Will Fain, US Marshal Audiobook by R. O. Lane (Review)

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Review of: Will Fain, US Marshal Audiobook
R.O. Lane

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Will Faine, US Marshal Audiobook

By: R.O.Lane

Narrated by: A.T. Chandler

Published by Tantor Audio 11/26/2019

will faine, us marshal audiobook

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Will Fain, Us Marshal Series #1

6 hrs and 26 mins

genre: Western Fiction, Mystery

Will Fain, US Marshal Audiobook Sample

Will Fain, Us Marshal Audiobook

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I’m always on the hunt for a new western to love and came across this promising bet by a new to me author and read by new to me narrator. Kick the sand over that campfire, drop your rifle in the boot, and swing aboard your horse to join tough as nails Will Fain to bring law and order to wild West Texas.

Will Fain became estranged from the last of his family when he rode for the Union in the Civil War as aide to General Grant himself. Of late, he’s been on the President’s secret service team mostly rousting out counterfeit money. Will is restless and goes to Grant with his decision to quit and head west to raise horses. Grant laughingly tells him that he’ll soon be bored with that and has a better idea for Will’s brand of talent.

And, boy was he right. It was a little slow at first as Will methodically got outfitted for his task, but it was also interesting to follow him to a horse farms, arms factories, and an inventor’s shop so that later when Will has those up to date advantages, it didn’t just come out of the blue.

Will encounters trouble even before beginning his work, but he’s cunning and calculating so the bad guys rarely get the drop on him. He settles in a particularly lawless region near Fort Concho and Santa Angelo. There we get a bit of romance for him and the start of his work and the start of new life on the frontier.

I did find it a little hard to believe that a guy who had spent his entire life in the east took to western life so easily, but he was from the Tennessee hills and already had a rep as fast and accurate with a gun before he went on to fight in the war and work in the secret service protecting the president and performing other federal policing actions. I guess it wasn’t too far off that he could settle in quickly.

It was a great blend of action, historical backdrop, and the development of a romance with Viriginia a widowed pioneer woman and circle of regular characters for the ongoing series. Will chooses a retired Buffalo Soldier as his first deputy and ranch hand and I loved getting to know Isum and his family too. There is a smidge of humor in how Will tackles the lazy local town sheriff and the grumpy US Marshall in San Antonio. But, the rest is great gunfighter action and frontier life.

All in all, it was a great outing and I will definitely be back for the rest of the series. Those who love western fiction can give this a go with my blessing.

Will Fain, US Marshal Audiobook Narration

5 Hearts

A.T. Chandler was amazing. He was the perfect fit for the story and Will’s voice. He did great at the surrounding cast, too, whether other races, genders, ages, and western twang. He caught the spirit of this story so well. I really hope he is narrating the rest of the series.

R.O. Lane

R. O. Lane is the author of several western novels, including Just a Kid, Dread Jones, and the US Marshal series. From his base in Tucson, Arizona, R. O. has traveled all over the western states. He’s lived in Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Utah and Arizona. Although never having lived in Texas, he has traveled the state extensively and loves its history as is evident from a number of the westerns he’s written. He continues to write every day for his own pleasure and that of his readers.

R. O. has BA in English and an MA in communications research. He worked as a writer and editor for three daily newspapers and has written dozens of speeches for senior officers of three Fortune 500 corporations.

A. T. ChandlerA. T. Chandler is an AudioFile Earphones Award–winning narrator with numerous credits to his name, in genres ranging from nonfiction, mystery, thrillers, young adult, and science fiction. An accomplished voice actor, his most notable role is in the Anime sensation Dragonball Z. As the son of English and history teachers and grandson of a librarian, books have been a part of his world from birth. An actor from the age of nine, he brings decades of stage and screen performance experience to his audiobook narrations. He currently lives in Dallas, Texas.

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My thanks to Tantor Audio for the opportunity to listen to this book in exchange for an honest review.


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