2019 Audiobook Challenge Final Update

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2019 Audiobook Challenge Final Update

Audiobook Challenge 2019

Wow, I can’t believe another year has come and gone. I think that I say that every year, but more so this year. I know I’ve been MIA a lot this year, especially lately. I’ve been going through some stuff at work and at home, just been very busy and extra stress. I’ve been listening to more “just for fun” books and more revisits. I also plan to keep the number of reviews down so I have more time to visit everyone else, I’ve really missed visiting everyone.

Even with everything going on, I still got 80 audiobook this year, of which 14 were relistens.

  • 8 Cozy Mystery
  • 2 Erotica
  • 12 Fantasy
  • 5 Horror
  • 13 Paranormal Romance
  • 1 Romantic Suspense
  • 3 Science Fiction
  • 7 Suspense/Thriller
  • 25 Urban Fantasy
  • 3 Young Adult/Middle Grade
  • 1 Memoir


Newbie (I’ll give it a try) 1-5
Weekend Warrior (I’m getting the hang of this) 5-10
Stenographer (can listen while multi-tasking) 10-15
Socially Awkward (Don’t talk to me) 15-20
Binge Listener (Why read when someone can do it for you) 20-30
My Precious (I had my earbuds surgically implanted) 30-50
Marathoner (Look Ma no hands) 50+

My list

Summoned to Thirteenth Grave (Charley Davidson #13) by Darynda Jones read by Lorelei King
Watcher in the Woods (Casey Duncan/Rockton #4) by Kelley Armstrong read by Thérèse Plummer
She Dreams of Fire (Hammer of Witches #1) by M. K. Gibson read by Xe Sands
Demon Walking (Dragon Point #6) by Eve Langlais read by Chandra Skyye
The Ghost Hunter Next Door (Beechwood Harbor Ghost Mysteries #1) by Danielle Garrett read by Amanda Ronconi
Villains Deception (The Shadow Master #3) by M. K. Gibson read by Jeffrey Kafer
Storm Cursed (Mercy Thompson #11) by Patricia Briggs read by Lorelei King
When Good Ghosts Get the Blues (Beechwood Harbor Ghost Mystery #3) by Danielle Garrett read by Amanda Ronconi
Every Tool's a Hammer: Lessons from a Lifetime of Making by Adam Savage
Esoterrorism (Red Room #1) by C. T. Phipps read by Jeffrey Kafer
Audiobook Cover: The Gone Dead by Chanelle Benz read by Bahni Turpin
Archangel's War (Guild Hunter #12) by Nalini Singh read by Justine Eyre
The Orchid Throne (Forgotten Empire #1) by Jeffe Kennedy read by Elizabeth Brook
Wedding Bells and Deadly Spells (Touch of Magic Mysteries #3) by Danielle Garrett read by Amanda Ronconi
Klawde: Evil Alien Warlord Cat, Book 2: Enemies by Johnny Marciano, Emily Chenoweth read by Oliver Wyman, Vikas Adam
Betwixt (A Beechwood Harbor Magic Mysteries Collection) by Danielle Garrett read by Amanda Ronconi
In a Badger Way (The Honey Badgers Chronicles #2) by Shelly Laurenston read by Charlotte Kane
PERfunctory afFECTION by Kim Harrison read by Traci Odom
Kingdom of Needle and Bone by Mira Grant read by Cris Dukehart
Wolf Rain (Psy-Changeling Trinity #3) by Nalini Singh read by Angela Dawe
Audiobook Cover: Wolfsbane (Aralorn #2) by Patricia Briggs read by Katherine Kellgren
Audiobook Cover: Protect the Prince (Crown of Shards #2) by Jennifer Estep performed by Lauren Fortgang
Audiobook Cover: Sapphire Flames (Hidden Legacy #4) by Ilona Andrews performed by Emily Rankin
Audiobook Cover: Big Ghosts Don’t Cry (Beechwood Harbor Ghost Mysteries #4) by Danielle Garrett read by Amanda Ronconi
Newly Wed and Slightly Dead (Touch of Magic Mysteries #1) by Danielle Garrett read by Amanda Ronconi
Peace, Blood, and Understanding (Half-Moon Hollow #7) by Molly Harper read by Amanda Ronconi
Agent G: Saboteur (Agent G #2) by C. T. Phipps read by Jeffrey Kafer
Volatile Bonds (Prospero's War #4) by Jaye Wells read by Morgan Hallett
Wild Country (The World of the Others #2) by Anne Bishop read by Alexandra Harris
Ancient Echoes (Ancient Secrets #1) by Joanne Pence read by Tim Paige
Minimum Wage Magic (Detroit Free Zone DFZ #1) by Rachel Aaron read by Emily Woo Zeller
Cursed (Kingdoms of Earth & Air #2) by Keri Arthur read by Justine Eyre
The Women's War (The Women's War #1) by Jenna Glass read by Robin Miles
In Her Sights (Rocky Mountain Bounty Hunters #1) by Katie Ruggle narrated by Callie Beaulieu
Ghosts Gone Wild (Beechwood Harbor Ghost Mystery #2) by Danielle Garrett read by Amanda Ronconi
Masques (Aralorn #1) by Patricia Briggs read by Katherine Kellgren
One Bad Witch (Beechwood Harbor Magic Mysteries #6) by Danielle Garrett read by Amanda Ronconi
Grave Destiny (Alex Craft #6) by Kalayna Price ready by Emily Durante
Audiobook Cover: The Elder Ice (The Harry Stubbs Adventure #1) by David Hambling read by Brian J. Gill
Audiobook Cover: The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas read by Bahni Turpin
Selkies Are a Girl's Best Friend (Mystic Bayou #3) by Molly Harper read by Amanda Ronconi and Jonathan Davis
Brightblade (The Morgan Detective Agency #1) by C.T. Phipps and Michael Suttkus read by Heather Costa
Couture and Curses (Touch of Magic Myseries #2) by Danielle Garrett read by Amanda Ronconi

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Melanie Simmons
I’m Melanie and I live in Ohio. I have two horses and a dog. I’m an animal lover, avid book reader and audiobook listener. I like to live vicariously through fictional characters. I enjoy reading and listening to mostly fictional books in the paranormal genre, including Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance and Horror. My favorite paranormal creatures are shifters, doesn’t matter the flavor.


  1. Thank you so much for hosting this challenge. This is my final 2019 update:

    • I do love this challenge. I love seeing all the audiobooks that everyone listens to each year. I hope you’ll join us again for 2020

  2. Here is what I read since the last update:

    The Poet X–Elizabeth Acevedo
    Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great–Judy Blume (reread)
    The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe–C.S. Lewis
    Twilight–Stephenie Meyer (reread)
    Dork Diaries: Tales From a Not-So-Happy Birthday–Rachel Renee Russell
    Eve of the Emperor Penguin–Mary Pope Osborne

    • That CS Lewis book has been on my TBR for years. I really need to try it.

  3. My goal was to hit 100 and I just did it last night. Woohoo!

    Congrats to you for making your goal, Melanie. Love seeing that variety of books. Hopefully Real Life will cut it out and let you listen to more in the new year.

  4. I’ve managed 64 this year which is an all time high for me! 🙂 My goal was 50 so I definitely succeeded.

    • I entered in the rafflecopter under my hotmail but I may have entered the challenge under my google account and gmail. (sueterendy and hellosushiq are me.) Why is technology so hard? Lol!

      • That’s awesome that you hit your all-time best. Great job. I hope you found some great listens and even more next year.

  5. I just joined this challenge recently but I had been keeping track all year. I have listened to 120 audiobooks and the year is not done yet! The list is in reverse order by date. I have listened to 66 books since July 1, 2019 (#1-65 plus #120 that I had the date wrong on). Obviously I love audiobooks! It get them on Overdrive and Hoopla through my library and on Audible.

    1.Ashes Beneath Her Erickson, J R 12/14/19
    2.Sea Scope De Louise, Debbie 12/6/19
    3.Red Planet Blues Sawyer, Robert 12/2/19
    4.Whiskey Sour Konrath, J.A. 11/30/19
    5.The inheritors Robbins, Harold 11/29/19
    6.The Selkie Spell Moss, Sophie 11/25/19
    7.The Night Fire Connelly, Michael 11/23/19
    8.Hope Never Dies Shaffer, Andrew 11/23/19
    9.If The Haunting Fits Wear It Pressey, Rose 11/20/19
    10.Ghost In Trouble Hart, Carolyn 11/18/19
    11.Elevator Pitch Barclay, Linville 11/16/19
    12.Hooked On Murder Hechtman, Betty 11/15/19
    13.Sisterland Sittenfeld, Curtis 11/12/19
    14.Blue Moon Child, Lee 11/11/19
    15.Wild Justice Margolin, Phillip 11/8/19
    16.Woof Quinn, Spencer 11/8/19
    17.Unsound Neal, Toby 11/7/19
    18.The Three Sisters Unger, Lisa 11/6/19
    19.The Burning Girl Unger, Lisa 11/5/19
    20.The Whispers Unger, Lisa 11/4/19
    21.Death Al Dente Budewitz, Leslie 11/4/19
    22.I Am Charlotte Simmons Wolfe, Tom 10/30/19
    23.The Bone Collector Dealer, Jeffrey 10/28/19
    24.Killer Instinct Patterson, James/Howard Roughan 10/24/19
    25.Casino Girl Wolfe, Leslie 10/23/19
    26.This Time Together Burnett, Carol 10/23/19
    27.The Day The Music Died Gorman, Ed 10/21/19
    28.The 19th Christmas Patterson, James 10/14/19
    29.Handle With Care Piccoult, Jodi 9/24/19
    30.The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon King, Stephen 9/22/19
    31.Bone Dry Lamb, Bette Golden 9/21/19
    32.Latte Trouble Coyle, Cleo 9/20/19
    33.On What Grounds Coyle, Cleo 9/19/19
    34.True Evil Isles, Greg 9/12/19
    35.If I Was Your Girl Russo, Meredith 9/7/19
    36.The Big Sleep Chandler, Raymond 9/7/19
    37.Timeline Crichton, Michael 9/5/19
    38.Change of Heart. Keim,Judith 9/1/19
    39.The Time Traveler’s Wife Niffenegger, Audrey 9/1/19
    40.The Color of Envy Boris, Greta 9/1/19
    41.The Night Stalker FBI Special Crimes 1 McCoy, Shirley 9/1/19
    42.Misplaced Loyalty Turner, M.K. 8/16/19
    43.I Survived The Titanic Tarshis, Lauren 8/15/19
    44.You Don’t Own Me Clark, Mary Higgins 8/15/19
    45.Just Take My Heart Clark, Mary Higgins 8/14/19
    46.Visions of Sugar Plums Evanovich, Janet 8/13/19
    47.Sweets Forgotten Shelton, Connie 8/12/19
    48.Virals Reichs, Kathy 8/10/19
    49.If She Wakes Koryta, Michael 8/7/19
    50.The Boy In The Suitcase Kaaberbol, Lene/Friis, Agnete. 8/3/19
    51.A Treasure To Die For Houston, Richard 8/1/19
    52.Daughter of the Stars Whitney, Phyllis 7/31/19
    53.Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret Blume, Judy 7/28/19
    54.Shiver Stiefvater, Maggie 7/28/19
    55.Return to Tradd Street White, Karen 7/23/19
    56.Scream For Me Rose, Karen 7/21/19
    57.The Foundation Vincent, Steve 7/21/19
    58.Die For Me Rose, Karen 7/20/19
    59.Where Are The Children? Clark, Mary Higgins 7/18/19
    60.The A-List Janice, J A 7/17/19
    61.13 Minute Murder Patterson, James 7/15/19
    62.The Man On The Stair Bender, Stacy 7/12/19
    63.The Game Is Life Schott, Terry 7/10/19
    64.Searching For Dime Box Hutchins, Pamela Fagan 7/8/19
    65.Rosemary’s Baby Levin, Ira 7/4/19

    66.18th Abduction Patterson, James 6/27/19
    67.Lightning Koontz, Dean 6/24/19
    68.Angel Time Rice, Anne 6/17/19
    69.Worth Dying For Child, Lee 6/15/19
    70.An American Marriage Jones, Tayari 6/13/19
    71.Caught Coben, Harlan 6/11/19
    72.The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nightime Haddon, Mark 6/2/19
    73.Elsewhere Zevin, Gabrielle 5/30/19
    74.The First Lady Patterson, James and Brendan Dubois 5/25/19
    75.The Secret of The Old Clock Keene, Carolyn 5/24/19
    76.Providence Kepnes, Caroline 5/22/19
    77.Life Is But A Dream Strauss, Lee 5/19/19
    78.Karma’s a Bitch Esposito, Shannon 5/16/19
    79.Zero Day Gangsei, Jan 5/8/19
    80.Bone White Staub, Wendy Corsi 5/7/19
    81.Blue Moon Staub, Wendy Corsi 5/6/19
    82.Shakespeare’s Trollop Harris, Charlaine 5/4/19
    83.Gray Mountain Grisham, John 5/1/19
    84.Holy Ghost Sandford, John 4/26/19
    85.The Day I Died Reader-Day, Lori 4/25/19
    86.A Deeper Sleep Stabenow Dana 4/20/19
    87.Without Fail Child, Lee 4/17/19
    88.The Wedding Dress Hauck, Rachel 4/16/19
    89.Blood Red Staub, Wendy Corsi 4/14/19
    90.The Circular Staircase Rinehart, Mary Roberts 4/12/19
    91.U is For Undertow Grafton, Sue 4/7/19
    92.In Pieces Field, Sally 4/7/19
    93.Where The Crawdads Sing Owens, Delia 4/3/19
    94.The Bishop’s Wife Harrison, Mette Ivie 4/1/19
    95.The Damned Pyper, Andrew 3/30/19
    96.The Westing Game Raskin,Ellen 3/29/19
    97.Avalanche McManus, Patrick F 3/26/19
    98.The Big Kill Spillane, Mickey 3/23/19
    99.Optical Delusions in Deadwood Charles, Ann 3/23/19
    100.Legion: The Many Lives of Stephen Leeds 101.Sanderson, Brandon 3/18/19
    102.Malice Higashino, Keigo 3/14/19
    103.Must Love Dogs Cook, Claire 3/11/19
    104.Roseanna Sjowall, Maj, and Per Wahloo 3/8/19
    105.How To Train Your Dragon Crowell, Cressida 3/5/19
    106.The Librarian of Auschwitz Iturbe, Antonio 3/3/19
    107.The One and Only Ivan Applegate, Katherine 2/21/19
    108.Thinner King, Stephen 2/20/19
    109.Delayed Diagnosis Hunter, gwen 2/16/19
    110.Security Wohlsdorf, Gina 2/8/19
    111.Security Amidon, Stephen 2/5/19
    112. Target: Alex Cross Patterson, James 1/30/19
    113.The Silent Wife Harrison, A S A 1/29/19
    114.Eligible Sittenfield, Curtis 1/24/19
    115.Something In The Water Steadman, Catherine 1/21/19
    116.Pet Sematary King,Steven 1/19/19
    117.This is How It Always Is Frankel, Laurie 1/11/19
    118.If You Knew Her Elgar, Emily 1/9/19
    119.Swine Not? Buffett, Jimmy 1/3/19
    120.State of Fear Crichton, Michael 11/3/19

    • So many great books on Overdrive and Hoopla. And can’t beat the price. LOL. I hope you’ll join us for 2020. We’ve added a new 100+ group just for people like yourself.

      • Already signed up.

  6. Nice job Melanie! I am at 72 right now and plan to finish at least three more before the end of 2019. That will put me a 10 more than my goal of 65. I see we listened to several of the same books! Yea!

    • I’m not sure how many I’ll get done before the end of the year. I’ve got a few short ones and some longer ones. I know I have some great review books to listen to. I hope you find some great audiobooks next year.

    • So many audiobooks, so little time. My TBR is still growing faster than I’m able to listen. Not a bad problem to have. I hope you find just as many great books next year.

  7. my 2019 was rolling along nicely until it wasn’t. I’m still adding a few titles – but I’m short of my predicted 50 or more by several — STILL – one of the favorites of all my challenges

    I used my link to the gathering page as my final total!!

    • I know the feeling. I’m glad you enjoy this challenge as much as we do. I hope you’re joining us next year.

  8. I’m at 14 so far, and I’m listening to the 15th right now – I just might be able to finish it before the end of the year.
    So I did better than last year for sure. I have so many great audiobooks still, so I’ll definitely sign up again next year.

    • So glad to have you back again next year. I hope you find many more great audiobooks.

  9. We listened to 8 in common and I’ve read a couple of others. I also have some of these in my tbr and my to be listened to books. I think I’m at 97 audios for the year? Maybe one higher.

    • Great job on all those audiobooks. You got more than I did this year. I hope you find just as many next year.

  10. You did great on this challenge! I see a lot of books on your list that I also listened too. I binge listened to Molly Harper’s Mystic Bayou series and now trying to catch up on her other books. I have also been MIA because of work and family, which is why I linked by Goodreads and not my blog. I am so behind on my reviews that my tracker on my blog is not accurate lol. Thank you for hosting and I hope you have a great holiday!

    • It has been a tough year for extra hobbies this year. I’m really hoping that next year will be better (my bosses keep promising me it will. I’m not holding my breath. LOL). I hope you find just as many great books in the new year.

  11. 115 woop!
    Dang that 100 was not around this year!

    • That was Kimberly’s idea which was a great one. Great job on 115.

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