The Golden Dynasty Audiobook by Kristen Ashley (REVIEW)

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Review of: The Golden Dynasty Audiobook
Kristen Ashley

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The Golden Dynasty Audiobook

By: Kristen Ashley

Narrated by: Tillie Hooper

Published by: Audible Studios 06/21/16

The Golden Dynasty Audiobook by Kristen Ashley

4.5 stars rating

Fantasyland #2

17 hrs and 1 mins

Genre: Fantasy Romance

The Golden Dynasty Audiobook Sample

The Golden Dynasty Audiobook

4.5 Hearts

This book is a revisit for me. I read it few years ago from the recommendation of Jessica at Rabid Reads. I really enjoyed it (read it without having read book one first). I always meant to go back and finish the series, but I never got around to it. Now that they are coming out on audio, I thought it was a perfect time to revisit. I started with the first books Wildest Dreams and now I’m finally getting to revisit the book that made me want to finish the entire series.

This is a series where you have a heroine who is from the world as we know it and changes places with an identical twin from a parallel universe. In the first book, the girl from our world knew she was making the move, but that is not the case in this book. Circe Quinn goes to sleep in her bed and wakes up in a corral of other women, most of which don’t speak her language. She doesn’t know what is going on. She eventually learns that she is to be part of the “Wife Hunt” that happens with the warriors of The Korwahk Horde. Many of the Korwahk volunteer to be part of the Wife Hunt, it is a great way to find a noble warrior husband, versus just finding a husband who doesn’t have that kind of rank. There are also women who are captured and forced into the wife hunt.

Dax Lahn is the king of Suh Tunak, The Horde of the nation of Korwahk. He has never participated in the wife hunts. That is until he sees Circe. She is completely different from the other women from his land. The Korwahk people are described as dark skinned and dark hair. Circe is pale with blonde hair, so she stood out amongst the other women.

Once the wife hunt starts, is it pretty traumatic for Circe. She is chased by several men and men are literally fighting to the death in front of her, just for the right to have her as their bride. The king, also known as the Dax, finally wins his bride and consummates the marriage (though the ceremony is later and nothing like what we think of as a wedding). He takes her back to their camp.

While Lahn speaks several languages, English isn’t one of them. So there is a large communication gap between them in the beginning. They do find another woman who does speak both languages and she acts as a translator (can you imagine how uncomfortable that could be at times). They both work to learn each other’s languages, not to mention cultures and personally. It is not an easy road, especially if she is to be queen.

This is a great story. I loved it just as much the second time around as I did the first. I will give you one word of caution about it. The wife hunt, it is what it is. That the culture of these people. It starts Lahn and Circe’s relationship off to bad. It isn’t pretty. I will say that it doesn’t stay that way for long. I would compare Korwahks to the Dothraki in Game of Thrones. It isn’t a lot different with how Khal Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen come together. That wasn’t a pretty beginning either, but it ends up as a wonderful relationship.

This is a really fun story. I loved watching how Crice learns this new culture. I love how she sees things that need to be changed and works to make things better. How she went from a small business office manager to queen of a group of fierce warriors. Now, she doesn’t have dragons like Daenerys, but she does have a really cool white tiger. She makes some pretty good friends along the way. If you think you can get through the beginning of the book and the wife hunt, then I highly recommend this book to you. I am aware that some of what goes on during the wife hunt is harsh. I know that not everyone will want to read it. I completely understand that. For me, this was a great romance. I really liked the characters. I liked watching Circe improve the lives of these women.

I was in love. Perhaps not with the man of my dreams, but with a man that was more man than any I’d ever encountered.

Then I whispered, “I love you, my Lahn,” and heard the swift hiss of his intake of breath.
Then he buried his face in my neck and whispered back, “Loot kay hansahnalay na, my Circe.” And I love you, my Circe.

The Golden Dynasty Audiobook Narration

4.5 Hearts

Tillie Hooper continued to do an amazing job with this book. I just love her narration. I loved how she could put the embarrassment into the voices of some of the characters when the story called for it. There is a scene where a warrior is trying to be better to his wife and he’s trying to ask Circe about it. The man sounded so embarrassed to be asking these questions to a woman, his queen no less. I loved how she was able to make him sound so much like that. She also nailed the language of the Korwahk people, which is used a lot in this book. If you haven’t tried Tillie Hooper, I highly recommend her.

Author: Kristen Ashley

Kristen Ashley grew up in Brownsburg, Indiana but has lived in Colorado and the West Country of England. Thus she’s been blessed to have friends and family around the globe. Herr posse is loopy (to say the least), but loopy is good when you want to write.

Kristen was raised in a house with a large and multi-generational family. They lived on a very small farm in a small town in the heartland and existed amongst the strains of Glenn Miller, The Everly Brothers, REO Speedwagon and Whitesnake (and the wardrobes that matched). Needless to say, growing up in a house full of music, clothes and love was a good way to grow up. And as she keeps growing up, it keeps getting better.

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Narrator: Tillie Hooper


I like to thank Audible Studios for providing me with a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.

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Melanie Simmons
I’m Melanie and I live in Ohio. I have two horses and a dog. I’m an animal lover, avid book reader and audiobook listener. I like to live vicariously through fictional characters. I enjoy reading and listening to mostly fictional books in the paranormal genre, including Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance and Horror. My favorite paranormal creatures are shifters, doesn’t matter the flavor.


  1. Melanie, what a fantastic premise, sort of like changlings only adults. Did the audible version make it more rounded for you? I’m finding that on a lot of audible books, right now I’m listening to JR Ward’s The Angels’ Share and wow the narrator does such a great job that its like being right there.

    • I did like listening to this book. I really enjoyed reading it too. I’m always partial so listening (especially if the books have a good narrator, which this one does). I’ve listened to Alexander Cendese before. I really liked him. He narrated the male parts of Shifting Shadows by Patricia Briggs.

  2. I have it downloaded. I am going to try after The Stand to see if I am in the mood for new yet. I have a feeling not *sigh*

    • I understand. I’ve been doing so relistening too. I’ve relistened to both Men of the Otherworld and Tales of the Otherworld. I’ve thought about a few more. I’ve also done several books that I don’t think I’m going to review. Just listened for fun. 🙂

  3. Hmmmmm I need to look into book one it seems. I’m okay with no dragon lol but a tiger is pretty awesome addition hehe

    • That was my thoughts exactly. I loved book one, but you can read this one without having read it first. I did that when I read. Now, I’m hoping to get all the audios as they come out.

  4. You had me at white tiger. 😀 I have yet to read a book by this author. It seems people either love or hate her work. Even if I end up being in the middle, I think I’d enjoy this one.

    • I’ve only read the first two books in this series. So far, I really like her. I’m going to have to try something else by her when I’m done with this series.

  5. My goodness! I have to start this series! I have 3 more books in my way before I can jump into this series. I’m so jealous that you’re reading all this Kristen Ashley goodness lol.

    • I’ve only read the first two books of this series. I’m going to have to try something else by here when I’m done with this one. I’ve really enjoyed her writing.

  6. Sounds like a good series and I haven’t heard of that narrator but she sounds really good! 🙂

    • This narrator does narrate under a different name. I haven’t seen anywhere that mentions who she is, so I didn’t want out her. I’ve listened to her narrate a 15 book series, so I completely recognized her when I started book one.

  7. Interesting and I just might like this. I haven’t read ANY of her books, how sad is that? lol

    • I haven’t read anything but the first two books in this series, so don’t feel too bad. I’m new to her too. I’ve been hearing so many great things about her. So far, I have to agree. 🙂

  8. I just finished book one. So glad to see that book two is even better for you. Yeah, I saw the remarks about the hunting scenes. I’ve read other stories like that so I should be alright to continue. I do love Tillie Hoopers storytelling.

    Nice review, Melanie!

    • Yeah, there are people who DNF because of it. I think if you keep reading and give it a chance, it works. No where does the author act like it is a good thing. Circe is horrified by it. But many of the women were volunteers.

  9. Ahh I’m almost positive I bought the 1st book not too long ago. I actually have it on my special TBR list that’s top priority. 😀

    • Yay! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I’m loving this series. I’m chomping at the bit for the next book to be on audio. I heard it would be something in the not too distant future.

  10. This is another author I’ve been meaning to read. I think I have a few of her books. Did you find the different languages made it hard to listen to the audio?

    • No. I liked the different language. I think it shows how hard it was for her to be in such a foreign world. They author was very good about translating what you really needed to know. Sometimes it was dialogue that included the translator as part of that dialogue and sometimes it was just written in English as part of Circe’s thoughts as she was learning the language (see the quote above). I’m not going to pretend that I learned any of the language though, so no quizzes. LOL 🙂

      • That was going to be my next questions, whether you were now multilingual in foreign languages! 😉

  11. This does sound fun and like something different, which is always nice too. Great review and glad you are able to catch up on the books you missed before and this was just as good the second time around.

    • I’m really excited for the third book to come out on audio. I’ve heard it won’t be too much longer 🙂

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