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Review of: NOS4A2 Audiobook
Joe Hill

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NOS4A2 Audiobook

By: Joe Hill

Narrated by: Kate Mulgrew

Published by: Harper Audio 04/30/13

NOS4A2 Audiobook by Joe Hill

4.5 stars rating

19 hrs and 41 mins

Genre: Horror

NOS4A2 Audiobook Sample

NOS4A2 Audiobook

4.5 Hearts

This is my first book by Joe Hill. I can say that I’m impressed. He does his father (Stephen King) proud. I got excited about this book when I read the review by TheGeekyBlogger last year. So when I push myself to read more horror this Halloween, I knew this one had to be on my list.

First, I will tell you, the title of this book is pronounced “Nosferatu”. I was always horrible as figuring out vanity plates, so I didn’t figure this out until I heard the narrator say the title of the book. Then I started wondering if the book is about vampires. Well, kinda.

Vic (short for Victoria) can use her bike to travel across a bridge which doesn’t exist in reality any more. This bridge was torn down when she was very young. Now she can use it to take her places she wants to go to find things. For example, she uses her bike and the bridge to go back to sub shop where her mom lost her bracelet. It was very far away (I can’t remember exactly how far, but it is farther than a child could ride a bike).

Then there is Charlie Manx. He has his car, a Rolls Royce Wraith with a special license plate, NOS4A2. His car works the same way as Vic’s bike, it can take him places. It also takes him to a place that isn’t exactly in reality, Christmasland. He takes children to Christmasland, but they become changed there. He is quite the villain, especially with his sidekick, Bing, the Gasmask Man.

This is a very oversimplification of the story. There are other very important characters like Maggie Leigh, Bing, Bruce Wayne (Vic’s son), Lou (Vic’s boyfriend and Wayne’s father). I don’t know how to even give a good summary without writing several pages and giving away details that are better learned while reading the story. Needless to say, the story is complex and a little long winded at times, but well worth the read. There are some pretty creepy pieces to this story and some things that I completely didn’t expect. If you’re looking for a good horror story, I highly recommend this one. I will be checking out more books by this author.

NOS4A2 Audiobook Narration

4.5 Hearts

This is my first book with Kate Mulgrew as the narration. I can say that I was impressed. This book had a lot of characters and she did a great job with all of them. Maggie Leigh had a severe stutter which Kate handled very well. Bing was slow because of a head injury and she pulled off his voice as well. She gave Charlie Manx a very creepy voice as he should have. She handled all of this very well and kept me enthralled with this long story. I would love to have her as my narrator again.

Joe Hill

Joe Hill is the author of three novels, Heart-Shaped Box, Horns, and NOS4A2, as well as a prize-winning collection of stories, 20th Century Ghosts. He also wrote a pair of comics: Locke & Key and Wraith (which ties into the world of NOS4A2). Some nice people gave him an Eisner Award for his work in funny books, which is a great honor, even if “funny” probably doesn’t do a good job of describing the kinds of things that happen in the comics. Come to think of it, his comics aren’t very comic either.

You can get nearly daily doses of his pithy one-liners and mind-numbing insights over on Twitter, where he goes by the inspired handle of joe_hill. He blabs about all things pop culture over on his Tumblr, Joe Hill’s Thrills. Now and then he even updates this website.

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Kate MulgrewKate Mulgrew is an American actress noted for her roles as Captain Kathryn Janeway on Star Trek: Voyager, Mary Ryan on Ryan’s Hope, and, most recently, Galina “Red” Reznikov on Orange Is the New Black. She has performed in numerous television shows, theater productions, and movies. She is the winner of a Golden Satellite Award, a Saturn Award, and an Obie Award and has been nominated for a Golden Globe and an Emmy.


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Melanie Simmons
I’m Melanie and I live in Ohio. I have two horses and a dog. I’m an animal lover, avid book reader and audiobook listener. I like to live vicariously through fictional characters. I enjoy reading and listening to mostly fictional books in the paranormal genre, including Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance and Horror. My favorite paranormal creatures are shifters, doesn’t matter the flavor.


  1. Joe Hill, I knew I knew that name, he wrote the Locke & Key comic series that I’m reading and loving ! I need to read this book but well, 995 pages, I’ll pick the e-book 😉

    • I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did. I just picked up Locke & Key on audio. I’ve never listened to a graphic novel to audio, so I’m interested to see how that goes.

      • I didn’t even know graphics existed in audio, you taught me something 🙂

        • I haven’t seen a lot of them, but I know Locke & Key has one and som of the Walking Dead books have them. Should be interesting to see how they are.

  2. I was curious about this one just the other day. You’re reading my mind 😀 Great review Melanie, I haven’t read anything in this genre in awhile, but you’re making me want to! Hope you have a great weekend!!

    • I thought the same thing last year and swore I would pick up some this year for Halloween. I forgot how much I loved horror. I might have to keep this up all year, instead of just Halloween. LOL

  3. I started listening to this two winters ago in January and I got about half way through, and it was just too dark and depressing for the time of year. I need to finish it.

    • I know that horror isn’t for everyone, especially on audio. This narrator did a great job of adding some creepy to this book too. I totally get it.

  4. Man, now I need to get this one…I think the narrator sold it on me though as I really liked her voice and I am curious about her creepy voice now….lol.

  5. Not for me, but glad you went for it and tackled some horror for the month. So cool that the son writes, too.

    • Yeah, I know that horror isn’t for everyone and this one is really creepy.

  6. I was wondering how you would pronounce that title, so I am glad you mentioned that! I don’t really read horror, I don’t mind gettign a little scared or creepy, but I don’t like to be too scared while reading. I am glad you enjoyed this one, it definitely sounds like a creepy story.

  7. This has been on my wishlist have sold it for me on audio and I have audio birthday credits calling my name!

    • It was 3.99 on sale for audio…woot! Woot!

      • Did you have the Kindle ebook? It does have the Whispersync discount if you did.

    • I hope you enjoy it. It is really getting me back into my love of horror.

  8. I lsiten to a few hours of the NOS4A2 audiobook but never finished it. I wasn’t in the mood for vampires at the time – I was too hungover from my last audiobook. I think I want to check this one out from the library again and see if I can finish it. It’s the perfect read for Halloween!

    • I’ve had book hangovers before too. I hope this one works out better for you the second time around.

  9. Oh man, I have this and need to read it. I’ve read a couple of his books and loved them.

    • This is my first one, but won’t be my last, that is for sure. I hope you enjoy it is as much as I did.

  10. For some reason I couldn’t get into this one. It’s one of the very few audiobooks I have ever DNF-ed.

    • I’m sorry this one didn’t work out for you. It did take me a bit to get into. There were all these characters that I didn’t understand. It all came together and made sense in the end.

  11. I have been wanting to read Heart-Shaped Box for the longest and your review gives me hope that I won’t be disappointed!

    • Heart-Shaped Box is on my list to try too. I already have Locke & Key to try too. I hope you enjoy when you get to it.


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