to each other.

This is another great installment with wonderful characters, action, family drama, forbidden love. This is a fun world with a vast array of characters that really bring the world to life. I’m not one who readings books out of order (or at least I do it rarely), I think this series is best read in order. There are a lot of characters and knowing who is who and part of which family will be confusing if you start in the middle.

Lastly, I have to mention these covers. This series has some of my favorite covers that feature models (so photographs, not artwork). I love the costumes and settings. They all fit the characters and are just perfect.

Ivan Audiobook Narration

4 Hearts

Tatiana Sokolov continues to do a great job with the narration of this series. There is a large cast of characters, most of them male. She does a great job keeping all the voices distinct and fitting of the character’s personality. She’s also great with pacing and tone as we have action scenes, emotional scenes and sex scenes that are on point.

Author: Kit Rocha

Bree & Donna met while writing X-Men fanfic in 2000 and became BFFs 4Evah. When Bree’s fallback job as a salesperson for non-denominational angel paraphernalia could no longer support her California rent, Donna invited her to move to Alabama and live with her. After meeting their husbands in a table top RPG at the local comic book store, they served as each others’ Maids of Honor in 2004. In 2007 they decided that they should return to That Writing Thing they’d always loved, but this time writing original characters–together. The rest is history.

They currently live in the backwoods in Alabama, three miles apart, and spend their non-writing time caring for their combined 9 cats, 3 dogs and 15 chickens. (Oh, yeah, and Donna’s kids.) You can follow their Kit Rocha twitter account or keep up with their individual adventures at @mostlybree and @totallydonna. They have a Patreon where they post behind-the-scenes glimpses of their life, a Facebook page and a reader group where they hang with all their favorite readers.

In their free time, they make jewelry and crafts and sell them on etsy.

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Narrator: Tatiana Sokolov

Tatiana Sokolov narrates a variety of fiction but especially likes saucy romances. She lives in the Midwest with her menagerie of pets.

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I like to thanks Tantor Media for providing me with a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.


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