Unbeautifully Audiobook by Madeline Sheehan (review)

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Review of: Unbeautifully Audiobook
Madeline Sheehan

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Unbeautifully Audiobook

By: Madeline Sheehan

Narrated by: Tatiana Sokolov

Published by: Tantor Audio 11/25/2013

Unbeautifully Audiobook


4.5 stars rating

Undeniable Series book 2

8 hrs and 37 mins

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Unbeautifully Audiobook Sample


My thoughts

Unbeautifully is the second entry in the series Undeniable. We got introduced to  Danny and Ripper, in the first book, Undeniable.

Like its predecessor, this is  an intense, heart wrenching, ugly, messy,  and  just like Ripper, not  pretty at all. But once again, Madeline Sheehan made it impossible for me to look away.

These guys are bikers, and they don’t live by the same rules we do, nor do they love by the same rules, but LOVE they do.

The book begins right where we left off in the previous book, and the none stop emotional turmoil  begins; the author hardly gives you time to breathe. I didn’t know there were different kinds of suspense until I read/listened to Undeniable, and now Unbeautifully.

While Duce and Eva are busy with problems of their own, they have no idea that the club princess, Duce’s beautiful Daughter, Danny, is living a drama of her own.

Danny is considered a treasure by  all the members of the club. Not in a million years would they dare to go after the daughter of the PRESIDENT –  but fate can be cruel, and when the little princess finds herself totally and unconditionally  in love with the once gorgeous, but now scarred (inside in out)  Ripper  Jacobs, things will get a little over complicated – to put it mildly.

With a relationship from hell, we get a love story that will put your heart trough the wringer, and as unsightly as this story gets, you’ll find it impossible to put it down.

With that, the author takes us in another raw, gritty and ugly ride. These two are not supposed to be together. Ripper is the enforcer of the club, and as such, he has lived a life of violence and crime. He’s volatile personality is a sharp contrast to sweet Danny, and that is a great making for incredible chemistry and dynamics.

I should hate these books, I should hate these characters… I really should, but instead I found myself devouring them when I read them, and once again when I listened.

I won’t recommend Unbeautifully to everybody,  specially if your sensibilities can easily be offended by the use of violence, foul language, and disrespect for women.  On the other hand, if  you don’t mind taking a ride to a wild world full vexed and angsty alpha males, where the drama is none stop, and your emotions will twist your heart in and out, then by all means, you have to  listen/read UNDENIABLE and UNBEAUTIFULLY

If you’re a fan of the TV show, SONS of ANARCHY, then these books are a must!

The Author

Madeline Sheehan


Madeinle Sheehan Author

Unbeautifully Audiobook Narration

By Tatiana Sokolov

Once again, narrator Tatiana Sokolov brings the story to life with all the intensity and fierceness  the book demands.

The characters are kept with constancy, most of the voices were age and gender appropriate, with the exception of Danny, I think she sounded a bit old,  but  you settle so quickly into the story that you hardly get a chance to notice.

Her interpretation inspires the right emotions. She gives Unbeautifully the proper ambiance, and for the time she’s reading she’ll take away without any distractions.

All in all, this is another good performance by Tatiana Sokolov, and just as good as her performance of Undeniable – you can read my review of the narration HERE


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